Welcome to ReeCourse Golf

ReeCourse Golf distributes all natural, environmentally responsible products that are specifically designed for the needs of golf course greens and fairways.  ReeCourse Golf products are built on the science and technology of SumaGrow, the award winning microbial blend selected for its ability to improve the health of the soil, reduce fertilizer inputs, and improve water efficiency.

For over 10 years, the technology of SumaGrow has been tested through field trials, greenhouse studies, replicated plot trials, in-house laboratory experiments and specialized testing facilities. ReeCourse Golf products have demonstrated a great ability to improve turf and improve the overall health of the soil while reducing input costs for the operator. This technology of SumaGrow has been rigorously challenged and is continuously tested to maintain and expand its abilities. Our products are OMRI listed.

ReeCourse Golf products can:

  • ReePlace the need for (or significantly reduce) chemical based fertilizer
  • ReeDuce water usage
  • ReeStore the health of the soil

Field trials play a significant role in expanding and improving the quality of ReeCourse Golf products and the technology of SumaGrow. In 2011 alone over 100 independent field trials were conducted in 20 states and several countries on a variety of products containing the SumaGrow technology.

The technology of SumaGrow has been field tested on a large variety of crops including, but not limited to: lawns and recreational turfs, forage and hay crops, cotton, wheat, rice, soybeans, vegetable crops, and household plants. See our Field Trials page for just a few examples.

How can ReeCourse Golf products help?

Our products populate the soil with microbes that help plants use the nutrients that were already present but unavailable.  ReeCourse products also add organic matter to the soil which the microbes use as a food source.

Using a ReeCourse Golf product allows you to reduce and /or eliminate the use of NPKs, micronutrients, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides.

Golf courses and many other sporting venues have limited ground cover. This lack of shade means that the soil of the greens, fairways, or playing fields dry very quickly and they must be irrigated regularly and significantly.  This irrigation can result in another significant maintenance expense for these operations.  ReeCourse Golf products help grass roots grow longer and stronger.  Since water evaporates from the top down, this longer and stronger grass root growth means that the water stored deeper in the soil is more accessible.  Longer roots also mean greater access to nutrients.