Masonic Library & Museum Association

Minutes from MLMA Meeting 2011




Bill & Jan Kreuger IA
Eric Trosdahl MN
Larry Loyer MN
Glenys Waldman  PA
Brian Rountree MB
Adam Kendall  CA
Cathy Giaimo PA
Aimee Newell National Heritage Museum, MA
Dick Bish + Peg Ogilvie WA
Mark Tabbert GWMNMA
Todd Johnstone & Rachel Coalman WA
Hugh Young AB
Trevor McKeown BCY
Jonathan Broadberry BCY
Ed Ralph ON



John Wallsteadt  Michigan Masonic Library + Museum
Joan Kleinknecht &
Larissa Watkins
House of the Temple, Washington, D.C.
Diane Clements &
Martin Cherry
Library + Museum of Freemasonry [London, England]
Jay Macpherson Toronto, ON
Jeffrey Alexander New Jersey
Harlan Pratt North Dakota
Albert & Virve Martin Atlanta, GA
Marie Barnett Grand Lodge of Virginia

Thursday, September 29

A] Open Business meeting

The President, Bill Kreuger, welcomed everyone to the meeting.

The Invocation was given by the Chaplain, the Rev. Brian Rountree.

B] Reports

1) Minutes and secretary's report

Moved/Seconded: Brian Rountree, Glenys Waldman: That the Minutes for 2010 be adopted as circulated. Carried.

The Secretary, Brian Rountree, reports that we have

Institutional members 72
Personal members 22 + 5 Past Presidents
Affiliate members 27

These numbers include new members during 2010-2011 –

• Grand Lodge of British Columbia + Yukon
• Kamloops Masonic Resource Centre Library [British Columbia]
• Grand Lodge of Indiana
• Sally Sinor from the Grand Lodge of Louisiana
• Jeff Webb from the Grand Lodge of Louisiana
• United Grand Lodges of Serbia
• Wenatchee Masonic Library + Museum [Washington state]
• Grand Lodge of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

Our members come from a number of places—United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Australia, France, Mauritius. The Secretary displayed a world map showing where all the members reside.

The Secretary expressed his thanks to the Manitoba Masons who assisted in the program this year: Al Brock, Don Fraser, Phil Zubrycki, and the Grand Lodge office staff of Ted Jones (Grand Sec.), Steve Kane (Exec. Assistant) and Joy Derhach.

2) Treasurer's report

The treasurer, Eric Trosdahl, presented his report for 2010.

Moved/Seconded: Trevor McKeown/ Hugh Young: that the report be received and accepted. Carried.

3) President's report

Bill Kreuger reported that he has had a busy year. He described his work with the Iowa Preservation & Conservation Association.

The President reported that the Grand Lodge of Iowa has received a grant to digitize its periodical index taking it from handwritten notes into MARC format. The library staff has indexed Masonic periodicals since 1905. The Index will eventually be on the GL Iowa website.

4) Vice-President's report

Vice-President Mark Tabbert had nothing to report at this time. [See below, ICHF]

5) Webmaster's report

A copy of the report is found at the end of the Minutes.

6) Overseas report

a) Library and Museum of Freemasonry – Diane Clements

A copy of the report is found at the end of the Minutes.

b) AMMLA [Association of Masonic Museums, Libraries and Archives in Europe] – Glenys Waldman

Glenys reported that Roland Hanke of the Deutsches Freimaurermuseum, Bayreuth, President for several years, has resigned and that a new President was elected: François Rognon of the Grand Lodge of France. The next meeting is to be in Rome in July 2012.

AMMLA's HQ has been refurbished as part of, and adjacent to (in a clever connection of two buildings), the new Belgian Museum of Freemasonry which just opened

The Association's website is

C] Old Business

1) Newsletter (Beehive) report

On 15 Sept. 2011 Albert Martin wrote—

Bill – So sorry I have to miss the MLMA meeting. As I have no sponsor, the costs were just out of my reach. I'm certain you will have a very profitable session and the agenda is great. Please send me any info that may be of value.?? I have not taken my appointment as Newsletter Editor lightly. I have received little or no info about procedures or content. It is my opinion that a printed newsletter may be superfluous in this age of mass e-mail capability. I recommend we use the MLMA site for questions, answers, comments and possibly papers. This method of communication appears to be working well. I realize that this would do away with the editor position and will be happy to serve in any other way that I may be helpful. Virve and I send our greetings to all wishing you a wonderful and productive time in Manitoba. Albert Martin

During discussion the following items were raised—

Adam Kendall suggested we have a Facebook page where we could post news and point people to our website. It could be a public page.

We could use our Yahoo list more often – Dick Browning and Glenys Waldman are the moderators.

MOTION/Second: Mark Tabbert/Adam Kendall – That we create a Facebook page. Carried.

Mark and Adam will look into creating a Facebook page. The moderators are to be the President, Vice President, and Secretary.

2) Report on ICHF in Alexandria, VA

Mark Tabbert reported on the third International Conference on the History of Freemasonry held at the George Washington Memorial where there were about 200 people in attendance.

The speakers were excellent and the academic papers were well appreciated.

Although the plan had been to incorporate videotaping of the presentations, that was not possible. The papers will not be published as their authors wish to publish them in other venues.

ICHF 2013 – location and dates have not been decided. Updates can be found at

ICHF 2015 – The Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario has offered to host it.


1) 2012

Eric Trosdahl reports that our conference is booked for Oct. 9,10,11, at the Rivertown Inn in Stillwater, MN. Website is The Inn was built in 1882. We are in the middle of the week because it is booked for the weekend of 12-14 when we would normally hold our meetings.

Stillwater is 20 miles east of St. Paul, MN.

2) 2013

An offer has come from Jeffrey Alexander for the G.L. of New Jersey to host the conference.

Mark Tabbert brought forward an idea that had come forward at the ICHF conference. Dr. Onnerfors suggested that a conference be held for research lodges and groups. Several people discussed this, including M. W. Bro. Cline of Alaska who will become the president of the Masonic Society at the 2012 annual meeting. From the discussion came the suggestion that the Masonic Society and MLMA co-sponsor such an event at the George Washington Memorial. Our role would include assistance with planning, acting as hosts, and giving workshops. The event would include keynote speakers and a variety of presentations.

The concensus was that this is a great opportunity but nothing was really decided.

3) 2014

Aimee Newell said that she has permission to offer the National Heritage Museum in Lexington as the host of the 2014 [or 2015] conference.

E] Announcements from members

Mark Tabbert relayed that the G. L. of Indiana is working on revitalizing their library and getting students to do the cataloguing by arranging for scholarships with the local university.

Aimee Newell handed out a flyer announcing the call for papers for the National Heritage Museum's April 2012 Symposium. She also talked about the Museum's activity in (i) digitizing the photo collection, some of which is on their website, (ii) obtaining an IMLS grant to conserve two banners, and (iii) partnering with the G. L. of Massachusetts to highlight their collection.

Adam Kendall talked about the work he does at the G. L. of California, some of the discoveries he's made in their extensive collection, and his work with lodges to research and write their histories.

Dick Bish explained how the satellite libraries work in the G. L. of Washington especially since this year the G. M. is interested in them.

Dick Bish said he sees MLMA as a group to establish standards for Masonic Libraries and Museums. He said that an example of such standards for museums can be seen their presentation. He assisted his colleague Todd Johnstone with a presentation on their Museum. They mentioned that for their website they use Phanfare for storing their pictures online. You can see them at

Delegates received a CD-ROM from the Washington Library. The Sec. has several copies if any MLMA member is interested in obtaining one.

F] Election of Officers

The election was conducted by the Immediate Past President, Glenys Waldman. She reported the following slate as prepared by an ad hoc Nominating Committee:

For: Nominee:

President Mark Tabbert

Vice-President Adam Kendall

Secretary Brian Rountree

Treasurer Eric Trosdahl

The floor was opened for further nominations.

There being only one nomination per office, Glenys Waldman declared the individuals elected to their respective offices.

President Mark Tabbert was handed the Seal in token of his office.

Glenys thanked Bill Kreuger, now Past President, for his work during the past two years.

G] Adjournment

Motion: Hugh Young, to adjourn. Carried.

Friday, September 30

In the afternoon there was time to present any business that had not previously been covered [even though we had adjourned].

To make a decision about the 2013 conference official—

MOTION/Second: Hugh Young/Bill Kreuger – that the matter of the 2013 Conference be left up to the President, Vice President and Secretary. Carried.

LATER—President Mark Tabbert indicated that he had talked with Jeff Alexander. He and his N. J. committee members are pleased to host the 2014 conference so that we can proceed with the 2013 joint conference with The Masonic Society.

The line-up will then be:

2012 Stillwater, MN
2013 George Washington National Masonic Memorial, co-sponsoring an event with The Masonic Society
2014 sponsored by the Grand Lodge of New Jersey
2015 Lexington, MA at the Museum of our National Heritage


Webmaster's Report

Brandy King reports:

There really isn't a lot to say about the web site. It's there and we've put up information when requested.

I do think the membership information has gotten a bit out of date as
it's been some time since I've made changes.

It's also probably a good idea for members to check the web site once a year to make sure their institution information is correct - email,
url, online catalogs, etc.





Best wishes to everyone at MLMA!

We have organised two exhibitions this year: Building Solomon's Temple and The Patriot Mason: Freemasonry in American Society. The latter is running until the end of the year and we have seen an encouraging number of US visitors both tourists and members of the ex pat community here who were particularly targeted in our publicity campaign.

California, New York and Lexington have all lent material to The Patriot Mason exhibition, for which we are very grateful. Mark Tabbert also very generously shared his knowledge (and we are pleased to say that the exhibition has generated further sales of his book!). The idea for the exhibition developed directly out of the work we are doing to document and re-store the collections. When the Collections Manager, Alison Gardner, began to look at our collections relating to American freemasonry systematically, she realised that we had the basis of an exhibition and were able to tell the story of freemasonry there largely from our own material as obviously we could not afford too many loans. In some ways this is quite remarkable as our US material has largely been accumulated through gifts over the years rather than in any structured way.

A new version of the Library and Museum website was launched in November 2010 designed for easier navigation and with more images to convey the variety of the collections. This provided the opportunity to reissue and expand the series of downloadable Information Sheets on a range of frequently requested topics. Also included on the site is guidance for lodges and chapters about the care of their records.

Following the Historical Records Survey which was undertaken in 2008-10, the Library and Museum co-ordinated a grant scheme to support conservation work on lodge and chapter records. The scheme attracted 35 applications from lodges and chapters in 18 provinces and 12 grants were made last year and a similar grants scheme is underway this year. The project has also produced further research guides: a survey of Masonic material in local record offices, a survey of the surviving Masonic information in local record offices and an up to date list of erased lodges will shortly be completed (all available on the Resources page of the website).

Cataloguing continues across the collections including ritual material, photographs and prints of individuals and jewels.

Members of staff spoke at Masonic lodges around the country and at meetings of family history societies and local and specialist history groups.

In 2009 the Library and Museum undertook a successful pilot project to digitise the content of Masonic periodicals. Additional funding has now been secured and work is now underway early on digitizing over 150 volumes from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries which we hope to make available during 2012.

One of the most important resources used by the Library and Museum are the membership registers maintained by UGLE for the century or so after the 1880s. These exist as unique volumes. We are currently working with a commercial partner on the microfilming of these volumes to assist with their future preservation which we hope will be a preliminary step to digitization.

Diane Clements / Martin Cherry