Not Adhering to Creative Boundaries Tyler Cole Readies Debuts Across A Variety of Mediums

Photos by Adam Falk

Photos by Adam Falk

Tyler Cole is a name to remember. With several projects in the works and nearly ready for debut, the young star has a bright future ahead of him. Tyler’s career didn’t happen overnight, he moved from Traverse City, Michigan to L.A. with his mom 7 years ago. While his mom was pursuing her own acting career, Tyler was getting exposed to all sorts of art forms. Tyler grew up playing guitar and he has been collaborating with friends and playing shows in L.A. for about 5 years. His music represents his true feelings and addresses causes close to his heart. He hopes to spread positive messages through his work and spark conversation around sensitive topics.

Essential Listens

Tyler’s personal music establishes a balanced mix of ambient pop, electric punk, and experimental rap. He’s also part of two other groups — Mourning Knights and SOL Prophet. He’s not one for the “link and build” mentality, but his crave for genuine interaction with others have implored him in various collaborative endeavors.
Tyler is a part of MSFTS, a superstar team of young creatives including notable influencers Jaden and Willow Smith as well as sibling pair Daniel D’Artiste and dylAn. Spending the majority of his days in their Calabasas office, Tyler works tirelessly on a variety of projects. The opportunities at MSFTS and the many aligned visions of it’s creators have enabled Tyler to thrive in acting, writing, and filmmaking, in addition to music.
Tyler had his first stint in acting during a drama production class in his performing arts middle school.  The crazy elaborate shows made it really interesting for a young person like himself to explore theatre, it created an acceptable environment to learn. Since his childhood performances Tyler has starred in the feature film Between The Miles, and he’s soon to make his Television debut.

Tyler’s also directed and performed in several videos accompanying his music. He choreographs and articulates his emotions in a way that is truly expressive of himself. In his most recent video “Blow Up Your TV!” Tyler addresses negative influences of the media on our society. He dramatically sprawls around the set in a rage, only to slow things down and drift us towards the next outburst. He wants people to question their actions and to go outside and explore new things.

Tyler is extremely meticulous, abstract and thoughtful in his work. His next album will be a conceptual piece titled We’re In Love And The World Is Ending. The soundscapes on the album will set an apocalyptic scene where his lyrics urge the need to get out and enjoy life before it’s over. The album is finished, but unfortunately for us Tyler is in no rush to release it.

Tyler’s musical plans include more videos and a tour, but his film aspirations are currently taking precedence. Tyler and his friend came up with a concept and obtained funding for a full length film. There is no release date, but we can rest assured that they have been filming and editing the project all summer thus far.

Tyler has a lot of exciting work on the way. Each release will continue to demonstrate his multifaceted talents as an artist and help him connect with more fans. As one of his biggest role models, Donald Glover taught Tyler that you can pursue all disciplines of art. Now, with years of experience and lots of projects on the way, Tyler hopes to inspire others to pursue their passions as well.