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Qualitative Investing

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Spring 2014
UGBA 98/198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

The Qualitative Investing DeCal will literally prepare you for the future. As financial markets become more efficient, connected, globalized and integrated – finding and capturing the alpha gets increasingly harder. To the point where one has to model the present, and create a myriad of scenarios of how the future can unfold. Qualitative Investing is a merge between business, finance, economics, stats, math and computer science – training you in how to collaborate with others of complimentary skills, to gain an edge in an ever increasingly competitive market for making the most accurate predictions of future movement in the financial markets.

The lectures will introduce you to the many challenges of predicting the future, and how new technology allow for the development of a richer understanding of our reality – combined with capabilities for predicting market movements.

We welcome all relevant majors to apply, in particular those with double and triple majors, as the class will in addition to lectures and guest speakers also let you join groups that will engage in developing, researching, tweaking and optimizing various investing strategies.

Overall this DeCal should help you get a job – and increase your chances for making it on your own.  The world of Quant Trading is constantly changing, hungry for talent and pays well – with a shift towards Qualitative Investing that has already begun. Past students looking to become Quants join this class very qualified and determined, finding a sense of direction – which allowed them to get jobs at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, RGM Advisors, Ronin Capital, Cerebellum Capital, Headlands Technologies and others.



Assigned weekly, 12 total. Either readings or investing strategy assignments. Readings provided. Quizzes at beginning of class on all readings. 


How to Enroll:

Prerequisites – Strong interest in at least óne of these fields:
• Analyzing Companies and Markets
• Fundamental Analysis
• Pattern Recognition 
• Trading Experience
• Behavioral Finance
• Macro Economics
• Market Research


Recommended experience
- Mathematics (Math 53/54, or a solid understanding of calculus and linear algebra)

- Probability (Stat 134, semi-professional poker player wannabe, or lots of reading and implementing statistical learning algorithms or something similar on your own time)

- Strong interest in trading (you've traded regularly in a personal account with margin, interned at a trading firm, or tested some models on historical data on your own) 

- Programming (putting yourself through college as a freelance programmer, EECS/CS major who has taken the 61 series and done well, or interned as a software developer)

- Economics (econometrics, read market news, follow news that drive market like elections, interest rate changes, etc.)


Application Process
Please email with the following subject line: 
[InvestDecal] Application

In the email, please answer the following questions:

Who are you? 
1. First Name, Last Name

2. Student ID Number

3. Email Address

4. Phone Number 


What are you studying? 
1. Major(s) and Graduation Year

2. Current Work Experience

3. Prior Work Experience

4. What unique talent or expertise do you bring to the class? 


Why this class?
1. How did you hear about the course?

2. Why do you want to take it?  


What relevant Quant Experience do you have?
1. Analyzing Companies and Markets

2. Fundamental Analysis

3. Pattern Recognition 

4. Trading Experience

5. Behavioral Finance

6. Macro Economics

7. Market Research 


Why you?
If there was one spot left in the class and we were choosing between you and another applicant, tell us why you should be selected for the class.   

Email with answer to questions listed above, with the following subject line: 
[InvestDecal] Application

In the email, please attach a PDF copy of your resume and name the file "InvestDeCal_FirstName_LastName.pdf".

We wish you good luck in the application process and please feel free to contact us. The deadline for the application is 11:59pm February 17th, but we will approve strong candidates on an ongoing basis - so applying early is recommended, as we have a quota!

The facilitators will decide who will be enrolled in the course after reviewing all the applications. CCN's will be sent by email to those who are admitted.

Course Contact: InvestDeCal AT


Faculty Sponsor: Nicolae B. Garleanu

Time & Location:

InvestDeCal31Haas C320Tu 7p-9p1/21started

Uploaded Files:

Syllabus: Qualitative Investing Syllabus.pdfDec 1681kbAdobe PDF (Viewer)View Download
Course Material: maxdama.pdfNov 26445kbAdobe PDF (Viewer)View Download

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