4 KID'S Charity 4(for) Kids In Difficult Situations

We sincerely hope that you'll take just a few moments to find out exactly why;

4 KID'S Charity(4(for) Kids In Difficult Situations),

Our ultimate aim is providing resources that strengthen American families of all kinds. Our organization also enjoys partnering with other organizations that care about families.

4 KID’S Charity is unlike any charity you have ever considered in the past. Below is some information about 4 KID’S Charity 501(c)(3) children’s charity operates all year round and relies solely on volunteers to accomplish its mission.



Student Hygiene Packs

Good hygiene is an important part of a student’s health, wellness, and self-esteem. Kids with poor hygiene face harmful consequences. Some are medical: they may be more prone to developing rashes and infections. But equally important, individual students may quickly become known at school for being “dirty.” This negative reputation can be hard to shake and is damaging to students’ self-esteem. Good hygiene makes it easier to attend school regularly and develops better study habits.


Doesn’t it just amaze you to hear that nearly 300,000 children in America go hungry, homeless, or must be rescued from terrible abusive situations each year and that so often they arrive at homeless shelter, spouses abused shelter, or crisis centers, foster kids,and schools, with absolutely nothing of their own? Imagine the trauma of being separated from all you know and not even having your own things. You see, abused and neglected children must often be rescued so suddenly that they do not have time to prepare, nor do the agencies that serve them. So most of these children arrive at and transition through the crisis centers and foster homes with few, if any, personal belongings.

This is why the program call 4 KIDS Bag ( 4(for) Kids In Difficult Situations ) .We sincerely hope that you'll take just a few moments to find out exactly why and how 4 KIDS Bag .The bags that we supply them are filled with items to help then make the transition. Please check it out Click Here