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The Most Haunted Buildings in Liverpool

We’re getting into the Halloween spirit here at Signature’s Liverpool, as it’s just over a month away. That’s why we’ve done a little bit of research to find the most haunted buildings in Liverpool seriously, the following venues will give you the shivers…

Liverpool Empire Theatre


The Liverpool Empire Theatre that stands in the city today was the second to be built on the site, opening in 1925, replacing the earlier Empire Theatre that opened in 1866. However, it’s not just exceptional shows you can expect to find at the Liverpool Empire.

The theatre is believed to be haunted by a number of ghosts. One ghost, nicknamed Old Pasty Face, is thought to have been an old actor from the first Liverpool Empire Theatre. Rumour has it, a show will come to a close soon if he makes an appearance during a production. It’s not just staff who have seen Old Pasty Face, as Les Dawson, Deryck Guyler, Stanley Lupino and Morecambe and Wise all claimed to have spotted him.

On Pudsey Street, located behind the theatre, there have also been reports of a well-dressed, tall man, who many believe is the ghost of the Liverpool crooner Michael Holliday, who passed away of a suspected drug overdose in 1963.

Another spirit believed to haunt the walls of the Liverpool Empire Theatre is a ghostly schoolboy, who wears a uniform and school cap. Some of the witnesses believe the schoolboy bears a striking resemblance to comedian Jimmy Clitheroe, who played a mischievous schoolboy at the theatre.

There is also the spirit of a former painter, who the theatre staff have affectionately named Len, as well as a ghost of a 9 or 10-year-old girl in Victorian dress.

The Tower


The Tower is regarded as one of Liverpool’s most haunted buildings, as it stands on the site of the borough gaol. Throughout the Napoleonic Wars, 4,000 French prisoners were incarcerated at the goal, with many dying due to inhumane conditions.

Some of The Tower’s current residents have heard chains being dragged down stairways, while others have seen ghosts chained to the walls. As well as many paranormal sights and sounds, many people have reported an overwhelming sense of sadness in certain areas of the building, which have forced some to flee to a happier space.

The Wellington Rooms



The Wellington Rooms once played host to the high society, as it was commonly used for a variety of dance balls and parties. The Grade II* listed building first opened in 1816 but closed its doors in 1997. Known to many as The Irish Centre, as that was its final use, there have been numerous reports of an Irish Banshee, who appeared to many poor souls as an omen of imminent death.

The Philharmonic Pub


The Philharmonic Pub might be famous for its beautiful bathroom, but it is also widely known for its paranormal activity, too. The Phil has been deemed one of the most haunted pubs in the city by many, as it is thought to have had frequent visits from the Banshee, who has been heard wailing in the cellars

If you’re afraid of ghosts, we don’t recommend looking at a quiet corner of the pub, as you might see the stooped profile of an old man in a grey cloth cap, who has been seen muttering to himself.

251 Menlove Avenue


251 Menlove Avenue is a popular tourist destination for any fan of The Beatles. Believe it or not, many fans have reported seeing John Lennon’s ghost peering out at them from the bedroom of his childhood home. Despite having no previous paranormal history, the ghost has been reported since Yoko Ono donated the house to the National Trust. One fan even claimed to have captured his ghost on a night-vision camera, after they spotted the singer-songwriter in the window when they camped outside the house all night.

Epstein Theatre



The Epstein Theatre, formerly known as The Neptune, is allegedly home to the ghost of a woman from the 1930s. Despite a £1.2m refurbishment, the thin silhouette of a woman is still active in the theatre. There is also thought to be a ghost of a man dressed in black, who has his head flopped sideways on his left shoulder. Many believe he is the former stage manager who committed suicide in the building in the 1920s.

The Slaughter House



The Slaughter House is rife with paranormal activity, apparently. Just some of the spooky activity to have taken place at the Liverpool pub include the sound of a little boy laughing, pint glasses smashing and the ruffling of staff members’ hair. Customers have also reportedly had their glasses flung straight out of their hand.

The landlord has stated they are happy ghosts. The Slaughter House team are, however, eager to learn more about the ghosts roaming the pub, which is why Most Haunted’s ghost hunters have recently filmed at the establishment.

Britannia Adelphi Hotel


The Adelphi Hotel was once named ‘the most haunted hotel in the UK’ by supernatural investigator Tom Slemen, who claims he once witnessed the ghost of RMS Titanic’s Captain Edward Smith and two unidentified officers from the White Star Line.

Staff have also confirmed the paranormal reports, once stating, “It wouldn’t surprise me if it was all true. Over the years, a few members of staff have reported seeing a grey lady in a Victorian dress in the basement. We’ve also had reports of somebody hanging out of a window in the Crosby Room and, when everyone went to check it, the window was locked.

Other spooky sightings include the ghost of a 15-year-old pageboy, a female pickpocket ghost, and a man nicknamed George, who calls to members of the public on the Brownlow Hill side of the hotel.

The Pub in the Park



The Pub in the Park, once known as the Allerton Hall pub, dates back to 1736 and was the previous home of William Roscoe, a slave trade abolitionist and respected lawyer. With such an extensive history, it may not surprise you to learn the pub is supposed to be haunted, as they captured some rather eerie footage on CCTV back in 2014. On the video, you can spot on orb-like object making its way across the pub. Spooky.

The Stuart Hotel



Earlier this year, a Twitter user spotted a rather peculiar-looking figure in the window of The Stuart Hotel. The person only spotted the creepy face when googling a local fish and chip shop. The image has since been blurred on Google Maps.

However, this isn’t the first report of paranormal activity at The Stuart Hotel in Walton, which is listed as one of 150 haunted pubs in Liverpool. Back in 1897, the landlord, Robinson Pemberton, investigated an odd scratching sound in the pub’s cellar, which he assumed to be a rat. However, the noise grew increasingly louder until it was eventually heard in neighbouring houses. Just three days later, the pub was shaken, with the landlord having to leave open the windows to ensure the vibrations didn’t shatter the glass.

Eventually, the sounds and shaking stopped. Well, until a drinker rapped three times on one of the pub’s walls – and he was surprised to hear three knocks back. The noise started once again in the cellar, along with the sound of a distant bell, which the landlord and his neighbours endured for one week. In a bid to stop the paranormal activity, a priest from St Mary’s Church visited The Stuart Hotel, placing The Bible in the cellar. The noise was never heard again.

Got a spooky story you want to share? Leave us a comment below. Want to scare yourself a little bit more? Read about the spookiest stories in Liverpool.

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    We have recently carried out two investigations at the BLACK-E and what we found was very interesting. What we do is we advertise the investigation out and look to bring members of the public with us.What this does for us is allows us to bring people to place of interest were ordinarily have not thought to have gone. In addition we also look to hire out potential places, which ensures that local places receive an income towards the restoration and up keep of the venue.

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