Product analytics for product people

Deeply understand every user's journey with instant insights for everyone on mobile and web.

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Understand every user's journey

Follow the digital footprint of every user across mobile and web devices. Know precisely what happens inside your product.

Build faster with instant answers

Pull up the numbers you need at a moment's notice. Experiment immediately with A/B testing and notifications.

Unlock insights for everyone

Whether you're an executive, product manager, or data scientist, you have a set of tools tailored to your unique product questions.

A foundation built for scale & foresight Perform complex behavioral analysis and get answers in seconds with automated insights, enterprise security, and 99.99% uptime.

Product analytics answers your questions about how users engage with what you build. Scalable. Instant. Simple to implement.

Better understand your customers

“Who are my best customers and what features do they love?”
Find out with Engagement, People, and JQL.

Improve acquisition and activation flows

“How do I get more customers and engage more deeply with the ones I have?”
Find out with A/B Testing and Notifications.

Drive up customer retention and revenue

“How can I keep customers around longer and earn more from them?”
Find out with Funnels and Retention.

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