Masonic Library & Museum Association

Minutes from MLMA Meeting XXXX

Detroit, Michigan

October 21 - 23, 2004

President James Dufresne called the meeting to order at 9:15 AM in the Library reading room.

Attendance: For the first time we welcomed Gene Lotz and Paul Hooper of Windsor from the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario; Steve Ketcham and Justin Silles of the Detroit Masonic Temple; and Karl Grube of the Roscoe O. Bonisteel Masonic Library in Ann Arbor, MI.  Returning were Dick and Carol Bish, Tom Brunk, Jim Dufresne, Brecque Keith, Bill Kreuger, Eric Trosdahl, Philip Rose, Glenys Waldman, John Wallsteadt, and Willard Wetzel.

Opening prayer: Bro. and Rev. Willard Wetzel, Chaplain

Introductions: Each person greeted the group with name, affiliation, and news update.

President  Dufresne turned the meeting over to Thomas Brunk, who with Brecque Keith was meeting coordinator and host. He gave a brief description of the Detroit Masonic Temple.

Justin Silles  gave a power point presentation on the Library: "A Work in Progress." The Library has moved from the first to the fourth floor; we met in the reading room.  They hope to digitize their records.

Librarian Steve Ketcham gave a  tour of the library "backstage." Everything is in boxes or on shelves preliminarily sorted. They want to open to the public soon.

Schedule change: Part of business meeting was switched with the trip to Burton Historical Collection at the Detroit Public Library.

Business Meeting Part I:

The was a very brief lamentation over the financial binds in which people find themselves - which cuts our numbers at meetings.

Minutes 2003: motion to approve by John Wallsteadt, Phil Rose seconded. Carried.

Auditor's report (from Ken McCarty, read by Waldman) - the books are in order: John Wallsteadt moved to accept and file, Bill Kreuger seconded. Carried.

Eric Trosdahl expressed interest in being Treasurer, as Mike Wells' resignation was announced and reluctantly accepted; Trosdahl was nominated by Wallsteadt, seconded by Rose. Trosdahl was elected by acclamation. Ken McCarty to remain auditor. Mike Wells had sent books and instructions, which arrived even as we spoke!

Newsletter: Robert Gilbert has accepted Editorship as of August 2004.

Photo from Maine 2003 to be retrieved and (e-)mailed out to him.

Adjourned without formal motion for lunch @ 11:30

Business Meeting Part II:

Reconvened at 13:00

Treasurer's report (from Mike Wells, read by Waldman).  Amendment: If a CD or similar for $5000, has not been bought, the Treasurer should do so. John Wallsteadt moved to accept the written report and file it. Bill Kreuger seconded. Carried.


<Treasurer's Report redacted>


Dick Bish spoke on the classification system "Boyden-Bish":  Success story! He has been promoting same. Oregon, Alaska, Washington have asked. All are encouraged to contact the Secretary, who will send copies out (note: in 2004 the Secretary sent out five: to Alaska, Prince Edward Island, both Dakotas, and Philalethes in Montana).  Discussion including machine-readable cataloguing. Past Perfect for museum artifacts, can also be used for books, with Boyden.

Secretary's report (G. Waldman): Report basically on Association of Masonic Museums Libraries and Archives in Europe meeting in Stockholm and on the above-mentioned assistance with cataloguing. John Wallsteadt moved to accept and file, Bill Kreuger seconded. Carried.

Motion: Secretary to check reciprocal membership (meaning that no money would be exchanged) with AMMLA or we join as association. Moved by Dick Bish; Karl Grube seconded. Carried.

Reminder discussion: Prince Hall members are allowed into MLMA.

Discussion of dues structure:  Treasurer to look into figures: Can MLMA sustain itself?  Newsletter mailings, etc. will increase in cost. Should we consider a change in dues structure?

Discussion of professional vs. non-professional:  We would lose the "non-professionals" (i.e. volunteer librarians and interested Masons e.g. Dick Bish, Ed Ralph, Phil Rose, Willard Wetzel) if we limited the Association to "professionals." Discussion continued with Bill Kreuger and Glenys Waldman re Ken McCarty & Mark Tabbert's e-mails with concerns. Bish moved that as concerns have been expressed, we need to create amended mission statement and five-year- plan to make it "come to life;" Karl Grube seconded - tabled until new business.

New Business:

Basic reading list for new Masons should be compiled - joint effort - no further discussion.

MSA's Masonic Libraries needs updating. Questionnaire to be had from President Dufresne; and filled out and returned to him. He will forward same to Dick Fletcher @ MSA.

Secretary to e-mail asking for volunteers for nominating committee: Phil Rose has offered to serve.

Ed Ralph will be representative to the Grand Masters, Deputy Grand Masters and Grand Secretraries meeting in Calgary. John Wallsteadt moved to allow $1000 for his expenses; Waldman seconded. Carried.

Related business: MLMA brochure corrected by informal discussion and voice vote ("Purpose" > "Mission," and our  new treasurer's address). The Secretary to have 1000 printed; some to be sent to Ed Ralph to hand out.  She will provide old MLMA brochures with labels as "cancels" giving new Treasurer's information, to be handed out informally.

The Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania TENTATIVELY offers to host in 2007 in Philadelphia.  President Dufresne to communicate with Larissa Watkins  and Mark Tabbert re hosting in 2005 and 2006.

As above, Bish moved that as concerns have been expressed, MLMA needs to create a five-year-plan to make our mission "come to life;"  Karl Grube seconded. Carried.

Secretary was asked to communicate with Gaylord, Ken, Mark re their ideas for a vision. Do they want to serve on vision committee? Bill Kreuger, Phil Rose, Glenys Waldman, Dick Bish offered to. 

General Discussion:

Conference planning committee? John Wallsteadt volunteered, J. Dufresne, G. Waldman put themselves on after adjournment.

Thomas Brunk: What would it take to get you to join MLMA and come to conference? Question on website?

Dues card? Certificate? With "Member since..." Undecided.

Movement to adjourn: Brunk; Kreuger seconded.  Adjournment  was at 16.10.

Dinner at the Temple

October 22:

Tour of the Detroit Masonic Temple.


Visit to Detroit Public Library and its Burton Historical Collection

Dinner with Valley of Detroit , A.A.S.R.

The Secretary  would like to add her note of thanks, again also on behalf of the membership of MLMA to Thomas Brunk, Breque Keith, and the Scottish Rite of Detroit for their great work in making this MLMA meeting a success.

Respectfully submitted,

Glenys A. Waldman, Secretary
Glenys A. Waldman, Librarian
The Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania
One North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-2520