• Established in Osaka with a capital stock of 33million yen
  • TR-33/TR-55/TR-77 Rhythm machines
    The first Roland-branded products
  • Sales offices open in Tokyo and Osaka
  • MEG Electronics Corporation (presently BOSS Corporation), manufacturer of effects, is established in Osaka
  • SH-1000 Synthesizer
    Roland’s first synthesizer
  • First participation at the NAMM Show in the USA
  • The Hamamatsu factory is completed
  • First participation at the Gakki Fair in Japan
  • Product Leader System is launched as an integrated system from development to production
  • EP-30 Electronic piano
    The world’s first electronic piano with touch-sensitive keyboard
  • RE-201 Echo chamber
    Pioneer of spatial effects, having been familiar among professionals as "Space Echo" for a long time.
  • First participation at the Frankfurt Musikmesse
  • JC-series
    These guitar amps were equipped with stereo chorus effects, and are still used by guitarists around the world
  • Holds the “First Synthesizer Tape Contest” for multi-track recordings of synthesizers
  • Sales office opens in Nagoya
  • Sales partner is established in Australia
  • SYSTEM-700 Modular synthesizer system
    Japan’s first large-scale modular synthesizer system; it was purchased by organizations such as NHK and BBC
  • CE-1 Chorus ensemble
    The first BOSS-branded effect processor
  • Fuji Roland Corporation (presently Roland Corporation) is established in Matsumoto
  • The Takaoka factory (Hamamatsu) is completed
  • GR-500 Guitar synthesizer
    The world’s first guitar synthesizer
  • MC-8 Micro composer
    The first microprocessor-based micro composer, and a history-making component of the sequenced-music genre
  • OD-1/SP-1/PH-1 Compact effects
    Three models were released as the first in a series of BOSS compact effects
  • Sales partner is established in the USA
  • CR-68/CR-78 Rhythm machine
    The world’s first microprocessor-based rhythm machines
  • Representative office is opened in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, as a base for expansion in the European market
  • Sales office opens in Fukuoka
  • TR-808 Rhythm machine
    This programmable rhythm machine allowed musicians to program an entire song, and achieved legendary status around the world
  • Sales partners are established in Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Denmark and Canada
  • JUPITER-8 Synthesizer
    A polyphonic-synthesizer masterpiece
  • AMDEK Corporation (presently Roland DG Corporation), a company dealing with effects kits and computer peripherals, is established in Osaka
  • Sales offices open in Hiroshima and Sendai
  • Sales partner is established in Belgium
  • Sales office opens in Yokohama
  • Contributes significantly to the birth of MIDI*, a global standard for electronic musical instruments (*MIDI…Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
  • MSQ-700 Sequencer
    The world’s first MIDI sequencer
  • JX-3P Synthesizer
    Roland’s first synthesizer with MIDI support (Along with the JUPITER-6)
  • Sales offices open in Sapporo and Omiya
  • MPU-401 MIDI processing unit
    An interface for connecting a PC to a MIDI device; a history-making component of desktop music
  • Opens the Roland Music School in Umeda, Osaka
  • α-DRUM Digital drums
    First electronic drum set
  • Participates in international exposition “Science Expo Tsukuba ’85” Techno Cosmos pavilion
  • Opens the Roland Music School in Shibuya, Tokyo
  • Roland DG headquarters is moved to Hamamatsu
  • Sales partner is established in Italy
  • RD-1000 Digital piano
    The world’s first digital piano based on digital synthesis; it paved the way for Roland’s history-making digital-piano family.
  • The Hosoe factory (present headquarters) is completed
  • Production company is established in Taiwan
  • D-50 Full digital linear synthesizer
    Roland’s first full-digital synthesizer; it became a worldwide sensation for its ease of use and stunning sound.
  • Advocates “ism” as a new way of music education with electronic musical instruments
  • Production company is established in Italy
  • Sponsors the first New Age Contest of amateur bands nationwide and the “Exploring the Future of Music” concert
  • Musi-Kun Desktop music system
    Roland’s proposal was to “enjoy music on the PC” as a new type of hobby; it created a new market coined “desktop music”(DTM)
  • Classic-organ production company is set up in the USA
  • E-20 Arranger keyboard
    This synthesizer with automatic accompaniment let users enjoy various music styles from around the world
  • Listed in the second section of the Osaka Stock Exchange. Capital stock reaches 7.6billion yen
  • Sales partner is established in Spain
  • RSS Roland Sound Space
    This groundbreaking system created a 3D sound space on a regular stereo device; frequently used in music and video production
  • Participates in the “International Garden and Greenery Exposition” (Osaka) as a member of the Dairinkai
  • Distribution center (Hamamatsu) is completed in Hamamatsu
  • HP-3700 Digital piano
    A trendsetting model of the HP series, equipped with advanced SA sound generator and newly-styled furniture-like cabinet
  • Sales partner is established in Hungary
  • Hamamatsu R&D Center is completed
  • SC-55 Sound Canvas
    The first unit to use the GS* format, this product became a huge hit for its high-quality tones and compact design.
    *GS A specification shared among Roland products that standardizes sounds and controls via MIDI
  • Sales partner is established in Brazil
  • JV-80 Synthesizer
    Synthesizer with expandable sound generator
  • A new slogan is designated to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the company’s founding
  • Headquarters is moved to Dojimahama, Kita-ku, Osaka
  • Miyakoda Testing Center (Hamamatsu) is completed
  • Producer System is launched as a unique system for product development
  • Music ATELIER AT-70/50 Roland Organ Music ATELIER
    Roland’s first series of home organs
  • First issuing of unsecured convertible bonds (amount issued: 5-billion yen)
  • The Roland Foundation is established
  • 301 Project is launched
  • Video-Kun Desktop video
    Roland’s first video-related product allowed users to perform sophisticated video editing on their PCs
  • VG-8 V-Guitar system
    The world’s first modeling guitar that let guitarists create a wide variety of tones on a single guitar
  • VS-880 Digital studio workstation
    A revolutionary product that provided pro-quality recording and CD production; this became a global sensation from the moment it was released
  • Becomes the first musical instrument manufacturer in Japan to be certified for ISO9002, an international standard for quality assurance
  • MC-303 Groove box
    This was Roland’s first entry into the club and DJ scene; it became a new hit in the world of dance music
  • V-Drums Digital drums
    Equipped with mesh heads and COSM technology, these drums were internationally praised for their natural feel, tone, expression, and ease of use
  • Miyakoda factory (Hamamatsu) is completed
  • Sales partner is established in Taiwan
  • Sales partner is established in France
  • Sales partner is established in Portugal
  • Listed in the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • UA-100 USB audio interface
    The world's first USB audio interface which allows for recording and playing back high-fidelity digital sound with PCs.The USB interface has taken root as a separate genre.
  • SC-8850 Sound Canvas
    The world's first USB-enabled MIDI sound source. Familiar as the standard for the DTM sound source.
  • Listed in the first sections of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Stock Exchange
  • VP-9000 VariPhrase processor
    The first unit equipped with “VariPhrase,” a groundbreaking technology for independently controlling the three elements of sound in real time
  • Roland DG Corporation is listed in the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Hamamatsu R&D Center is expanded
  • Production company is established in China
  • Roland Music Studios Corporation (presently Roland Music School) launches music schools nationwide
  • DV-7 Digital video workstation
    Designed specially for video editing, the system let users achieve highquality video production
  • Roland DG Corporation is listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • V-Bass V-Bass system
    The world’s first modeling bass that let bassists create a wide variety of tones on a single bass
  • “Roland Museum” is completed at the Hamamatsu R&D
  • The Planet program is launched in the UK
  • V-Synth Synthesizer
    Equipped with an advanced VariPhrase and COSM engine, this synthesizer was capable of creating completely new sounds
  • Distribution company is established in China
  • Fantom-X Synthesizer
    World’s first workstation synthesizer with color LCD
  • Sales partners in Europe are reorganized; France and Belgium are consolidated
  • Sales partners in Spain and Portugal are merged under a new company
  • Nationwide implementation of the Roland Planet program begins in Japan
  • V-Accordion Digital accordion
    World’s first electronic accordion equipped with a modeling sound generator
  • Sales partner is established in Malaysia
  • CG-8 Visual synthesizer
    This unit allowed users to create a variety of videos and visual effects in an instant and present them in real-time
  • Headquarters is moved to Hosoe-cho, Hamamatsu (presently Hosoecho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu)
  • Sales partner of professional audio and video equipment is established in the USA
  • Atelier Vision Corporation is established
  • Realtime 301 Project is launched
  • Roland DG’s Miyakoda office is completed
  • R-09 Portable recorder
    This product created a new market for linear PCM recorders and became a worldwide hit
  • Nationwide implementation of the Roland Foresta program begins in Japan
  • Sales partner is established in China
  • Established “Hamamatsu Electronic Arts Award” by Roland Foundation
  • V-Mixing System Digital mixing system
    With full digital processing based on Roland’s proprietary REAC* technology, this system provided both “comfort” and “high-quality” digital audio transfer for mixing at concerts and other events
    *REAC Roland Ethernet Audio Communication
  • Tree planting begins in Indonesia
  • Acquires additional shares in a US music-production software-development company; the company becomes a part of the Roland group
  • V-LINK standard is proposed for connecting electronic musical instruments and video equipment, and is released to the industry free of charge
  • C-30 Digital harpsichord
    This digital harpsichord encased in a beautiful cabinet delivers authentic tone infused with sophisticated control and expression ̶ a brilliant rebirth of the harpsichord in the modern age
  • Nationwide implementation of the Planet X program begins in Japan
  • Roland DG’s Miyakoda office is expanded
  • SONAR V-Studio 700 Music-production system
    This music-production system combines Cakewalk’s softwaredevelopment capabilities and Roland’s hardware technologies
  • V-Piano Digital piano
    Equipped with a new sound generator that digitally reproduces the sound-generating elements of a piano, this revolutionary digital piano expands the possibilities of piano sound and performance
  • C-330 Classic Organ
    An electronic organ that is compact yet allows you to enjoy the solemn echoes and performances of a full-fledged pipe organ at home.
  • Sales partner is established in Russia
  • HP307 Digital Piano
    Equipped with the SuperNATURAL piano sound source to realize rich and natural tone change and archieve sound and expression power.
  • Contributes to establishing MIDI Visual Control as an international specification
  • V-Piano Grand Digital Piano
    The flagship model of the Roland Piano Digital products, reproducing richer and deeper sound with the sound system and cabinet newly designed to make use of the high expression power of the V-Piano sound source.
  • JUPITER-80 Synthesizer
    The flagship model of Roland synthesizers that delivers unprecedented natural and rich performance expressions in live performances with its exclusively developed SuperNATURAL tones.
  • Europe central warehouse is started operation
  • Video Canvas DV-7G Video editor
    This tool let users achieve hi-vision video production easily.
  • Roland DG Corporation established manufacturing facility in Thailand
  • INTEGRA-7 SuperNATURAL Sound Module
    Roland's flagship sound module with all of Roland's sound portfolios combined within a single unit.
  • M-200i Live Mixing Console
    A high quality all-in-one digital mixing console with iPad control capability.
  • TE-2/MO-2/DA-2 Compact Pedals
    New-generation BOSS compact pedal with innovative Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP).
  • Implementation of "Medium-term Business Plan (FY2014 to FY2016)
  • VT-3/TB-3/TR-8 「AIRA」
    AIRA is a new series of products designed to meet the evolving needs of today's electronic musicians. First three models were launched at the same time.