LifeLites Micro Lighting Products - the complete modular solution for all your scale hobby lighting needs. Easily add dynamic lighting effects to LEGO® creations, scale models, model railroads, doll houses, and more!

How can LifeLites enhance your build? Here are a few examples from our customers:

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Starting today for a limited time, we are offering FREE WORLDWIDE ECONOMY SHIPPING for any order over $75! This will be a highly popular promotion, so expect shipping delays of your order for any out of stock items!

Free Shipping on orders of $35 or more!*

Free Shipping on orders of $35 or more!*

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$1 off LED items at LifeLites! Save up to 50% off on LED products using code 1OFFLED. Limited time offer expires Feb-17, 2017. Offer valid only while supplies last; out of stock items will be refunded to you after order processing. Valid sale products start with SKU "LED-".