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Legendary Chef Jacques Pépin Explains His Love of Latin Food

Just shy of 80 years old, legendary chef Jacques Pépin isn't resting on his laurels. This month will see the final airing of his PBS cooking show Jacques Pépin: Heart and Soul and the publication of his 25th cookbook, Jacques Pépin: Heart and Soul in the Kitchen.

Known as the foremost authority on French cuisine, Pépin will likely surprise loyal fans and traditionalists with the latter. That's because his latest cookbook features global recipes that highlight Pépin's culinary range and reflect the many influences in his life.

Among those influences is his Puerto Rican wife Gloria, an accomplished cook in her own right, and his many travels to Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Many of the dishes in this book date back to my childhood," says Pépin. "Others have been picked up as I learned about American food and traveled the world tasting Asian and Latin American cuisine."

The recipes from the cookbook were so delectable that we featured them in the October issue of Latina Magazine.

We spoke to Pépin to get his thoughts on everything from celebrity chefs, why he loves living in the U.S., and how he makes his guacamole (with peas or without?).   

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