MUST READ!!! The Ebola Scare, Global Pandemic, and the 2012 Olympics Ritual . . . it is so important to deflate this pandemic false flag!!!

I remember in the past how many pandemics were on our doorstep, and none of them materialized, but they sure did scream for us to be vaccinated. Don’t fall for it! ~J

For weeks now, I keep seeing images from the 2012 Olympics Ritual invoking a) a childbirth (presumably Kate and Will’s son George, who arrived in 2013) and b) a global pandemic. I’m not posting this for fear, but rather, for potential insights on how to shift diabolical intentions set in motion through an extremely well crafted black magic ritual that used unsuspecting viewers’ energies to fuel the agenda. Long time blog readers might remember that I strongly urged people to skip watching the opening ritual, noting that unless you are symbol-literate and know how energy works, then even the best intentioned meditators would find themselves manipulated into participating in this disgusting ritual.

I do know symbols and energy shifting techniques, but I did not subject myself to the ritual itself. I did, however, see enough recaps of the symbols afterwards to recognize that my intuition was spot on. Some of the creepiest images focused on a giant baby head and hospital wards full of nurses with sick children. Given the other symbolism (including a traditional Maypole fertility dance) throughout the “show,” the ritual clearly served at least two purposes — first, as a fertility ritual for the next royal heir.

Giant baby head in front of a pandemic scene

Check, that one’s done. There’s not necessarily anything “evil” about conceiving a child with a bit of magical assistance, by itself. The second intention, however, really upped the creepiness factor: all those images of sick, sick children, a veritable pandemic:

Pandemic "vision" in the 2012 Olympics ritual

You might also remember that black and white costumes in the Opening Ceremony also included newspaper headlines such as “pandemic” and other things related to sickness on a massive scale.

As I said, these images have been haunting me for weeks, but I didn’t feel led to mention them until I saw the following video, linked today from Natural News. The video features an Ebola vaccine pioneer joking about using a genetically modified virus to cull 25% of the world’s population:

Haha, very funny, right? Especially in light of the fact that Monsanto (leading genetic engineering firm) and the US Department of Defense have helped to fund Tekmira pharmaceutical’s Ebola vaccine. “Hilarious” in light of allegations that Sierra Leone may be blaming a bioweapons lab for the current Ebola outbreak there. Also “funny” in light of eugenicist “philanthropist” Bill Gates’ celebration that effective use of vaccines could cull world population. I have posted before my sense of a war gamed, genetically engineered virus and have many times mentioned my concerns about mandatory vaccinations.

The thing is, among the self-appointed “elite,” exists an odd code of honor in which they believe they need to warn the population before they do something of questionable moral character. You know, like 9/11, 7/11 or a mass depopulation event. Maybe not quite on the up’n’up, so they warn people and if the masses don’t stage a huge hissy fit, they consider the lack of protest as “permission to engage.” 😉 It’s called “predictive programming” and often appears in Hollywood films, public speeches and public artwork like that found in Washington, D.C. and the Denver Airport. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can research 9/11 forewarnings, predictive programming and the Illuminati Playing Cards. You’ll find all sorts of familiar scenes released years, sometimes decades before actual events. As someone who paints symbolic artwork in order to influence reality, I also recognize that such warnings sometimes play dual roles: the process of creating the “warning” art or film can also act as a ritual to engage the intended outcome.

If all of this sounds hocus pocus and ridiculous to you, that’s fine. I’m sure that it does to most people, and that’s just the way the “elite” want things to remain. Why do you think all the major religions and societal institutions either demonize or ridicule anything occult (which simply means “hidden”), all the while utilizing those very tools to achieve their ends? The Vatican holds the largest collection of astrology texts in the world, and they employ the very best telescopes — but astrology is “evil,” “silly” or unwarranted. Righhhhht. That’s why top businesses always consult astrologers and use ancient symbols in their advertising — because it’s complete nonsense. Uh-huh. Fact is, those who rule the world know full well how powerful the right timing, the right energies of the planets and stars and the right subconscious programming through ancient symbols are. That’s why they continue to conduct smear campaigns designed to keep any would be explorers and do-gooders far, far away from such powerful tools.

With open sourced symbols and information, the psychotic Powers that Be never could have a) climbed so high in the first place and b) maintained their stranglehold on a much larger populace. They know this. Magic gets a bad name, because for thousands of years, the primary peopleeffectively using magical tools have used such tools for power over, rather than power to. Instead of aligning with energies in order to help our world, these people have kept secret the most natural, connected, effective tools for change, so that they could use them for their own personal gain. That’s why I advocate people becoming symbol literate, studying fairy tales (repositories of Ancient Wisdom), and avoiding the New Age watered down mish mash of “esoteric” studies.

Most of that New Age mumbo jumbo is (intentional) rubbish, designed to distract and steer you away from real wisdom when you get too close to it. Ditto all the fear and taboos surrounding magic, astrology, energy work, occult symbols and rituals: the extreme association of such things with Satanic activities is to discourage good, would-be empowered white magicians and prayer warriors from claiming their own power to shift things through metaphysical means.

I’m well aware of most of the alternative news and metaphysical spokespeople congratulating themselves for having “seen through the Ebola psyop,” and I wholeheartedly agree that there’s a war on for your mind and emotions. Propaganda, casual hypnosis, Big Pharma profits, government control … they’re all there. In spades. But I’ve got to agree with the now maligned Mike Adams on this one: just because governments and corporations plan to exploit a manufactured crisis doesn’t mean they will skip the step of trying to initiate an actual crisis. I do not agree with everything Mike Adams posts about every topic. Sometimes he quotes questionable sources, and I do not know whether he does so intentionally or through rushed publications. On the whole, though, I find his reporting on the Ebola scare agrees with my own intuitive sense of what’s going on behind the scenes.

I just take things further, because, unlike Mike Adams, I don’t ridicule fairy tales and magic. I know fairy tales contain instructions on the rules of the Faery Realm, magical ethics, and how to shift realities. I also know that magic works. I’ve used it when nothing (and I mean nothing) else has. When you know how things work, you recognize them in action, and, as I said in my Medical Intuitive Thoughts on the Ebola Situation, we’re dealing with a different level in this case than with the usual roll out of things like the H1N1 scare and pushes for the flu vaccine. A spiritual component exists here, and we cannot resolve it solely by laughing at it or ignoring it. I’ve suggested prayer as a positive means to shift outcomes.

Prayer and visualizations/feelings focused on strong immune systems, increased public health, greater public discernment, and an outbreak of conscience among the useful idiots required to perpetrate whatever scheme the psychopaths have cooked up, will be as helpful in shifting this scenario as mega doses of Vitamin C, voluntary quarantines, and bitter kola nut. In fact, without addressing the spiritual component, people leave themselves highly vulnerable on levels they assume do not exist.

Besides prayer, several other tools can help you to protect yourself and revoke your own “permission” for this sick scenario to occur:

1) If you participated in the 2012 Olympics Ritual — which simply means: “if you watched the 2012 Opening Ceremony” — then you need to reclaim any magical fuel you (unintentionally) gave to this pandemic, and you need to revoke your implicit permission for an engineered global pandemic to occur. Speaking these words aloud holds great power. Any contract with hidden clauses becomes null and void when the bamboozled party asserts s/he did not know what s/he was agreeing to. Reclaim your magical power and revoke your permission.

2) The distant healing symbol learned in Reiki Level 2 offers ways to heal past, present and future, as well as physical distances. If trained, you can send healing energy to the past, present and future related to Ebola or any other pandemic, whether natural or genetically modified and inserted into a vaccine. Reiki knows where to go and what to heal. Even if you only have Level 1 training, sending Reiki to this entire situation can help shift it back into an innocuous wake up call.

3) The AR Rune specifically helps to repel “ill-witching magic,” bringing self-destructive and metaphysically harmful thoughts, energies and influences to light. Associated with the sun, this Rune acts on negative energy “germs” like UV rays act on bacteria, viruses and other nasties. They cannot survive in this vibration. The AR Rune looks like a peace sign, minus the circle and minus the right side line. (In other words, it’s a vertical line with a line angled towards the bottom left.) You can learn more by clicking here. The Song of AR at the bottom of the page is particularly effective, especially when murmured. A murmur sounds like something between a whisper and speaking aloud. Some people call it mumbling, but murmuring activates the subconscious mind, which creates your reality. Without reclaiming power over your own subconscious mind you leave it open to manipulation by media, frequency wars, propaganda, collective energy, others’ fears, and peer pressure. The AR Rune blocks the effects of any negative spell — including the black magic perpetrated in the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony.

I do encourage people to utilize these times for awakening, empowerment and release. Yes, lots of scary, whacked out, crazy stuff surrounds us. Those who would control humanity love to create “Order from Chaos.” But guess what? So can we. Just because they’ve created chaos with a particular agenda doesn’t mean we can’t co-opt their chaos and agenda. They do it all the time to us. Why not turn the tables? Whenever I say, “turn the tables,” I think of Jesus cleansing the temple of the money changers. On a symbolic level, that’s exactly what I’m suggesting we do. The “temple” extends throughout all of life, and the money changers (those run by greed, trickery and selfishness) have spent quite enough time desecrating our world. Why stop with clearing out Ebola when we have the power to cleanse far more virulent strains on Mother Earth?

Fear not, but don’t ignore the writing on the wall, either. Yes, the Bible has been used and abused to maintain the gridlock on humanity, but it still contains some powerful warnings and advice, namely: “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”

Blessed Be.

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22 Responses to MUST READ!!! The Ebola Scare, Global Pandemic, and the 2012 Olympics Ritual . . . it is so important to deflate this pandemic false flag!!!

  1. This is the article that everyone needs to read. I have been saying this for decades, and as long as people are locked into the mainstream media, listing to doctors who work for big pharma, the churches that brainwash everyone they will not be open to this, but it is the TRUTH!! I hope everyone sees this and heeds the message. It is NEVER too late….PLEASE WAKE UP world!!!!

  2. alvaro says:

    Fear,.Why pay attention to messages of Fear. They have no chance of changing the course of Humanity at this point.

    • Jean says:

      No, while that may be true, they sure can create total devastation on their way out . . . if people don’t awaken. . . I don’t think it’s about creating fear . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Blue says:

    (The thing is, among the self-appointed “elite,” exists an odd code of honor in which they believe they need to warn the population before they do something of questionable moral character)

    From what I read about Black Magic, it’s got little to do with a moral code as you said at the beginning of your article
    For Black Magic to work the object MUST be “in the know” on some level be it conscious or sub-conscious. As I comprehend it, the fear then does the job. In voodoo it seems people literally scare themselves to death

    • laurabruno says:

      Read The Hidden Hand, if you can find a copy online or elsewhere. These sickos truly consider themselves evolved and do indeed have a “moral code.” That code is specific to them and differs widely from The Golden Rule that most people would follow. If you have not personally known a messianic, psychopathic, self proclaimed enlightened magician in action, then there’s only so much that books will teach you. Black magic involves doing things without people’s permission in a way that co-opt’s that soul’s free will response. When people were more symbol literate, there may have been subconscious permission involved, but nowadays, the assumption is that if you haven’t bothered to free your subconscious then THAT fact is the permission. Magic can work even if people have no clue what’s happening. I don’t practice black magic, but I have had the “wonderful opportunity” to observe individuals who do. Just like the self-appointed elite, they are convinced they are so far superior to thise they’re manipulating that it’s no problem doing so. They use as their flimsy justification if they ever get caught: “Well, I told you I was going to do ____.” Hiding the truth in plain view is considered taking the moral high ground, even if that hidden, incomprehensible truth means, “I’m goin to rob you blind, steal your soul and self respect, pretend compassion and the ability to help you find these again, and then, while you’re hooked into me as your savior, I’ll drain your life force until you die. Have a nice day.” They truly believe their hype. Maybe in a different universe it’s true, but it has nothing to do with The Golden Rule most people assume as a basic moral code.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • Jean says:

        Laura, I want to thank you so much for this Post. It has proved to be very important in getting the whole truth out . . . Hugs, ~Jean

        • laurabruno says:

          You’re welcome. Yes, it felt important to get it out. I had a very busy day planned today, and this post completely hijacked my morning. I literally couldn’t leave the house until I got it out. 🙂 Hugs, Laura

          • Jean says:

            You were supposed to do just that — and I’m very glad you did! We must shut down this false flag idea and I know your words are helping 🙂 . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • indignada says:

      You got it right there, they have to tell us or the magic doesn’t work. So they cheat by telling us with code and symbols. They know nothing of honor and have been on top for far too long. It’s time for the wheel to turn I think.

  4. Lisa O says:

    Please see Jim Stone for a possible cure for Ebola – Vitamin C x
    who knows?

  5. PhcLlc Member01 says:

    Greetingz Precious One,

    We Would Agree When YOU Specifically Said “Don’t Fall For It!” In The Lead In Comment YOU Made To This Posting.

    We Would Also Say That YOU And ALL Should Begin To Incorporate PRO-BIOTICS Into Your Diets. The Man-Made Anti-Biotics Are Just That ANTI. As In Anti-Healthful, Anti-Healing and Such. PRO- BIOTICS Are The Exact Opposite In That They Are Pro-Health And Pro-Healing.

    The Best Source Of Pro-Biotics Is Organic Yogurt, Plain Being The Best. And If Plain Is DisTasteful To AnyOne, Then We Suggest adding Stevia (Many Flavors Of Stevia Are Available) To Sweeten And Add Flavor And Taste. There Are Also Many Herbal Organic Teas (Sweetened With Stevia as Well) That Provide Pro-Biotic. Along With Many The Many Varieties Of Fruits And Vegetables (Preferably HomeGrown/Organic) That Can Provide Pro-Biotics As well.

    Eating A Diet Of Healthy, Locally Grown (If Available) Foods, Is The Best Defense Against These Dangerous Attempts To Destroy And/Or Harm As Many As Possible We Would Say. This Enhanced With A Variety Of Pro-Biotics Sources, Will Absolutely Lessen And/Or Prevent This From Happening. A Strong Immune System Is The ONE TRUE MEANS To Avoid Such PitFalls As These Written About Here. It Is IMPORTANT That ALL Begin To Help The Natural Defenses That ALL Have Been Given By The Loving Light Of Life That Is The ONE SOURCE.

    Pro-Biotics Are Not The Cure-All Of Cure-Alls of Course. But We Would Say That They Are A Most Powerful Way To Enhance And/or Strengthen One’s OverAll Health. Being Healthy Is MOST IMPORTANT TO ALL In This Time of Awakening, PERIOD.

    It Is Unfortunate That Such Information As This is Out Front So To Say. But We Say, As Usual, That YOU And ALL Are Handling Its Dissemination Quite Well. Thank YOU & ALL.

    : ) : ) : )

    • Jean says:

      I’m in total agreement with your words here . . . so very important. . . for me, the transition to a healthy way of eating was a long, tough one, but I do believe I’ve made it. I appreciate your input and I hope others will take the time to read your words and take them to heart 🙂 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  6. Janel says:

    A technical point on Reiki. Not everyone needs to go beyond the First Attunement. Some are gifted healers already.

    • laurabruno says:

      Yes, some don’t even need the Level 1 attunement, but Level 2 makes distance healing very easy and no-brainer. Anyone can do it without needing to develop the skills that others have worked out in previous lifetimes and off world. 🙂

    • diqiuren says:

      I did Beth Gray’s workshops, only to discover that I am a healer amongst other things. So doing Reiki can bring about self knowledge one may not have. Also if one is a natural born healer becoming a Reiki graduate makes such acceptable to do one’s thing. Some times we don’t know that we know or we may not know how to contextualise or apply our abilities/gifts. For me Beth was the key to my knowing that I am a natural born healer. So I would recommend any one doing Reiki workshops, they may get to know that they are already a natural born healer. I have met many who claim to be healers but aren’t and many of them done all levels of what ever healing courses they did. But they got the certificate so they must be. Right?

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  8. Ilex says:

    Done!! Thanks Laura and Jean.

    Also folks, sun is very important right now to just sit in as well as nature – the trees.
    Stress produces Cortisol ( a natural steroid) and steroids can kill the immune system. Try to stay away from stress as much as possible. Ask for help if you need it or even if you don’t feel you need it, it will help regardless. Better safe than sorry, especially in these times. The Revocations are paramount!!!

  9. Andre says:

    Perhaps Laura could craft a sigil for us to use to ward off the mental microbe of the pandemic meme.

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