e-ScienceTalk brings the success stories of Europe's e-infrastructure to a wider audience. The project coordinates the dissemination outputs of EGI and other European e-Infrastructure projects, ensuring their results and influence are reported in print and online.

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summarise in non-technical language key reports and issues from European e-infrastructure projects.

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Featured GridCast: EGI Community Forum 2012, Munich

EGI Community Forum 2012, Munich, GermanyThe EGI Technical Forum 2012 will be hosted by EGI.eu in partnership with CESNET, the consortium of Czech universities and the Czech Academy of Sciences that represents the country in the EGI Council. Reflecting on the considerable progress made by the collaboration so far and looking forwards to the challenges of public availability, reusability and transparency of scientific methods and data in Open Science, the core theme of this Technical Forum is: "The development of an open and sustainable EGI ecosystem that will support Open Science in the digital European Research

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The Real Time Monitor
is a visualisation of activity on the grid computing infrastructure. It is developed by Imperial College London as part of the GridPP and e-ScienceTalk projects. The application displays information from various grid projects including the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) and the worldwide LHC Computing Grid (wLCG).