FAQ for Students

Before the semester begins
After the semester begins

Before the semester begins

What’s a DeCal?

It is typically a  1-3 unit pass/no-pass course that is facilitated by your fellow students. There are no DeCals that offer grade letters.  Also, DeCals will always be 98/198 student-facilitated group study courses (However, please note that not all 98 or 198 student-facilitated group study courses are DeCals)

Do they count towards my major requirements?

No. (Well, very rarely. Check with your adviser.)

… Well then, why would I want to take a DeCal?

Most students use DeCals to help meet the minimum unit workload requirement — for students in the College of Letters & Science, that’s usually 13 units per semester. Other times, students just take them for fun and to make new friends.

How do I enroll in a DeCal?

Every course has its own enrollment procedure — some will require you to send an e-mail, others require an application or for you to fill out a form, or maybe auditions on the first day — it’s all different. Enrollment procedures are often listed on course pages; if not, you should contact the facilitators with the e-mail address listed on their course pages for more information.

To finally enroll, it’s like any other class at UC Berkeley: log into Telebears, click “Add Course,” and type in the CCN (Course Control Number).

Will _____ course be taught this semester?

We have no idea. It’s up to students (just like you!) to fill out the paperwork and notify us to list the course on the website. Usually, all the courses for a specific semester will be finalized by the first week of school.  If the course is not listed on the DeCal website by then, then it will not be offered that semester.

I’m in the Fall Program for Freshmen (FPF). Can I take a DeCal?

FPF students are not eligible to receive units for DeCals. However, they can audit DeCal classes (meaning not take the classes for units) by asking course facilitators if it is possible. We are currently in the process of negotiating with the FPF program to provide FPF students with opportunities to take DeCals also!

Can graduate students take DeCals?

Yes, graduate students can audit classes, if auditors are allowed. Not all departments or colleges allow auditors in their classes. If the department and college do allow auditors, then it is up to the facilitator to determine if they can accommodate auditors. Enrolled students have priority over auditors if space is limited, so the facilitator may need to wait to see if the class fills up the first week before they can let you know.

After the semester begins

Do the add/drop deadlines for Telebears apply to DeCal?

Yes! All the add/drop deadlines apply to the DeCal classes as well, even the fees.

What are my chances of getting into _______ DeCal?

Chances of admittance into a DeCal depends on the class itself.  Some classes require an application process beforehand, so please check the website!  However, most facilitators add students into their class based on who shows up on the first day of class.

How can I get in touch with the course facilitator?

If they didn’t already list their e-mail or a course contact e-mail, then you’re out of luck. We can’t give out their contact information, it’s against our privacy policy.

Where can I find the CCN to my class?

Facilitators have the CCN to the DeCal.  We have NO access to any of the CCNs.

I really enjoyed taking a DeCal. Can I facilitate a DeCal?

Yes! It’s not as difficult a process as you’d expect. Go here to read on how to start your own course.

How many DeCals can I take?

Credit for 98, 99, 198, and 199 courses in a single term may aggregate to no more than 4 units. Also, no more than a total of 16 units of courses numbered 98,99,197,198, and 199 may be used to meet the requirements for a Bachelor’s degree.