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Can VLC re-encode incompatible codecs and on-the-fly?

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Thanks for the heads up but it's far from playing perfectly. I managed to play one video, then I tried restarting a number of times, and couldn't get anything else to play.

EDIT : found vlc.exe in Task Manager (even though I quit the app), killed it, then after launching was able to play another video... still atm it's not a bad option if I want to play a LONG video. I'm surprised CPU usage is below 5%. Maybe it's not re-encoding the video.

EDIT2: playlist didn't work.. after 50s of one song it showed a frozen frame of the next song.

EDIT3: very experimental... another video just stops after a few mins.

EDIT4: it helps to switch back Renderer to "<local>", before quitting and restarting app.

Still... it will be fantastic if/when they can get it to work reliably. It's so simple to use !

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It plays great for most of my video files but unfortunately I have noticed it appears to have issues with certain resolutions and/or aspect ratios at this point as well.

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It's getting there. Last time I tried a nightly I had to launch the Chromecast option via the command line and it didn't work at all.

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I got all the expected results from the above instructions except for the actual desired result .. the video playing on my CCv1. Just got the Grey screen w the blue loafing bar forever... guess I'll still use videostream or laptop directly connected via rgb/audio cable

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Does it finally fix that stupid "rebuilding font cache" dialogue that pops up almost every time I watch a video? I've tried every fix I could find under the sun and it's annoying as hell. It's even forced me to use other video players instead for some time now.

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Trying to stream Better.Call.Saul.S02E10.720p.HDTV.x264-AVS to my CC but on the TV it has this buffer thingy that keeps loading. The file never plays. It's an MKV btw.

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can anyone get this to work on a Mac?

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What video file is the easiest to chromecast?

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If you're looking for an already encoded format MPEG-4 AVC spec is the best. (H.264 with AAC audio in a MP4 container)

MKVs sometimes work as a container, but often don't have compatible audio (and there is no way to select it) and can be finicky.

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With Plex, every single one of my files (of which I have thousands of movies and TV shows) streams to Chromecast perfectly. I have never had a single problem. My computer is just your average gaming computer, not cutting edge: i5 with 290x and 16 GB RAM. And it can do 2 Chromecast at once.

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I have a laptop =[

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You can do that on a laptop if it has a beefy enough CPU. Just depends on what processor is in it. My laptop has a mobile CPU (i7-3940XM) in it ... making it pretty close to a desktop cpu like the i7-4770.

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that's a monster mines a small i5 :( it's a 13" portable

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I use a refurbished laptop purchased in 2011 with 4 gb ram. The videos are on a hdd connected by a USB 2.0 cable and the laptop is on WiFi.

Everything works perfectly on the chromecast at least on Plex.

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I've had the same experience on a late 2008 mbp with way lower specs than you. Can't recommend Plex enough.

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This is only in the windows desktop version right? Doesn't look like it's in the latest Android builds.

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I don't see the "Renderer" option on Mac OSX :(

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I got it to work on a Mac, but I had to do it via the terminal

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I was able to go playback -> select renderer -> but I don't see any chrome cast.

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Same, not seeing it on todays build for osx-intel

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Exciting. What does this mean for subtitled mkv or mp4s?

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Did someone try this with livestreamer/twitch? Could be a way to get better video quality of twitch on the tv.

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Will it play DVDs?

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Fiddled with it for a while, couldn't get the video to play. Interface is pretty clunky too. Oh well, it's a nightly, hope they get it working by release.