Our Chiropractic Techniques

The doctors at Maximized Health in Burlington utilize many effective and gentle chiropractic adjusting techniques with the main goal of improving both the structure and function of your spine all for the purpose of removing interference to your spinal cord and nerves.  Which approaches are used depends on the clinical picture, comfort level of a particular approach and the length of time required to correct a patients condition.

The main adjusting approaches we use at our office include:

  • Diversified
  • Thompson
  • Arthrostim (Instrument Assisted)
  • CBP®


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Once your chiropractic doctor has detected a subluxated vertebrae which is a spinal joint that has a reduced range of motion or misalignment affecting the nerves, then we use a very specific manual adjustment to unlock the “stuck” vertebrae.


This is a type of chiropractic vertebral evaluation and correction that utilizes a handheld  instrument which delivers specific, repetitive, low-force adjustments.  This light technique is highly effective yet so gentle it can be used to correct spinal conditions in new born babies as well as adults and seniors.


Chiropractic Biophysics® otherwise known as Clinical Biomechanics of Posture is a method where the main focus is on improving the alignment of the spine.  Stress such physical, emotional, and chemical can cause the spine to misalign or subluxate which will affect the function of vital nerves and interfere with the signals from your brain to your body.  This method focuses on restoring spinal curves to their normal position.

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Have you been to chiropractor before?  Do you know which techniques you prefer? Make sure to tell us. You will experience faster, better results if you are relaxed.  We want you to not only fully benefit from your care, but we also want you to enjoy it.


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