Recumbent Exercise Bike : The Eltimate Guide

Recumbent bicycle is such type of bicycle on which a rider lays on both of his/her back and buttock unlikely a traditional bicycle. On a traditional bicycle rider can lays only on his buttock. On the other hand on this special type of bicycle the weight of rider on it is distributed over a larger area: upright seat, curved seat, handle and paddle. That’s why it feels comfortable to ride in a recumbent position.

When one desires to make a purchase decision or want to know about the recumbent bicycle, he can be mislead by false guide or by his intuition. When I was at this stage, I was burdened with a lot of questions for example its materials, price, advantages and disadvantages etc. If you find yourself curious like me at this moment and you are going to buy a recumbent bicycle, it is good news for you that you are at the right place. Now I am going to discuss everything peeping in your mind including a reliable buying guide. But at first we need to know what recumbent bicycle is.

Recumbent bicycle: The Age Winning Human Powered Vehicle

Although we are living in the age of modern science and technology, we could not replace simple paddle-driven bicycle by any motor-driven bicycle. With the invention of many devices and technology, many old things had to lose their traditional heritage for their extreme weaknesses compared to the new devices invented and to be replaced by the new ones. But this is totally different in case of traditional paddle-driven bicycle. It seems, day by day, the demand of it is irreversible and growing. From young to old even sometime physically disable persons need it.

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 Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike ReviewExerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike ReviewVelocity Exercise Magnetic Recumbent Bike ReviewSole Fitness LCR Light Commercial ReviewMarcy ME709 Recumbent Mag Cycle Review
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Types of recumbent bicycle:

Considering the convenience, comfort ability, types of rider, field of ride etc. there are many types of recumbent bicycle. Among them some modern types are discussed below that you may choose for your desired one.

According to wheel size:

  • Long Wheelbase: Long wheelbase bicycle has its paddle between its front and rear wheel. So its basement of wheel is very long. This type of cycle looks like a traditional cycle. But the difference is its paddle position and the seat size or model as designed to be a recumbent bike model. Such model has larger turning radius.
  • Compact – Compact Long Wheelbase: In compact long wheelbase model the paddles remains either above or very close to the front wheel.
  • Short Wheelbase: Short wheelbase model featured its paddle above or in front of its front wheel. The paddle is very closure to rider’s knees which enables rider to make his journey very speedy sometimes very risky or harsher.

According to racing capability:

  • Low Racer – LoRacer: Low racer is a type of recumbent which is very common in the Europe among enthusiasts. This especial design for racing lover has two wheels; one having 20 inch to 26 inch measurement for rear wheel and other measured 20 inch at the front wheel. The seating position is different from that of normal recumbent one. It is situated between the two seats rather above of the seats.
  • High Racer – HiRacer: This type of recumbent is almost identical to the low racer one. It distinguishes its two wheel size. It contains two larger wheel which enables it to be very speedy.
  • MidRacer: The mid racer one has its two medium size wheels. It’s riding speed neither like that of HiRacer nor that of the LoRacer. Its speed ranges at a moderate rate.
  • Mountain bike recumbent: This model of bike has the capability to travel on mountain as it has right equipments and some special quality. It can be used for riding off-roads and unpaved roads as like as a traditional mountain bike.

Considering steering:

Steering for recumbent can generally be categorized under three models:

  • Over or above Seat Steering –OSS or ASS: Over or above seat steering recumbent has handlebars above the seat. It is very easier for beginners.
  • Under Seat Steering- USS: In this steering model its handlebars is beneath its seat. The handlebars is situated either side of the seat. USS is very comfortable for you once you get used to it.

According to recumbent variation

  • Semi-recumbent and crank forward bicycles: This type of cycle uses positions intermediate between an upright and a recumbent. This is typically intended to use casually. Its primary objective is easy to use.
  • Tandem recumbent: This types of cycle has multiple seat arrangement one ahead of another. It looks like an upright bicycle.
  • Recumbent tricycles: Recumbent bicycle is closely similar to the recumbent bicycle, but having three cycles instead of two.
  • Hand cycles: Hand cycle is thing of very interesting to me. It can be handled and paddled by hands instead of legs. It has three wheels too instead of two. Those who are not willing to use their legs because of disabilities or others, need it barely without making choice of other type of recumbent.

Why you will chose this/advantages of recumbent bicycle:

Sometimes it may seem very odd to someone thinking why people has been using this type of motor-less, paddle-driven, awkward (according to some people) obsolete bicycle from the old age before our civilization begin to evolve. It is really a vague fact that people use recumbent after they have used traditional bicycle for a long time. After that, day by day, our social life had been undertaking threat of insecurity arising from social miscreants like robbers, dacoits, smugglers, poachers, thieves etc. Another blatant thing is that recumbent bicycle is devoid of any modern configurations of electrical, mechanical and technical inventions. After all, making the present and past heritage sparkling, the recumbent bicycle has been holding its place proving it is reversibly widely used transportation tool for human civilization.

So it is clear that there are many secrets behind the mystery of the recumbent bicycle’s success. I am going to disclose those below:

Comfort: The main purpose of driving recumbent bicycle is comfort. As rider can easily lie on the seat distributing his whole weight on his back and buttock, it is very logical to create a very comfortable seating position. Apart from this, rider has to drive bicycle’s paddle without putting so much as we are used to do so on a traditional bicycle. This is the first and foremost reason why you will choose a recumbent instead of traditional one.

Stress Injuries: If you have stress injuries for what you cannot think yourself able to ride a bicycle, then the suitable for you in this case, and of course I would refer you, nothing but the recumbent one. It will hopefully help to remove your stress.

Speed: Recumbent holds all the human powered speed records. So this is very blatant that, if you need a very fast mover type of cycle, undoubtedly you will choose the recumbent. In fact for the racing enthusiasts, there is no choice of taking a traditional neglecting it.

Safety: Accident is uncertain. So it is possible to occur anytime. But the risk of injury is very low. As the rider on it, remain in a lying position, when he falls from the cycle as a result of a collision, he falls down at a shorter distance than he falls down from a regular bicycle. So safety is high here at recumbent bicycle.

View: The view is very magnificent when you are on a recumbent. You can see around everything at time of your riding as your neck is not tired from holding your head up all day.

Fun: There is an opportunity to make fun at the same time you are on ride. You can see the glory of fun on the face of every new recumbent rider seconds after they master the steering and balance. You can ride it along roads, pavements, mountains, racing code in a word everywhere. You can bank into a corner like a jet fighter pilot. You can ride low and fast like a European racer. You can stop and take rest still sitting on the bike. So it is very enjoyable for you when are with the recumbent.

Disabilities: There is a window of opportunity of riding a bicycle for a physically disable persons. There are some special designs for the person who cannot use their legs or hands such as hand cycle, pedaled cycle etc.

Points to consider when you make a buying decision:

As of this writing, there are over 200 models of recumbent bikes and trikes available. These vehicles come in a huge variety of styles, weights, comfort levels and prices. There is something for everybody. The question is, which one is right for you? With recumbent bikes, as with many things in life, there are many compromises.

5 Tips you must need to consider for choosing your Recumbent Bike

Most essential 5 tips you should bear in your mind when you are going to make a buying decision. You should unexceptionally follow these tips written bellow:

1. Your fitness: Your fitness level is a major concern at this point.

  • People with circulatory issues in arms should choose under seat steering(USS)
  • Above seat steering (ASS) is suggested.
  • If you currently ride a road bike and purchase a performance oriented recumbent, you should eventually be as fast as or faster than on your road bike. Note that it will take a few months to develop your “‘bent muscles”.

2. Your height and weight:

  • If you are short I would suggest you Short Wheelbase bike and Under Seat Steering model of recumbent.
  • If you are taller you can be fit for almost all of models of recumbent.\
  • If you are over tall, then Long Wheelbase recumbent bike is appropriately fit for you.

3. Your riding style: Your riding style can be categorized as the below stated three types:

  1. Performance oriented
  2. Comfort oriented
  3. Performance and comfort oriented

Define your riding style. Performance based bike is designed to provide you more speed and racing capability. On the hand, comfort oriented bike is intended only for the purpose of producing more comfort and easiness while riding a bike. However, there is another model available in the market which moderately enables you to experience both of above advantages.

4. Your price range:

  • If you are a casual rider so that you ride once a week or more but want a higher performance bike, then I would suggest you to a bike whose price ranges between $1000-$2000.
  • Most of the bikes around the $1000 mark and below are designed for comfort, and at the same time you will be trading off potential speed.
  • The high end bike prices around $7000.

5. Your riding skill:

  • If you are not so much skilled at riding a bike and you do not want to deal with the balancing when riding, then it is mostly suggested for you to choose a trikes or recumbent tricycle.

I know Now Your Question is, Where to buy?

Considering this overwhelming and always growing up demand, bicycle manufacturer companies keep updating their cycle model, size, shape, specification, price to cope up with the variation of their customer ever changing taste and lifestyle. Recumbent bicycle such kind of specification of traditional bicycle.

Although it is available in any large bike market over the world, I would suggest you to buy this from, the largest online market in the world. Shopping from is much more convenient than doing so from the traditional market. Besides, offers you free shipping and cash discounts. You can go through all the features and instructions of the cycle. There are many manufactures for the same item you desire to make a purchase order to send it wherever you want.


Personally I got myself very happy having the experience of riding recumbent bicycle. While riding, it makes me fun, faster and makes me feel like taking rest on my favorite bedroom. It also provides me a novelty which differentiates me from others who engage in riding traditional bicycle. Switching to this bent cycle, I think for me was a right decision. Now it’s your turn.