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Read This First (Disclaimer)

Both Cults & Isms are listed here.  Not every group mentioned on this site is considered a destructive cult.  Some are 'benign isms' — different but not emotionally or socially destructive.

Even cults vary in their degree of destructiveness.  The information about benign groups is provided because we have received more than five inquiries about those groups.

There is bound to be information you will not agree with, however it is our conviction that the public should have access to alternative information before deciding whether to participate in any particular group.  If they want to know what your group teaches they can ask you directly.

Why provide information about cults?

A goldfish living in a bowl that is painted black on the outside will never know it lives in a bowl unless someone takes it out and shows it the rest of the world.  Mindsets can be like that — locked into a `thinking box', unable to see outside because the web of beliefs is so all-encompassing

How can this happen to people like you and me?

Have you ever bought an outfit that didn't fit properly because the sales person convinced you it looked nice?  Ever have someone talk you into having another drink when you didn't want one?  Ever run into a clever con-artist who had a good line?  Ever sign a contract you didn't really want to sign?  Getting involved with a cultic group can be as easy as that.  (If you still think it can't happen to you take our test in the General Information section. [grin] )

In the USA alone there are an estimated 5,000 cults actively recruiting people of all ages, from all walks of life, at the rate of tens of thousands of new recruits every year.  Australia is not far behind.  Like most other countries, we tend to import them as soon as they develop.

We hope this site will help you to learn how to establish criteria for defining a cult, how to recognize cultic and spiritually abusive behaviors, and how to guard against unwanted psychological persuasion — the techniques used by cults and spiritually abusive groups to recruit and retain their members (as well as unethical salespeople).

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