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The most inclusive mobile app platform. Ever.

All of our apps can be accessed by calling or texting +1 646-666-3536.

Use apps

Any phone can use the apps on the Dumb Store!


Call the Dumb Store and enter the ID of the app you want to use. Try calling and entering 37663# ('drone#')


Send a text message to the Dumb Store with the ID of the app you want to use, followed by any additional text it may be expecting. Try texting weather Brooklyn, NY for the weather in NY!

Make apps

Anyone can make a Dumb App!

  1. Fork the Dumb Store repository
  2. Implement your Dumb App in Ruby
  3. class MyDumbApp < Dumbstore::App
      name 'The Dumbest App'
      author 'Dumbphone User
      text_id 'dumb'
      def text params
          <Sms>So so so dumb</Sms>
  4. Take out a pull request

Read our documentation for more information.

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