Battle tested with a proven track record. For more than 40 years Walt has been handling and winning large and small cases throughout Idaho and the Northwest. His litigation record makes it clear that the best negotiating leverage is proven results. Through verdicts and settlements he has recovered more than $150,000,000 for his clients.

Verdicts and Settlements
150 Million
Verdicts and Settlements
Successful Cases
90 %
Successful Cases

About Bithell Law

Walt Bithell is a former senior partner, administrative partner and lead litigator at one of the largest law firms in the Rocky Mountain region with more than 500 lawyers in offices in Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming and Washington DC. Walt has litigated or supervised litigation in all of those states. He knows how big law firms staff and defend cases. He knows how big corporations and insurance companies develop and implement litigation strategies. He is now the proverbial fox in the hen-house and their worst nightmare and your best chance for success. Walt will get incredible results for you without wasting time and money.

When Walt handles your case you will always deal with the senior partner and lead lawyer rather than inexperienced lawyers trying to learn how to practice law.

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