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Sunday, July 16, 2017
Date Posted:

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Ethnic cleansing must be condemned

We are opposed to ethnic cleansing of any kind and by whomsoever perpetrated.

The European Institute of Protesant Studies wishes to make it absolutely clear that we are opposed to ethnic cleansing of any kind and by whomsoever perpetrated. At the same time we believe that there is a serious imbalance and a calculated one-sidedness in the portrayal of this measure in Yugoslavia.

The New York Times of March 29, 1999, redressed some of the major aspects of the imbalance by pointing out that the USA is giving too simple explanations for events in the Yugoslav Province of Kosovo. It accuses America of "marrying" a new partner, the so-called KLA or Kosovo Liberation Army, and reminds us that the goal of that terrorist group is "not only independence, but also expelling Serbs out of the Province [Kosovo]" – in other words, ethnic cleansing. About 60% of the Serbian minority in Kosovo had been expelled from the Province by the KLA before NATO's war against Serbia even began; yet this fact is never mentioned in the Western press.

The KLA, warns the New York Times, is "a mixture of the leftovers of the Marxist-Leninist conception taken over from neighbouring Albania and the descendants of Albanian fascists from World War II". The KLA's dream is "the creation of a so-called Greater Albania which would spread over Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro", i.e. ethnic cleansing of Serbs. The terrorist organisation has "little tolerance for other ethnic groups" and carries out "kidnappings, executions and the burning of Serbian villages". It is well armed with around 30,000 automatic rifles and anti-tank and other weapons.

The article accuses the West of having allied itself to the KLA terrorists in bombing Serbia. While Clinton and Blair say the motive for the bombing is to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe, the bombing has actually created the greatest humanitarian catastrophe since the end of World War II – the mass exodus of ethnic Albanians from the Province of Kosovo. As the BBC 2 programme Counterblast stated on May 5, when NATO announced the carpet bombing of Kosovo on April 5 the only choice for the Kosovars was to get out. This, be it noted, was the beginning of the flight of 800,000 refugees from Kosovo to other countries and was hardly consistent with the concept of bombing done, according to NATO, "for the benefit of the people of Kosovo".

It is noteworthy that the previous mass ethnic cleansing of Serbs in Croatia following its (illegally declared) independence from Yugoslavia was hardly mentioned in the Western press, while today the Serbs are passionately demonised in the very same press as ethnic cleansers. On May 1, 1995, the Croatian Army, carrying Ustashi symbols and flags, broke through the UN lines at will, with the knowledge and support of Washington, flooding the "UN Protection Zone West". The Serbs had been ordered in advance to place their heavy weapons under UN supervision. Thousands of Serbs were murdered in cold blood, yet it was the Leader of the Croatian Serbs (as opposed to any Croat) who was declared a war criminal! 200,000 Serbs were forced to flee in the ethnic cleansing conducted by Croatian forces. Today Nazi Croatia, led by President Franjo Tudjman the holocaust revisionist and apologiser for Hitler, is the most ethnically pure country in Europe. No doubt many successors are carrying out the same contracts as Hitler and Pavelic.

The sheer hypocrisy of Clinton and Blair in their biased reaction to ethnic cleansing is plain for all to see. In Northern Ireland the IRA has carried out the ethnic cleansing of many thousands of Protestants along the border with the Irish Republic. Estimates of the number of Protestants displaced as a result of IRA aggression and the Government's failed security policy range from 50,000 to 100,000. Mr. Blair has been challenged by Anti-Agreement Unionists on his ethnic cleansing stance in Northern Ireland, where neither he nor Clinton has uttered a solitary squeak of revulsion, yet in flagrant breach of international law they pursue the most violent and sustained attacks against the sovereign State of Yugoslavia for ethnic cleansing by the Serbs for which there is yet no evidence other than the word of refugees or aerial photographs of supposed "mass graves".

Blair and Clinton, the two self-appointed leaders of the West, appear to have two differing definitions of ethnic cleansing. As Anti-Agreement Unionist Roger Hutchinson put it to the Prime Minister in a letter calling for a public enquiry into ethnic cleansing by the IRA: "As Northern Ireland people watch your Government's robust stance over Kosovo, there is a widespread perception that New Labour operates double standards towards Northern Ireland, influenced by cynical calculations as to the undiminished capacity of the Provisional IRA to bomb London."

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