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Providing Reference Services Archives and Manuscripts (AFS II)

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Providing Reference Services for Archives and Manuscripts (Archival Fundamentals Series II)

Mary Jo Pugh 

"This beautifully written text is a model for all books on professional services. Clearly organized into the key functions of archival reference services, Providing Reference Services for Archives and Manuscripts maintains just the right level of generality throughout. The beginning and intermediate archivist can see the broader, managerial picture, while at the same time becoming informed and developing judgment regarding many of the detailed matters that make up the real world of archival services. Mary Jo Pugh is a strong supporter of the trend in archives to be user-services oriented and to engage in outreach efforts to prospective researchers. At the same time, she is firm on the distinctive requirements of quality archival services with respect to protecting the resources and their provenance."
--MARCIA J. BATES, Professor Emerita, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles

"Mary Jo Pugh's excellent book presents the fundamentals needed to provide effective reference service to users of archives and manuscript repositories. Readers will learn how to deal with new users and first-time users who have discovered archival information on the Web, expect information immediately online, and don't understand the difference between archives and libraries. Pugh also addresses email, Web-based, and chat reference services, and provides readers with information to determine which would best serve them. For those wishing to continue their research, Pugh includes a detailed bibliographic essay and endnotes section. Providing Reference Services for Archives and Manuscripts serves as a reminder that reference should not be treated as an after-thought, but as a vital process central to the archival mission."
--DANNA BELL-RUSSEL, Digital Reference Specialist, Library of Congress

Society of American Archivists (2005)
368 pp., soft cover

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ISBN: 1-931666-12-1
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