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Technical Support

Battle Chess Enhanced CD-ROM

Platforms:   DOS
System Requirements:
  • 3DFX, Rendition V1000, Rendition V2200, or ATI 3D Rage Pro
  • Pentium 120 Mhz or better processor
  • Windows '95 add with DirectX 5.0 (included)
  • 16 MB RAM
  • 30 MB of hard drive space
  • 2X or faster CD-ROM drive (8X recommended)
  • Sound Blaster (Pro, 16, AWE32) and 100% compatibles
  • 100% Microsoft compatible mouse and keyboard
  • Most joysticks and gamepads supported
System Recommended:
Installation Tips: To Install Game:
DOS Installation - NOTE: If your CD-ROM drive is an external drive, make sure you have hooked up headphones or speakers to the CD-ROM drive, since all the music, sound effects, tutorial sound, and combat effects are played directly from the CD-ROM drive. If your CD-ROM drive is an internal drive and you have a sound card, make sure a cable connects the internal sound output jack to your sound card to mix the sound sources. See your sound card's manual for further details.
  1. Insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive.
  2. Type D: (or the appropriate drive letter) and then hit the ENTER key.
  3. Type CD\CDCHESS and then hit the ENTER key.
  4. Type INSTALL and then the hit ENTER key.
Windows 95 Installation -
  1. Click on START.
  2. Click on SHUTDOWN.
  4. Follow instructions above for installing with the DOS installation.

To Start Game:
In DOS -

  1. Type C: (or appropriate hard drive) and then hit the ENTER key.
  2. Type CD\CDCHESS and then hit the ENTER key.
  3. Type CDCHESS and then hit the ENTER key.
In Windows 95 -
  1. Click on START.
  2. Click on SHUTDOWN.
  4. Follow instructions above for starting with the game in DOS.

To Quit Game:
In DOS -

    To Quit:
    1. Hold the Right Mouse button down.
    2. Move to File (At top of screen).
    3. Move to Quit.
    4. Release Right Mouse button.
    5. Press the Left Mouse button to Confirm.

    In Windows -

    1. Click on 'FILE'.
    2. Click on 'EXIT'.

  1. Problem: No background music or combat sounds.
    Solution: Connect a set of speakers to the headphone jack on the CD-ROM drive. Make sure the sound patch cable is installed from the audio out port on the back of the CD-ROM drive to the CD sound in port on the sound card.

  2. Problem: No animation.
    Solution: Not enough conventional memory free. This game requires 550K conventional memory and 1024K free expanded memory.

  3. Problem: Can't find "INTERPLAY.CMP".
    Solution: Change active drive to the CD-ROM drive. Switch active directory to "CDCHESS" directory. Then run the "INSTALL" program.

  4. Problem: Upgraded to MS DOS version 6.0 and can't use CD anymore.
    Solution: Use "MSCDEX.EXE" version 2.22 or later that should be located in the "DOS" directory.

  5. Problem: Receive "CDR-101 not ready error Abort, Retry, or fail?".
    Solution: The CD-ROM is not in the drive, the CD-ROM is bad or is incompatible with the CD-ROM drive.

  6. Problem: The game quits out to DOS with a low memory error message.
    Solution: The mouse driver may not be compatible. The mouse driver must be 100% Microsoft compatible.

  7. Problem: Game is in a small window in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
    Solution: The screen resolution is set to high. To get a full screen game, screen resolution must be set to 640x480x256.

  8. Problem: When using a Sound Blaster, getting the error message: "Sound hardware not found".
    Solution: Verify the Sound Blaster is set to the following settings:

    IRQ 7 or 5, Base I/O Address 220, DMA 1