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Saturday, July 15th, 2017 Legends
Legends: The Game
Arena Deathmatch
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Legends: Weapons Info

Weapons of destruction that are available in Legends. These are the primary weapons available. The skin or weapon model may not be the final version. There may be some weapons not listed here as well.

Energy Module, recharges energy quicker for added movement

Ammo Module, regenerates ammunition slowly for unlimited Ammo, even with Railgun

Shield Module, when active it absorbes damage and uses your Energy to power itself

Repair Module, use to repair Players and your Generators, Inventory Stations, Turrets etc

Deployable Turret, deploy them on walls, floor and roof to kill unwary enemy

Deployable Station, deploy them to get quick access to turrets and inventory away from base

Health Kit, use to regain some Health

Mines, drop them in places where the enemy will go

Grenades, throw them quickly for added damage at close range

Beacons, deploy them on your mines to alert team or use them to mark places

Name: RJ-56a Modulated Pistol
Damage: Light-Moderate
Rate of Fire: Fast
Damage Type: Direct Damage Only
Ammo: Fires energy based projectile that causes damage on impact. Can be charged by holding down the trigger to do more damage.
Ammo Amount: Unlimited. Uses Player Energy Cell.

Comments: The RJ-56a Modulated pistol is a standardized weapon for all players.

Name: IonCannon
Damage: Very Light
Rate of Fire: Very Fast
Damage Type: Direct Damage Only
Ammo: Fires small rounds of superheated plasma bullets.
Ammo Amount: 200 Rounds

Comments: The IonCannon is best used in groups due to its inaccuracy over long distances, when used in groups it creates a large area of bullets capable of becoming very deadly to a moving target.
Name: DiscLauncher
Damage: Light-Moderate-High
Rate of Fire: Fast
Damage Type: Direct and Indirect. Medium Radius.
Ammo: Fires sharp spinning discs of death that explode on impact..
Ammo Amount: 15 Discs

Comments: The DiscLauncher is a weapon of choice amongst most players. It has a nice rate of fire and the projectiles are fast and can cause both direct and indirect damage.
Name: GrenadeLauncher
Damage: Light-Moderate
Rate of Fire: Fast
Damage Type: Direct and Indirect. Medium Radius.
Ammo: Fires canisters of explosive plasma with a timer.
Ammo Amount: 10 Canisters

Comments: The GrenadeLauncher is a good weapon because of it's explosive power and damage radius although, there are some drawbacks such as its timed explosion and the fact that it fires in an arc.

Name: SI43 RailGun
Damage: Very High
Rate of Fire: Slow
Damage Type: Direct Damage Only
Ammo: Fires a bullet in a straight line, instantly.
Ammo Amount: 10
Comments: The SI43 RailGun is a sniper weapon.

Name: Plasma Cannon
Damage: Moderate
Rate of Fire: Slow
Damage Type: Direct and Indirect. Small Radius.
Ammo: Fires large rounds of superheated Plasma.
Ammo Amount: 20 Rounds

Comments: This weapon is best suited for an indoor enviornment due to it's slow firing rate.
Name: Mortar Cannon
Damage: Very High
Rate of Fire: Very Slow
Damage Type: Direct and Indirect. Large Radius.
Ammo: Fires Canisters of very explosive gas with a short time delay.
Ammo Amount: 10 Canisters

Comments: Very destructive weapon with a large radius but slow firing rate. Not to be used as a primary weapon, good for bombardments. This weapon can only be used by the heavy armor due to it's size and kickback strength.

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Latest Windows ATI Driver - AMD Catalyst Drivers 15.7.1 Windows 7 64  
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