About me


My name is Adrià Mercader and I was born in Tarragona.

After obtaining a degree in Biology in the University of Barcelona, my professional interests drifted progressively towards the software development and integration in general, and the geospatial field in particular.

I recently moved from Barcelona to the less sunny but no less funny Newcastle upon Tyne, in the UK.




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Projects / demos

Some things I've worked on.

Newcastle Library Closures Map

savenewcastlelibraries screenshot

An interactive map showing proposed library closures in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne, with contact details of the local councillors for each branch and deprivation data overlays. More information can be found in this blog post.

Europeana Geo-Wrapper

geoeuropeana screenshot

A thin wrapper built on Pylons around the Europeana API to get GeoRSS results and a sample application to perform spatial queries. Put together at the first Europeana Hackaton.

Wikipedia geodatasets and services

wikipedia screenshot

The georeferenced articles of Wikipedia, extracted from DBpedia datasets and available in different formats and services.

Culture Grid Hack Day Demo

culturegrid screenshot

A quick demo I built for the Culture Grid Hack Day. It uses the Culture Grid API to show the nearest MLA institutions to a given point.

WMS Inspector

wms-inspector screenshot

A Firefox extension that lets you explore map services used in web applications, check its capabilities and save them in a library.

Beyond Google Maps

supermondays screenshot

The slides for my SuperMondays flash talk (Only 5 minutes available!).