We were in Amsterdam for 4.20 and caught up with The Golden Green Bakery for new and upcoming products. We picked up the Gummy Bears featured in this review and one of their 250mg chocolate bars, featured in next week’s Amsterdam Edible Review.

infused gummy bears
Coming up in next week’s Amsterdam Edible Review!

The Gummy Bears were an obvious choice as they catch your attention immediately. For once, it’s an infused product which isn’t your regular spacecake. But this is exactly why there are now states in America banning edibles, that look too much like candy. Arguing a child can mistake an edible for candy.


However, in the Netherlands the edible market is unregulated and as such, things like product information is not required, nor is there any regulatory oversight.

Thankfully, Golden Green Bakery does include dosage information.Amsterdam Edibles.

infused gummy bears
Dosage is included on the packaging.

Infused Gummy Bears: Dosage & Experience

“Use responsibly. Less is more & Be patient” reads the packaging. A clear message and with that in mind, the best way to review the infused gummy bears, is to share it with friends.

“Use responsibly. Less is more & Be patient”

We shared eight infused Gummy Bears with our crew (everyone took two) on a mostly empty stomach, just before our planned BBQ. You’re bound to get the munchies after eating edibles. It made a lot of sense to eat them just before the BBQ, as I experienced before on Christmas Eve what a joy eating becomes after an edible.

infused gummy bears
We came prepared…

We ate the Gummy Bears around 6 o’clock in the evening, after which two of our testers went to the grocery store to pick up some more supplies.

One tester explains: “I was outside in the garden, sun shining and pleasant. I went to the grocery store with my bike. I got nicely stoned as i was going around the shop. The products in the shop became more colorful and i was feeling lighter than usual.”.

Another tester’s feedback: “Well I’d say it came on quicker than most edibles and the potency was really nice, but I don’t think one would have been enough.”

Another tester explained he was ‘flying’ just before dinner. If our empty plates afterwards were a good indication of our high, it must have been a good dose…


You’re not really going to eat these for the taste. But the dosage of 50mg is perfect. And if you’re experienced, you can start with two and work your way up. Make sure there’s food nearby though!

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