Silvermoon Guard


Silvermoon Guard

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 70
Source: BoE world and instance drops plus one reputation item
Availability: Key pieces harder to obtain than others, most can with some luck be found on the AH

How to get the set:
You need to go to Sunwell Plateu, get revered with Shattered Sun Offensive and gather the remaining pieces from the Conqueror’s set probably from the AH, to complete the set depicted to the left. Be aware though, the Conqueror’s set is widely known so you should expect higher prices.

Silvermoon guardians are probably the hardest to copy, as their armor set including their unique shields have nothing similar available for players. This means this set is just an idea for what a player imitating a Silvermoon Guardian could look like, as looking like the real thing at the time is impossible.

Chest – Conqueror’s Breastplate (BoE world drop)
Gloves – Conqueror’s Gauntlets (BoE world drop)
Waist – Conqueror’s Girdle (BoE world drop)
Legs – Conqueror’s Legplates (BoE world drop)
Feet – Conqueror’s Greaves (BoE world drop)
Mainhand – The Sunbreaker (BoP available from the Shattered Sun Offensive’s Quatermaster when you’re revered or above)
Off-hand – Aegis of Angelic Fortune (BoP epic from Entropius (15% drop chance) in the Sunwell)

To the right, you can see how a Silvermoon Guard appears ingame.



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3 Responses to “Silvermoon Guard”

  1. Seleuf says:

    There is a far easier way to look like a Silvermoon City guard and it is available for far more characters.

    Armor Type: Leather
    Level Req.: 1
    Source: The “Sun Cured” set bought from Jainthess Thelryn, cloth & leather merchant on Sunstrider Isle, the blood elf starting zone in Eversong Woods.

    If you don’t like the bracers, I can recommend a Common Brown Shirt to cover your forearms instead.

    Add to that a Silvermoon City Tabard from the quartermaster by the city flight master and there you go.

    No cloak necessary.

    Main-hand: A Mercenary Blade (BoE one-handed sword, random enchant, world drop, often on AH, level req 31) matches the style of this outfit very well.

    Off-hand: If you can carry it, either another Mercenary Blade or a Battle Knife (BoE dagger, random enchant, world drop, often on AH, level req 21) which is a smaller version of the aforementioned sword.

    Ranged: Any simple bow, preferably tan in color to match the rest of the outfit.

    • Chris says:

      Can’t transmog whites.

      • Noelani says:

        You’re quite right, Chris, the above wouldn’t be a transmogrifiable alternative. However, I should point out that Seleuf’s comment (and this article), were written long before transmogrification was even announced, so that comment was made with roleplayers in mind.

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