Masonic Library & Museum Association

Minutes from MLMA Meeting 2001

October 24 (Wed) - 26 (Fri), 2001 Little Rock, Arkansas

Masonic Library and Museum Association Annual Convention Little Rock, Arkansas, October 24 - October 26, 2001

List of Attendees  

(See Paul Bessel's MLMA Page for Addresses, etc.)

 M.W. Dick E. Browning, Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Arkansas, our host

 Cynthia W. Alcorn, Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
 Marie M. Barnett, Grand Lodge of Virginia
 Paul Bessel, Grand Lodge of Washington, DC
 Richard Bish, Grand Lodge of Washington State
 (20412 7th Place, South, Des Moines, WA 98198
 206-824-2389, and email
 Thomas W. Brunk, Detroit Masonic Temple Library
 Al Bryant, Grand Lodge of Michigan
 Cathie Bryant, Grand Lodge of Michigan
 Helaine Davis, Museum of our National Heritage, SR, NJ
 James E. Dufresne, Grand Lodge of Maine
 Richard Fletcher, Masonic Service Association of North America
 Mike Kaulback, Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
 Bill Kreuger, Grand Lodge of Iowa
 Philip G. Rose, Madison, WI, Masonic Center
 Joel Springer, California Masonic Library & Museum Association
 Gaylord Strand, Saint Paul, MN, Lodge Number Three
 Harry Strouse, Valley of Chicago, AASR Museum of Freemasonry
 Mark Tabbert, Museum of our National Heritage, SR, NJ
 Eric Trosdahl, Saint Paul, MN, Lodge Number Three
 Glenys Waldman, Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
 Larissa Watkins, Scottish Rite, SJ, District of Columbia
 James Weatherall, PGM, Grand Lodge of Arkansas
 Michael Wells, Williams Masonic Library, Bloomington, Illinois
 Willard Wetzel, Chaplain of MLMA

 Masonic Library and Museum Association
 Annual Convention
 Little Rock, Arkansas, October 24 - October 26, 2001


 Wednesday, October 24

 We all staggered wearily into The Best Western-In Town's hospitality suite. Our spirits lifted immediately as we were welcomed by our host, Arkansas

 Grand Master Richard Browning, his lovely wife Gayle, and Arkansas Grand Secretary James Weatherall.

 Once we had recovered our spirits, we were whisked off to an incredible supper of huge steaks, salmon, shrimp, and fries at Doe's Café. The food was great, and we all had a fine time.

 Thursday, October 25

 Upon arrival at what would be our meeting place for the Conference, The Albert Pike Masonic Memorial Temple, we were treated to an excellent continental breakfast. Let it be noted that throughout the conference, the lovely staff of Grand Lodge kept us in good supply of coffee, soft drinks, pastries, etc. I heard no one complain of hunger.

 MLMA President Paul Bessel opened our conference, and Dick Browning Formally welcomed us.

 Topic 1. "Catalog on the Web," by Helaine Davis. Helaine described The Museum of Our National Heritage's automated cataloging and on-line system. They use the system devised by The Library Corporation's Library Solutions, and we may view MONH's excellent results at MONH.ORG. Helaine's description and excellent explanation of how her system works generated much discussion about the various ways to put one's holdings on line, either as listings of holdings or with more complex systems which allow access by subject, author, etc. More information may be gained by contacting Helaine, Jim, or Paul Bessel.

 Topic 2. "Removing paper labels and pamphlet binders," by Glenys Waldman.

 In addition to her presentation, Glenys' handout, "Simple Conservation: disbinding, removal of bookplates and book labels," is an excellent guide which I will keep among my conservation materials. Glenys' demonstration of her method, which involves judicious application of H2O with an appropriately-sized paintbrush, made this arduous task seem simpler than we all know it really is. The major mystery of the thing turned out to be how she managed to smuggle her knife half-way across country by air. Humn..

 Topic 3. "Traveling Masonic Exhibit," by Mark Tabbert.  One of Mark's goals is to make portions of his exhibit available on loan to other Masonic institutions. The ultimate purpose of what looks to be an impressive exhibit, entitled "To build and Sustain: Freemasons in American Community," opening June 1, is to broaden the scope of Mason's and Nonmason's understanding of the various aspects of Freemasonry by communicating with strong visual images. Mark's completed exhibit will sure stimulate discussion and be very popular with patrons.

 We then broke for lunch during which we enjoyed a delightful trolley ride down to Little Rock's waterfront area and experienced its many great shops and eating establishments. When we returned to the Temple, Barry Arthur, a photo editor from Little Rock's Arkansas Democrat Gazette  introduced us to cutting-edge technology in his presentation of

 Topic 4. "Saving photo's and documents on computer."  I think we all wish we had access to Barry's special flat-bed scanner,  "Optical Character-recognition" software, key-word search capabilities, and excellent photo resolutions. What he uses today we will certainly be looking for tomorrow.

 Topic 5. "Growing the MLMA and promotional materials."  President Paul Bessel then opened the meeting to open discussion. Re future MLMA exhibits. Agreed: It will be more efficient to have us each buy our own backboards rather than paying to send them around the Country.

 Re the situation of South Dakota's collection, it was decided that we would send a representative to South Dakota. If materials are worth garnering, we will take them. More on this later.

 Paul reminded us that a) the George Washington National Memorial Library always has room for our unwanted books. Please let him know, and b) We can post things we want to sell on the apropriate section of Paul's website.

 Re question of selling materials to Prince Hall Grand Lodge, it was generally agreed that we would certainly sell to individuals but not to Grand Lodges themselves.

 An excellent, top-to-bottom Tour of the Albert Pike Masonic Memorial Temple followed conducted by Robert Spangler, Jr., Executive Secretary/Treasure of the Valley of Little Rock. We thank him very much.

 At the conclusion of tour, we returned to our hotel, freshened up, then reconvened at the Temple where we were treated to a wonderful meal of authentic southern barbeque(!) served up by most especially excellent chefs. We had a lovely--and fulfilling--evening.


 Friday, October 26

 Because of various prior commitments we strayed a bit from the pre-arranged agenda and opened with our MLMA Business meeting and election of Officers.

 Treasurer Michael Wells presented the Budget report which was unanimously approved.

 We then thanked the Nominating Committee for a job very well done and elected, unanimously, our new slate of officers as follows. Congratulations, everyone!  Elected Officers (2001-2003)

 MLMA position Name

 President James E. Dufresne

 Vice President Dick Browning

 Secretary Glenys Waldman

 Treasurer Michael G. Wells

 In addition, it was our good fortune to have The Reverend Willard W. Wetzel accept election as Chaplain of MLMA for Life. as permanent Chaplain of MLMA

 Planned Future Meetings of MLMA

 Year Dates City & State

 2002 October Chicago, Illinois

 2003 October 23-25, 2003 Maine

 2004             Detroit