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Arsenic in Rice: Summary Analytical Results from Rice/Rice Product Sampling - September 2012

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For updated sampling results from May 2013, see Analytical Results from Inorganic Arsenic in Rice and Rice Products Sampling (PDF: 767KB).

On September 19, 2012, the FDA released the first analytical results of nearly 200 samples of rice and rice products collected in the U.S. marketplace. The FDA is collecting and analyzing more than 1,000 additional rice and rice product samples, and will post additional data as results become available. Below is a summary of the results, full analytical results are also available.

Sample IDProduct CategorySample DescriptionCountry of OriginInorganic As per serving (mcg/servinga)
728638Rice (non-Basmati)Long Grain White Rice Fully Cooked, parboiledNDb3.2
492963Rice (non-Basmati)Ready to Serve Long Grain White Rice Fully Cooked, parboiledND3.3
721866BRice (non-Basmati)Organic CarnaroliItaly4.2
721856ARice (non-Basmati)Whole Grain RedUSA4.0
721868ARice (non-Basmati)Wild Riced USA6.0
721857Rice (non-Basmati)Long Grain BrownUSA5.1
721860BRice (non-Basmati)Long Grain BrownUSA5.4
721868BRice (non-Basmati)Cracked Wild RiceUSA6.2
721856BRice (non-Basmati)Wild RiceUSA5.9
720004Rice (non-Basmati)Medium Grain RiceUSA4.4
725138Rice (non-Basmati)Instant Enriched Long GrainND2.2
725130Rice (non-Basmati)Whole Grain Brown Pre-cooked parboiledND3.6
725139Rice (non-Basmati)Enriched Rice Long GrainND4.7
492961Rice (non-Basmati)Instant Enriched Long GrainUSA3.0
721869Rice (non-Basmati)Extra Long Grain RiceUSA6.9
720000Rice (non-Basmati)Enriched Long GrainND5.4
492965Rice (non-Basmati)Long Grain, Enriched Pre-cookedND2.7
720008Rice (non-Basmati)Extra Long GrainUSA6.8
725137Rice (non-Basmati)Brown Rice Natural Long GrainND9.7
720005Rice (non-Basmati)Enriched Long Grain RiceUSA5.9
242774Rice (non-Basmati)Long Grain RiceUSA6.2
720003Rice (non-Basmati)Extra Long GrainUSA5.4
720009Rice (non-Basmati)Long Grain Brown WholeUSA9.1
720006Rice (non-Basmati)Long Grain Brown RiceND10.2
720122Rice (non-Basmati)Whole Grain Brown RiceUSA6.6
70139Rice (non-Basmati)Long Grain WhiteUSA5.8
720010Rice (non-Basmati)Extra Long GrainUSA8.0
70137Rice (non-Basmati)Extra Long GrainUSA6.6
721864ARice (non-Basmati)Long Grain Brown Rice Extra FancyUSA9.4
721877Rice (non-Basmati)Extra Long GrainUSA6.8
720125Rice (non-Basmati)Brown Rice Whole GrainUSA8.2
719998Rice (non-Basmati)Extra Long Grain RiceUSA5.9
719999Rice (non-Basmati)Brown Natural Whole GrainUSA8.4
70134Rice (non-Basmati)Whole Grain BrownUSA8.0
720007Rice (non-Basmati)Medium Grain USA6.2
719997Rice (non-Basmati)Long Grain RiceUSA6.2
70136Rice (non-Basmati)Long Grain Brown RiceUSA10.4
242777Rice (non-Basmati)Long Grain RiceND6.8
720121Rice (non-Basmati)Whole Grain Brown RiceUSA10.4
492958Rice (non-Basmati)Whole Grain, Long GrainUSA8.8
720120Rice (non-Basmati)Whole Grain Brown RiceUSA9.4
492960Rice (non-Basmati)Enriched Parboiled Long GrainUSA7.4
70138Rice (non-Basmati)Long GrainUSA7.4
720001Rice (non-Basmati)Long Grain Natural Brown RiceUSA10.5
720123Rice (non-Basmati)Whole Grain Brown RiceUSA7.9
492962Rice (non-Basmati)Brown Rice Natural Long GrainND7.6
70135Rice (non-Basmati)Brown Natural Whole GrainUSA11.1
492959Rice (non-Basmati)Enriched Extra Long GrainUSA6.5
720124Rice (non-Basmati)Xtra Long Grain RiceUSA7.1
728648Basmati RiceFully CookedIndiaNCc
720113Basmati RicePure Basmati RiceIndiaNC
720015Basmati RiceBasmati RiceIndia1.8
721854BBasmati RiceWhite BasmatiUSA1.2
720011Basmati RiceBasmati RiceIndia2.1
720022Basmati Rice Pure Basmati RiceIndia2.2
720117ABasmati RiceBasmati RiceIndia1.8
70140Basmati RiceBasmati RiceND2.4
70141Basmati RiceBasmati RiceND2.3
720111Basmati RiceBasmati RiceIndia2.4
720012Basmati RiceWhite BasmatiUSA2.3
721864BBasmati RiceIndian Basmati WhiteIndia2.9
721875Basmati RiceBoil-in-BagIndia2.3
721865RBasmati RiceIndian Basmati AgedIndia1.9
728649Basmati RiceAged  India3.1
721863BBasmati RiceShort Grain WhiteUSA2.3
720021Basmati RiceBasmati RiceIndia2.1
728650Basmati RiceBasmati RiceIndia2.1
728645Basmati RiceWhite Basmati RiceIndia3.3
728652Basmati RiceBoil-in-BagIndia2.1
492964Basmati RiceBasmati White, Boil-in-bagIndia2.3
720013Basmati RiceCalifornia BrownUSA3.9
720127Basmati RiceBasmati RiceIndia2.5
720129Basmati RiceBasmati RiceIndia2.1
242778Basmati RiceOrganic Brown BasmatiUSA3.0
492966Basmati RiceAged MilledIndia2.9
721858BBasmati RiceWhite Basmati RiceIndia3.9
728653Basmati RiceWhite Basmati RiceIndia3.5
720126Basmati RiceCalifornia White OrganicUSA2.3
720114Basmati RiceOrganic White BasmatiUSA2.3
720109ABasmati RiceOrganic White BasmatiUSA2.3
720128Basmati RiceBasmati RiceIndia2.4
720109BBasmati RiceOrganic White BasmatiUSA2.5
728646Basmati RiceQuick-Cook Organic Brown, parboiledIndia3.7
728644Basmati RiceOrganic India4.0
721863ABasmati RiceImported AgedIndia3.2
720020Basmati RiceBasmati RiceIndia3.7
728647Basmati RiceBrown Basmati RiceIndia5.6
720016Basmati RiceBrown India6.0
721855BBasmati RiceBrown Basmati RiceIndia5.7
721857BBasmati RiceOrganic White Basmati RiceIndia3.9
728654Basmati RiceBrown Basmati RiceIndia5.3
720112Basmati RiceOrganic Brown BasmatiUSA4.7
721867Basmati RiceOrganic AgedIndia3.9
720130Basmati RiceCalifornia Brown USA4.1
720018Basmati RiceBasmati RiceIndia6.5
728651Basmati RiceWhole Grain Organic MicrowaveIndiaNC
721867BBasmati RiceBrownUSA9.0
720110Basmati RiceBasmati Brown RiceUSA9.0
720014Basmati RiceOrganic Long Grain Brown BasmatiUSA6.6
720019Basmati RiceBasmati RiceUSA4.8
721866Basmati RiceOrganic White BasmatiND4.7
242771Rice CerealRice CerealNRg1.7
719988Rice CerealRice Squares, Crispy Toasted Gluten FreeNR1.9
719986Rice CerealCream of RiceNR2.6
721862BRice CerealWhole Grain Puffed Rice, whole grain brown riceNR1.5
70147Rice CerealCrispy Rice Gluten Free Whole Grain BrownNR2.9
70146Rice CerealCrispy Rice Gluten Free Whole Grain BrownNR3.2
721859BRice CerealOrganic PuffsNR1.5
725131Rice CerealCrispy Rice Gluten-free Whole Grain Brown RiceNR3.2
242775Rice CerealWhole Grain Puffed Rice, whole grain brown riceNR1.6
492957Rice CerealCrispy Brown Rice OrganicNR3.2
721859Rice CerealCrispy Brown Rice Gluten Free OrganicNR3.4
70142Rice CerealCrispy Rice ToastedNR3.2
719987Rice CerealPuffed Brown RiceNR1.9
719990Rice CerealFruity Dyno-BitesNR2.3
719984Rice CerealCrispy RiceNR3.9
242770Rice CerealRice CerealNR3.8
719989Rice CerealCrispy RiceNR3.8
70143Rice CerealCrispy Rice ToastedNR3.9
721869BRice CerealCrisp Rice ToastedNR4.1
70149Rice CerealCrispy Rice ToastedNR3.9
70145Rice CerealOrganic Whole Grain Rice Cereal (infant)NR3.2
725132Rice CerealRice Chex Gluten-freeNR4.3
720341Rice CerealOrganic Whole Grain Rice Cereal (infant)NR2.9
719985Rice CerealCrispy Toasted RiceNR3.9
719983Rice CerealRice Single Grain (infant)NR2.0
725134Rice CerealCrispy Rice ToastedNR3.6
721874Rice CerealCrispy Rice ToastedNR4.2
719982Rice CerealHoney Rice Gluten FreeNR4.1
70144Rice CerealOrganic Brown Rice CrispsNR7.1
720342Rice CerealOrganic Brown Rice CrispsNR7.3
719981Rice CerealGluten Free Cream of Brown RiceNR9.7
725133Rice CerealPuffed RiceNR1.8
728639Rice CakesBrown Lightly SaltedNR3.1
721871Rice CakesWild Organic Gluten-free Vegan Lightly SaltedNR3.0
728640Rice CakesOrganic BrownNR3.2
721878Rice CakesOrganic BrownNR3.1
721858Rice CakesBrown Rice Organic Salt-freeNR3.8
720119Rice CakesCaramel Corn Gluten-freeNR3.1
721862ARice CakesBrown Salt FreeNR4.8
719991Rice CakesBrown Rice Organic Salt-freeNR3.7
242776Rice CakesBrown Rice Whole Grain Lightly SaltedNR4.7
719994Rice CakesOrganic UnsaltedNR3.0
719993Rice CakesOrganic UnsaltedNR3.0
720117BRice CakesButter Popped CornNR5.6
721876Rice CakesLightly SaltedNR4.6
70132Rice CakesSalt FreeNR6.3
721865BRice CakesSalt FreeNR5.6
728642Rice CakesSalt FreeNR6.1
725135Rice CakesPlain Salt Free Whole Grain BrownNR6.6
719997BRice CakesApple CinnamonNR5.1
728641Rice CakesPlain Salt Free Whole Grain BrownNR6.5
721865Rice CakesSalt Free, whole grain brown riceNR6.8
719996Rice CakesLightly SaltedNR6.2
720118Rice CakesApple CinnamonNR5.0
719995Rice CakesLow SodiumNR7.2
720116Rice CakesButter Popped CornNR4.0
70133Rice CakesSalt FreeNR6.2
70131Rice CakesSalt FreeNR6.3
728643Rice CakesSalted Plain Gluten FreeNR7.6
719992Rice CakesLightly SaltedNR7.7
725136Rice CakesSodium Free Plain Gluten FreeNR8.2
720115ARice CakesSalt FreeNR8.2
720115BRice CakesSalt FreeNR8.0
242773Rice CakesSalt FreeNR8.0
720337Rice BeverageOrganic Unsweetened Rice BeverageeNRNC
721861 BRice BeverageOrganic Unsweetened Rice BeverageNRNC
719978Rice BeverageOrganicNRNC
70153Rice BeverageRicemilk VanillaNRNC
720333Rice BeverageEnriched Rice BeverageNRNC
721870Rice BeverageRice Beverage  NRNC
720336Rice BeverageOrganic Whole Grain Rice BeverageNRNC
720340Rice BeverageLower Fat Plain Rice BeverageNRNC
720338Rice BeverageOrganic Rice Beverage NRNC
720339Rice BeverageEnriched Rice BeverageNRNC
70148Rice BeverageOrganic Vanilla Rice BeverageNRNC
70154Rice BeverageOriginal Rice BeverageNRNC
70155Rice BeverageOriginal Rice BeverageNRNC
70151Rice BeverageRice Beverage OriginalNRNC
70152Rice BeverageRice Beverage OriginalNRNC
70156Rice BeverageRice Beverage OriginalNRNC
70150Rice BeverageVanilla Rice BeverageNRNC
719980Rice BeverageOrganicNR3.8
721860ARice BeverageRice Beverage PlainNRNC
719979Rice BeverageOrganicNRNC
721861Rice BeverageRice Drink Original ClassicNRNC
721855Rice BeverageRice Drink Original EnrichedNRNC
719977Rice BeverageOrganicNRNC
721854ARice BeverageRice Drink Organic OriginalNR3.4
720334Rice BeverageOrganicNRNC
720335Rice BeverageOrganicNRNC
242772Rice BeverageOrganicNRNC
719976Rice BeverageOrganicNR4.1


Sample results based on dry weight with the exception of rice beverage samples.

aServing size based on Reference Amount Customarily Consumed (RACC) per 21CFR 101.12 for each product category: 

  • Grains (e.g., rice) - 45 g (dry) - about 1 cup cooked rice (general population)

  • Breakfast cereal (e.g. rice cereal) – 30 g – about 1 cup (general population)
    Note: RACCs for dry infant cereal, ready-to-eat breakfast cereals, and uncooked hot cereal range from 15-40 g depending on density and intended consumer (i.e., infant). An average serving size of 30 g was used for all cereal samples except the infant cereals which used a value of 15 g to calculate the mcg inorganic arsenic/serving.
  • Snacks, all varieties, chips, pretzels, popcorns, extruded snack, et al (e.g., rice cakes) - 30 g - about 2 cakes (10-15 gm/cake) Note: rice cakes are mostly a puffed rice product, and serving size for larger rice cakes is typically labeled as 1 cake (10-15 g/cake). Mcg of inorganic arsenic/serving for rice cakes was calculated using the RACC for snacks (30 g) which results in a higher calculated amount of mcg inorganic arsenic/serving than using the labeled serving size. (general population) 

  • Beverages (e.g. rice beverage) - 240 ml (an assumption was made that 1 ml = 1 g for purposes of calculating inorganic arsenic per serving) - about 1 cup (general population)

bND = Not Determined. FDA is attempting to determine the country of origin.

cNC = Not Calculated. Value of mcg/serving not calculated either because speciation not performed (no inorganic arsenic value determined) or because the amount of inorganic arsenic in the sample was reported as "Trace" (between the detection limit and the quantitation limit).

dNR = Not Recorded. Country of origin for processed products would not necessarily reflect the country of origin for the rice in the product.

eSome rice beverages have been marketed as “ricemilk,” a product name consumers could see in supermarkets and consumer materials. However, FDA’s regulations do not contain provisions for the use of the term "ricemilk." Therefore, in this document, the term “rice beverage” includes products that may be marketed as "ricemilk."

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