Albert Pike, William Guy Carr and 3 World Wars: Who Is Trying to Scare Us?

William Carr is the main person behind the very widely quoted “Illuminati  Plan of 3 world wars” and 3 revolutions to establish their one world state and government. But what is his foundation for that “letter”?carr

William Guy Carr (2 June 2, 1895 October 2, 1959) was a controversial person, an English-born Canadian naval officer and an author.
Here he writes  on his background. He worked for the Canadian intelligence service in World War II. Carr’s works (especially Pawns in the Game), have largely contributed to popularize the topics of antiMasonic Conspiracy movement in the United States and in Canada. Carr was the president of the Federation of Christian Laity (Toronto). William Guy Carr had an FBI-file, and it was investigating him.

satan-prince-of-this-worldAs I understand William Guy Carrs Report in
Satan, Prince of the World“.

Carr writes about 2 sources,  the postulated Albert Pike letter to Giuseppe Mazzini 1871 being just one of these:

1) Page 22: Pikes letter to Mazzini
Pike explained what is intended to happen in a letter he wrote to his director (Mazzini) of the World Revolutionary Movement, August 15,1871. This letter is quoted elsewhere. It is catalogued in the Library of the British Museum, London, England 9 and has been quoted from and referred to by dozens of authorities and students of the W.R.M., including Cardinal Rodriguez of Chile. (See page 118 of The Mysteries of Freemasonry Unveiled
, 1925. English translation, 1957.) * See footnote.

The Keeper of manuscripts recently informed the author that this letter is NOT catalogued in the British Museum Library. It seems strange that a man of Cardinal Rodriguez’s knowledge should have said it WAS in 1925. * See footnote.
Comment: Rodriguez understands the “cataclysm” described by Taxil as the Russian Revolution – not WWIII. That´s understandable, since 1925 was just after the Revolution – and a WWIII was not foreseeable. But nevertheless well seen by Taxil in 1896!! (Below).

2) Page 84: Pike lectures
Here are the descriptions of the 3 World Wars to be found.  Also short on p. 29.
Pike’s military blueprint, as given to Mazzini and passed on to Lemmi, was as simple as it proved effective.
Using the 26 Triangles, or councils of the Palladian Rite, those who direct the W.R.M. AT THE VERYTOP were to foment three world wars and three major revolutions. These were to be so directed that all remaining governments would be reduced to such a state of weakness and economic ruin, that the people would clamour for a World Government as the only solution to their many and varied problems.

After three global wars and two major revolutions, the United States would remain the only world power, but, during the third revolution which Pike said would be the greatest social cataclysm the world has ever known, the United States was to be disintegrated by internal treachery, and fall into the hands of the Luciferian
conspirators “Like over-ripe fruit.”

After Pike died, Mackay took over. He, as did Lemmi, considered that ALL the executive members of the Grand Orient Lodges and the Councils of the New and Reformed Palladian Rite should be given special instructions in regard to the W.R.M. They were told in a series of lectures

1adam-weishaupt2-thumb1. What Weishaupt’s revised plans called for.
2. How the World Revolutionary Movement had progressed since 1776.
3. The purpose of political intrigue going on at the time, i.e., 1889 to 1903.
4. What was intended should happen to bring the conspiracy to its successful conclusion, a One World Government the powers of which they would usurp.

The lectures were prepared by Pike or writers who had been inspired by Pike’s revolutionary ardour. These lectures were delivered by high degree members of the Palladian Rite, over a period of days, (or nights), to gatherings of selected adepts who met in the Lodges of the Grand Orient or New Paladian Rite throughout the world.
It was a copy of these lectures, slightly altered to give them a Zionist touch, which ‘fell’ into the hands of Professor  Nilus, and which he published as The Jewish Peril (= The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion).

There is plenty of evidence available to prove these lectures were being delivered as early as 1885. As invariably happens, despite the greatest security precautions, information regarding the delivery of these lectures, and their purpose, to develop the conspiracy to the final social cataclysm, leaked out.
The plot to develop the World Revolutionary Movement to its final state, as explained by Pike to Mazzini in his letter dated 15 August 1871, was discussed by several publications, two of which were, Le Palladism, by Margiotta, p. 186, published in 1895, and in Le Diable Au XIX Siede, published in 1896. The lectures in their entirety were published by the Russian newspaper Moskowskija Wiedomostiduring the winter of 1902/1903,and again by the Russian newspaper Snamja in August of 1903.

The point I am trying to make is this: the first meeting of the Learned Elders of Zion to discuss Political Zionism, as we know it today, took place in Basle, Switzerland, in 1897. The origin of the Luciferian conspiracy dates back to before Zionism was even mentioned in the Bible. The first series of lectures are in no way different from Weishaupt´s/(Mayer Amschel Rothschild´s) revised version of the plot as exposed in 1786. How the plot was developed from1786 to 1886 is told in the second series of lectures, and in no way differs from lectures delivered by Pike and his top officials between 1870 and 1886.

Of course, the Masonic circles  try to dismantle this bomb – and blame the whole thing on the Masonic fraudster, Leo Taxil  – as well as a magazine “Le Diable au XIX Siècle”.

I tried to download this relevant magazine to see what is in it. I´ll never do again. I tried 2 addresses – but the writing is as guarded by a dragon: In both places were more than 100 trojan horses, and two dangerous viruses were  injected  into my computer (I had them easily killed with my  anti-malware and anti-virus programs).

pike-3.-world-war2The Forum  and  the Conspiracy Archive´s author did find this ***text from “Le Diable au XIXème siècle”  par le Docteur BATAILLE, Tome 2, chapitre XXXV, pages 594 à 606 in French. Also, H. A. Gwynne (ed.), The Cause of World Unrest (no date, no publisher, no ISBN specified [cover – fig 9]), pp. 50-52 [see fig 10, 11, 12, as well as 13; also, an OCR PDF scan of the original 1920 edition] has this text:

Diable-Bataille-Taxil*** Cardinal Rodriguez read a letter attributed by Le Diable au Siecle XIX 1894, to Albert Pike, in which the author exposes Mazzini’s plan of attack to Catholicism in Italy, to make it look like its last refuge in Russia. (La Cause. 77-78).. – Cardenal Rodriguez: El Misterio de la Masoneria – § 53)
That is why, when the autocratic Empire of Russia will have become the citadel of Papal Christianity (adonaisme papiste), we shall unchain the revolutionary Nihilists and Atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm, which will demonstrate clearly to the nations, in all its horror, the effect of absolute unbelief, mother of savagery and of the most bloody disorder. Then, everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the mad minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate these destroyers of civilisation, and the multitude, disillusioned of Christianity, whose deist soul will up to that moment be without compass, thirsting for an ideal, but not knowing where to bestow their worship, will receive the True Light, by the universal manifestation of the pure Luciferian doctrine, at last made public, a manifestation which will arise from the general movement of reaction following the destruction of Atheism and Christianity, both at the same time vanquished and exterminated.”

Now this letter is at least as old as 1896 (if it a forgery); if it is genuine, it is as old as 1871. It must therefore be considered remarkable, whether as a forgery or as a genuine document. For it predicts what has happened in Russia (23 years later), and it claims for its authors that they were preparing to bring about what has happened.”

Ttaxilhe Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon writes: “In fact, the accusation—although not the specifics— can be traced to the earlier writings of the self-confessed hoaxsters Domenico Margiotta and Leo Taxil  (died 1907). There is no evidence that any correspondence ever existed. The British Museum has recently confirmed in writing to researcher Michael Haupt that such a document has never been in their possession. 

The Overlords of Chaos describes Pike´s paladism as a hateful satanic group with purpose of destroying Christanity by any means

WideShutLe Palladisme by Domenico Magiotta (apostate palladist): Once again there are no direct quotes from the alleged pamphlet or “letter” but the gist of the text suggests that Pike wanted to destroy all religions, including Catholicism, and convert everyone over to Luciferianism. In that sense the theme of the books that followed were at least similar.
P.186 is referred to about the Pike letter – but it is blank in the the Internet-edition

The letter probably exists no more, which does not exclude that it has existed. One phrase in the Letter seems typical to Pike – from another letter he wrote to the heads of his Palladian Councils July 14th, 1889 : “The true and pure philosophical religion is the belief in Lucifer, God of Light and God of Good”.

However, Carr just mentions the letter en passant – after he has explained Pike´s plan to destroy Christianity at the invitation of Mazzini. The letter is not Carr´s main source – it is just  to confirm his main source.
Unfortunately, Carr keeps his sources secret – probably for a very good reason.

Imazzinin the month of August 1871, Albert Pike received an important letter from Mazzini. And Pike did answer.
The head of political action of the Universal Freemasonry invited the Supreme and dogmatic cult leader to chart a specific campaign plan for the destruction of  Roman Catholicism. Albert Pike called his ten councilors at solemn hours, members of the Serene Grand College of High-ranking Masons, and submitted to them for consideration the question posed by the very illustrious brother Giuseppe Mazzini.
The meeting of the eleven most illuminated of the infernal sect sent from this diabolical cabal, which lasted seven days (from 9 to 15 August), the following well-deliberated document, inspired no doubt by Satan himself  (translated from the original text in Latin). 

In response, a terrible, very detailed program was given as for the destruction of Christianity through corruption of Pope, priests and pastors as well as ridiculing the Christian faith through the media. In the end, Christianity would then have lost all orientation – then gradually accept the doctrine of Lucifer  and worship this “good god”, replacing the doctrine of the “poor of God” (Adonai / Christ).
In the end, the author points out that this  was written by Freemason and swindler, Leo Taxil – and is meant only as a joke. A strange joke. There’s nothing to laugh at – as had Taxil allegedly done. I also doubt that his Freemason brethren laughed!

However, there is nothing here about 3 world wars.

And here I stand, with all my lore. Poor fool, no wiser than before.” (Goethe, Faust).
For of course, Freemasons deny Pike having ever written about 3 world wars.
And how could he in 1871 know of the Nazis? Well, the Jesuit and later pope, Pius XII, gave not only money to Hitler  – sbut also dubbed  his party  the NSDAP. (Nationalsozialistische Arbeiter Partei)

However,  Freemasonry Watch describes the following nature of Freemasonry in relation to Masonry´s denials of Albert Pike being an initiator of the Ku Klux Clan: First they eliminate all “documents”. Then they say no documents exist or none can be found. If there is any eyewitness testimony included in books or writings on the topic they deny the books or writings exist, if that fails they attack the witnesses and try and destroy their character (Taxil, Margiotti) – even if they were masons and thereby ignoring their oaths on the matter, and if that fails they attack the character of the authors themselves – again if they, too, were masons.  All those who write critically of Freemasonry are anti’s and all anti’s are frauds, liars, zealots, or extremists and cannot be accepted.
Pike wasn’t just any Freemason he was the head of the Supreme Council which has de facto control of the entire worldwide masonic movement.
Then Freemasonry Watch proves that Pike was the chief judicial officer of the (Ku Klux) Klan. 

Of course there had to be a lively correspondence  between the two high-Masonic Satanists/World Revolutionary movement leaders – also beyond the above.
For  they had cooperated very closely: Together, Pike and Mazzini founded the  Scottish Rite organisations organizations in Latin America. Mazzini’s Mafia spread through New Orleans and cooperated with Pike..

Now, has the letter existed or not?  The Conspiracy Archive  writes somewhat contradictorily first that the “3 World Wars” are derived from Leo Taxil – and then that this latter passage is not found in “Le Diable”. Where can it be seen then?  In any case the  diabolical content is very well in line with the ideology of Satanist Albert Pike, the Guru of Freemasonry.

Let’s see how the world develops. The 3rd world war might well develop as allegedly described by Albert Pike.

There is a possibility that  this letter has been attributed to Albert Pike by later Illuminati/ Freemason planners.   Or that he has been removed from the British Museum – which would be easy for Rothschild: Ferdinand Rothschild became a trustee of the British Museum in 1896  and, just like Walther Rothschild, gave his precious collection to the British Museum – which is certainly not known for its truthfulness.

The letter first appeared with William Carr – and could have been a free invention of his (see above “Satan – Prince of Darkness” (1959) p.84).
The Illuminati (or their helpers)  have several times in a more or less concealed  manner discreetly betrayed  their plans  in advance so that no one believed them.

I have no reason to believe that Carr wrote the “letter” as an antithesis to serve the Illuminati. However, his son noticed in “Satan -Prince of the World” p. 86: “He Could and did walk and talk with Kings and Those Who Occupy the High and Mighty places of the Earth …”
I thought that only Masons counted there?
Also, it cnnot be excluded  that Carr had connections with the CIA and the MI5/MI6 since his days as Canadian intelligence officer? He must have had secret sources for his Illuminati information.

Even if the story of “3 world wars” would be a fake – and there is no proof of it  – it would fulfill its mission: to scare us from and prepare us for the power of the Illuminati. Because with war/terror, they rule the world.




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14 Responses to Albert Pike, William Guy Carr and 3 World Wars: Who Is Trying to Scare Us?

  1. R Davis says:

    The Satanic forces of darkness –
    Is this being said in the hope that the listeners will believe that there are magical / supernatural powers that empower the deviant perpetrators of the Illuminati Set ?
    Because in fact it is organised & orchestrated, brute force & weaponry that has allowed the power brokers of the world to assend to their positions of wealth & control.
    What a God send the atomic bomb was for the Western world.
    And so they poison our water & our food with glee like willful children tying fireworks to a dogs tail & lighting it.
    Bastards on & all.

  2. R Davis says:

    A True Story:
    4 people all sane & rational & competant adult members of society, all went to the same general practitioner, at some point in conversation, they realised that their descriptions of the GP were different. Indeed each one of them gave a very different description of the same man, or so they believed him to be the same man.
    So; they all 4 made appointments to visit his surgery on the same morning & one after another & yes, when he entered the waiting room they acknowleged to each other silently that ‘it was he’. Each made an excuse to wait until they had all been seen by the doctor & left discreetly one after the other .
    They then met at the local coffee shop & compared descriptions, certain that they had all been seen by the same doctor.
    Yet each of the 4 descriptions were different ?
    How can this be ?
    Shape Shifters at large ?
    Things exist that are beyond our knowledge base, but that any Rothschild has any kind of superpower is laughable. In fact, faced with some kind of presence they would most likely die of fright. The supernatural world is not for the faint hearted.

  3. Anders says:

    Hello, R.Davis.

    Good question.
    Let me put it this way: Satan is a reality – and the ruler of this world, as Christ said (John 14:30). And Christ was the 180 degree opponent of Satan, who tried to tempt him. He even called the Pharisees the children of Satan, the father of lies and a murderer.

    That Christ is divine is clearly shown by his supernatural Shroud (of Turin)

    So, I think Satan is an existing spirit – the opponent of the Creator/Jesus Christ – and that Satan´ s last convulsions are what we are witnessing. For he knows his time is short.

    Beyond that, Satan (Lucifer in Masonic language) is a reality in the minds of the Illuminatiand top Masons, who are Shabbataean-Frankist- Satanists.

    Some say Lucifer is just the human nature being subject to apotheosis

    But no matter how you interpret it, Satan rules the world

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