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Spanish Navy receives first SH-60F helicopter

09 August 2017

The Spanish Navy has taken delivery of its first Sikorsky SH-60F Seahawk tactical transport helicopter, one of two purchases approved by the cabinet last December.

The helicopter was flown aboard the Aegis-equipped F-100 frigate Cristobal Colon while the ship was docked at the US Navy base of Mayport, near Jacksonville, Florida.

The handover of the aircraft, confirmed by naval sources on 8 August, follows several days of flight testing with the US Navy as the Spanish ship stopped over at Mayport on its return journey from a deployment with the Royal Australian Navy.

With Cristobal Colon now on its final leg back to its homeport in Ferrol, north-western Spain, the Seahawk is due to be flown off the ship as it nears the Rota Flotilla de Aeronaves naval air arm base near Cadiz in the south of Spain.

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