Apps Like iTube Free (YouTube PlayList Managers & Music Downloader Apps)

Hadn’t it be better if you would have been able to play the YouTube videos in the background of your phone? Wouldn’t you like to multitask your phone while listening to the music on YouTube? If you want it to happen, we are here to help. You can know how to use iTube Music app from our blog. iTube for Android has the ability to download Music as cache files. When it comes to iTube on iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices, we can only manage Youtube playlists.

Nowadays, there are many applications which serve as an alternative to Google’s YouTube app. They act as the best playlist manager applications for YouTube videos. These alternatives are available for both the iOS and Android platforms.  So here, we are giving the top 5 alternatives for both the mobile app that similar to itube music

Apps Like iTube For Android & iOS (iPhone/iPad) Free

So, let’s start.

If you are looking for Music Downloader Apps, then, check out Music Paradise Pro App for Android & Music Maniac MP3 Downloader for Android.

iTube alternative app

Five Best iTube App Alternatives For Android:

  1. FireTube: This App focuses specifically on audio playback from YouTube. That’s why, while playing songs from this app, videos aren’t streamed. Isn’t it a great feature? This App can let the songs be played even from the background of your device.
  2. PVSTAR+: This app has an additional feature. For playback controls, this app provides a home screen widget. This feature is available only with fewer apps. As for goodies, this App gives you features such as free searching for playlists created by other users, equalizer, and playlist management.
  3. Viral Popup: This App provides a unique feature of playing any video or song in a hovering window. By using this app, videos can be played even in the off-screen phone.
  4. TurboTube: This App, apart from other apps, focuses more on playing videos with a minimal start-up lag and buffering. With this app also you get the maximum features of any other similar application like accessing your subscription, playing videos in the background, managing video queues and socially sharing your videos.
  5. FREEdi: With this app, one can easily get control over the resolution of videos. Whether you want to save data with a lower resolution or if you want to have a better-looking video, it is for you to decide with this App. With this App also, you can listen to the music while keeping it in the background.

Five Best iTube App Alternatives For iOS:

  1. Pocket Tube: It is a YouTube player who organizes the music videos very efficiently. It does so by dividing the videos by artists and albums. With this app, you can shuffle or play the music in the background. With its free version, one can save up to 20 tracks in its library. A simple pressing on the song is what is needed to add it to the playlist.
  2. iMusic: With this App, you can get millions of songs for free. This App gives you the option to add songs in a folder. It also updates you and allows you to play music from the top music chart of your country. Creating playlists with this App is just a kid’s game for all.
  3. BombTube: This App gives you access to only the right music YouTube channels. It works on iOS7 or higher. With this app, you can even search the music with the voice. It provides unique features like discovering new music with hashtags, finding any artists discography, etc.
  4. Spotify: Spotify in known better for its comfortable searching experience. Making and sharing any playlist is a matter of seconds on Spotify. With this app, you can even listen to the songs when you are offline. Instead of making your playlist, you can choose from the personal recommendations and readymade playlists made by others.
  5. Music TV: This is a unique app and only one of its kind. This App is endowed with the automatic scanning abilities. It scans one’s iPhone, iPod or iPhone automatically for the songs and then displays its corresponding YouTube. With the capabilities of making the custom playlist, this App gives you best personal entertainment experience.

We have tried to give you a comprehensive list of all the best iTube Pro YouTube playlist manager applications for iOS and Android. If you know any other better application, please do share with us. If you like this article, please give us a boost by sharing it with others or at least giving us a thumbs up for our research. If you have any issues, please do get back to us.