Workfront conversion rate optimization case study

The Project

Workfront is an innovative software company that focuses on project management solutions for enterprise-level teams. Their clients include a host of world-class companies including Sony, Intuit, Tommy Hilfiger, Cisco, and more.

As part of our digital marketing strategy for Workfront, we identified an opportunity to improve the conversion rates of existing landing pages. These pages already had a lot of great traffic, but many of the page visitors weren’t converting. We worked closely with Workfront’s internal teams to test and optimize these pages, while ultimately driving higher conversion rates and extracting the most value possible.

The Strategy

We started our conversion rate optimization by identifying the pages that had the biggest opportunity for improvement. We selected two landing pages that produced the highest number of leads, but that had very low overall conversion rates, as these pages had the highest possible value.

One of our key strategies in CRO for these pages was audience focus. As Workfront had recently shifted towards a newly targeted audience, we wanted to optimize the landing pages to reflect that new focus.

During our testing period, we a/b tested and optimized a variety of page elements, including:

  • Video formatting
  • Page formatting
  • Minor content changes
The team I work with at Big Leap is incredibly responsive to our organization’s needs. They adjust their approach to our specific circumstances, bring solid ideas to the table, and are great to work with!
Logan Mallory
Senior Manager of Web Strategy, Workfront

The Results

The most successful version of the landing page we tested had a remarkable 104 percent increase in conversion and engagement from the original page. We measured these improvements by setting conversion goals in Google Analytics, which included video views and lead form requests.

We’ve since created a new template based on this page so that the optimizations can be applied to other existing pages. As conversion rate optimization is always an ongoing process, we are continually creating new pages and new variations to test. Ultimately, the increase in conversions on these landing pages had led to significant increase to the bottom line.

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