We Help Consultants!

Stamford Innovation Center provides you with access to a wide network of professionals across a variety of industries.
We think you’ll love the opportunities our network opens up for you.

startups often need the assistance of a consultant. that makes the sic the perfect place to meet new prospects!

If you are consulting or building a consulting practice, we would love to meet you and discuss how we can help. The SIC works with a wide range of startups that frequently seek consultant services.

Attending an event or class is the best way to start building relationships with the community. You will learn a lot, as well as make connections that could lead to valuable clients.

We also provide workspace areas for consultant needing a place to get things done. Whether it’s legal services, business strategy or anything in between, our startups are always looking for strong consultants to work alongside.


Attend an upcoming event or class and start building your professional network.

You’d be a great fit if…

  • You understand the importance of a strong professional network and want to make yours stronger
  • Your consultancy specializes in providing services to startups
  • You’re a lawyer that can help our startups with legal issues
  • You’d love to connect with local entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate professionals
  • You want to build up your professional skill set through classes

Ready to find new prospects through networking?

Attend an upcoming event or class