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"It is urgent to begin collective preparatory work leading to the enactment of a universal, verifiable, irreversible and enforceable legal ban on nuclear weapons," declared the Middle Powers Initiative (MPI), a coalition of eight international disarmament organizations.
This is the message of the new brief from MPI, "A Global Law to Ban Nuclear Weapons."

MPI Founder Douglas Roche, O.C. embarked on a world tour to present pre-publication issues of the brief to foreign ministries in Beijing, New Delhi, Moscow, Oslo, Sweden, Brussels, Berlin and London.

» Download the Brief-- with new revisions November 2011
» Download the Executive Summary
» Read more about MPI's advocacy to advance a global ban on nukes
» Read Senator Roche's post-tour analysis in The Embassy


World experts in nuclear disarmament called for a rapid start to discussions for a Nuclear Weapons Convention at the conference, From Aspiration to Reality: Nuclear Disarmament after the NPT Review, co-sponsored by the Middle Powers Initiative and the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, in Geneva September 14-15.

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» Read the Executive Summary
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Final Report of the Atlanta Consultation III

The final report of MPI's Atlanta Consultation III, Fulfilling the NPT, is now available.

» Read the report
» Read the Recommendations
» Read the Executive Summary
» Links to transcripts
» Photo gallery


Recommendations for the NPT Review Conference

The Middle Powers Initiative, based on the results of the Atlanta Consultation III and the series of Article VI Forums, recommends the following policy options to the 2010 NPT Review Conference.

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MPI Leaders in Seoul, South Korea

Senator Douglas Roche, O.C.,
MPI Chairman Emeritus

MPI Chairman Henrik Salander and Chairman Emeritus Douglas Roche, in several speeches in the Republic of Korea, called on middle power governments to press for a commitment at the forthcoming Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference to start preparatory work on a Nuclear Weapon Convention.

» Read Ambassador Salander's statement at The Summit of Honor on Atoms for Peace and Environment

» Read Senator Roche's statement

» MORE...

MPI Convenes Third Successful NPT Consultation at the Carter Center in Atlanta

Twenty middle power states-- and two nuclear weapon states-- gathered for the third time under MPI auspices at the prestigious Carter Center in Atlanta.

US Ambassador Susan Burk, Jonathan Granoff, President Jimmy Carter, High Representative Sergio Duarte, and Senator Douglas Roche, O.C. (not pictured: Ambassador Henrik Salander, Chairman, Middle Powers Initiative)

A summary report, transcripts of presentations, a photo gallery and more resources are now online.

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"A Global Undertaking: Realizing the Disarmament Promise of the NPT," briefing paper for the Atlanta Consultation

MPI's practical and substantive recommendations to serve as food-for-thought at the Atlanta Consultation January 21-22, 2010.

» Read the briefing paper

MPI Briefing Paper: "Making Good on the Promises: From the Security Council Summit to the 2010 NPT Review"


In both national and international deliberations, there are now a series of extraordinary openings to advance the nuclear disarmament agenda. This paper lays out MPI’s analysis of these events and recommends a number of practical and effective steps middle power governments can take to help continue to build the momentum for a nuclear weapon-free world.

» Read the briefing paper

MPI Statement to the UN Security Council


The Middle Powers Initiative today released a statement to the Security Council regarding priorities we believe should be the focus of the Council summit on September 24.


The Berlin Article VI Forum

MPI Chairman Henrik Salander and German Deputy Foreign Minister Gernot Erler

Transcripts of speeches, presentations, photographs and a full report of the Sixth Article VI Forum, held in Berlin, January 29-30, 2009, is now available online.


A Message from MPI Chairman Ambassador Henrik Salander

Congratulations to new MPI Chairman
Ambassador Henrik Salander

We are honored to welcome Ambassador Henrik Salander as the new Chairman of the Middle Powers Initiative. Ambassador Salander is an accomplished diplomat and an effective disarmament advocate, and will be an extraordinary addition to our team of leaders here at GSI. We look forward to his leadership of MPI. We are pleased to share with you, below, a few words from the Chairman, the first in his new capacity.


MPI Releases Briefing Paper for Berlin Article VI Forum


The Middle Powers Initiative released the briefing paper for the sixth meeting of the Article VI Forum, to be held in Berlin, Germany January 29-30, 2009. "A Global Public Good of the Highest Order" discusses new imperatives and openings for a nuclear weapon-free world.

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Ambassador Henrik Salander, a Swedish diplomat and internationally-renowned expert on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, has been named the new Chairman of the Middle Powers Initiative (MPI), succeeding the founding chairman of MPI, former Senator Douglas Roche of Canada.

Senator Roche, who is stepping down from the chairmanship at age 80, made the announcement on behalf of MPI’s International Steering Committee.


An open letter to the Nuclear Suppliers Group


MPI Chairman Hon. Douglas Roche, O.C., and GSI President Jonathan Granoff sent a letter to the Foreign Ministers of the Nuclear Suppiers Group, urging these countries to use the opportunity of the US-India deal to take a principled position to strengthen our global security regime.

The deal, as Senator Roche and Mr. Granoff stated in the letter, "can either corrode the norm-setting foundation of the non-proliferation regime or strengthen it depending on the behavior of the Nuclear Suppliers Group. If serious non-proliferation conditions are not placed on the deal then how can anyone in the future take commitments to promote non-proliferation seriously? When political leverage is available, the failure to use it indicates a failure to believe in the policies that could be advanced." 


Foreign Minister Ahern and MPI Program Director Jim Wurst
Foreign Minister Ahern and MPI Program Director Jim Wurst

Final Report from the Dublin Article VI Forum is released

The Middle Powers Initiative today released the Final Report of the fifth meeting of the Article VI Forum, held March 27-28, 2008, with the co-sponsorship of the Government of Ireland.

» Read the full report
» Read the summary report
» View the photo gallery
» Read the full text of remarks by Foreign Minister Dermot Ahern
» Read the full text of remarks by MPI Chairman Douglas Roche
» Read the full text of remarks by GSI President Jonathan Granoff
» Read the full text of remarks by fmr. Foreign Minister Jan Kavan
» Read the briefing paper, Back from the Margins

India's Prime Minister Supports Nuclear Disarmament

Jonathan Granoff, President, GSI; Hon. Mohammad Hamid Ansari, Vice President of India: Hon Douglas Roche, O.C., Chairman, MPI; Air Cmde Jasjit Singh, Director, CSIS

** Now with video footage

The Prime Minister spoke at a conference, "Towards a World Free of Nuclear Weapons," called to mark the 20th anniversary of the Rajiv Gandhi Action Plan to eliminate nuclear weapons, presented to the United Nations in 1988 when Rajiv Gandhi was India's Prime Minister.

The conference was sponsored by two of India's most prestigious bodies, the Centre for Strategic and International Studies and the Indian Council of World Affairs. Among the invited presenters were Hon. Douglas Roche, O.C., Chairman of the Middle Powers Initiative, and Jonathan Granoff, President of the Global Security Institute.


MPI releases summary report from the Dublin Article VI Forum


The Middle Powers Initiative today released a summary report of its recent consultation of the Article VI Forum, held in Dublin with the co-sponsorship of the Government of Ireland.

The final report will be issued in June, 2008.

» Read the report
» View a photo gallery of the conference



MPI Briefing Paper for Article VI Forum, Dublin

The Middle Powers Initiative releases Back from the Margins: The Centrality of Nuclear Disarmament, the briefing paper for the 5th meeting of the Article VI Forum, to be held in Dublin, Ireland, March 26-28, 2008.


MPI Releases New Policy Brief: "Visible Intent: NATO's Responsibility to Nuclear Disarmament"

As NATO gears up for its 60th anniversary summit next year, MPI has published a brief arguing that a Strategic Concept that still includes nuclear weapons is contrary to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and irrelevant to modern strategic concerns.


Revitalizing Nuclear Disarmament

MPI, in partnership with the Pugwash Conferences, released the paper,"The Imperative of Revitalizing Nuclear Disarmament," based on the Extraordinary Workshop convened by Pugwash Conferences and MPI July 5-7, 2007 in Pugwash, Nova Scotia. 

Senator Roche, Senator Dallaire and Paolo Cotta Ramusino at the Pugwash Conference, July 2007

This is a clear, comprehensive and lucid analysis of the present nuclear  weapons problem along with practical recommendations, in part  synonymous with the MPI Paper, “Towards 2010: Priorities for NPT Consensus,” which emerged out of the Article VI Forum process.  This paper was also distributed widely at the recent Preparatory Committee conference of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, held in Vienna, April 2007.


MPI Releases its paper for the 2007 Preparatory Committee of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

Since the 2000 Review Conference, the NPT has suffered a long winter of discontent. It is time for a springtime of hope. That hope must be based on realistic political prospects for progress. This paper, based on four meetings of the Article VI Forum, specifies areas where progress can be made on a consensus basis. Leadership by middle power states is essential in forging the consensus. The threat-reducing, security-enhancing aspects of that consensus should be compelling to security policy planners in nuclear weapon states.

» Read "Towards 2010: Priorities for NPT Consensus"
» Maintenant disponible aussi en Français
» Report on the follow-up to "Towards 2010"
» Report from the MPI panel at the PrepCom

MPI Convenes Fourth Meeting of the Article VI Forum, Vienna

The Middle Powers Initiative held the fourth consultation of the Article VI Forum, in Vienna, March 29-30, 2007.


» Read full report, "The Article VI Forum, Forging a New Consensus for the NPT" (1.86 MB)
» Executive Summary only
» Photo Gallery
» Briefing Paper
» Text of opening remarks by Hon. Douglas Roche, O.C., Chairman of the MPI
» Text of remarks by Jayantha Dhanapala, former Under-Secretary-General for Disarmament
» Text of remarks by Amb. Choi, Foreign Ministry of Republic of Korea
» Text of remarks by Dr. John Burroughs, LCNP
» Text of remarks by Merav Datan, Greenpeace
» Text of remarks by Dr. Emily Landau, INSS
» Text of remarks by Adrian McDaid, Foreign Ministry of Ireland
» Text of remarks by Caroline McDonald, Foreign Ministry of New Zealand
» Conference Program

Fourth Article VI Forum Consultation

The fourth meeting of the Article VI Forum, "Forging a New Consensus on the NPT," will be held in Vienna, March 28-29.

» Read the Briefing Paper

Third Article VI Forum Report Released

The Ottawa Consultation, entitled, Responding to the Challenges to the NPT, was the third meeting of the Article VI Forum of the Middle Powers Initiative.

» Read full report (3 MB)
» Click here for more documents from the Ottawa Consultation

MPI Releases Statement on North Korea

The Middle Powers Initiative (MPI) deplores the nuclear test by North Korea and urges all parties to exercise restraint and place their faith in diplomacy rather than ratcheting up bellicosity. MPI is dedicated to the promotion of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation through diplomacy and the rule of law. We deplore the proliferation of nuclear weapons as well as the failure of the nuclear weapons states to demonstrate adequate leadership in fulfilling their legal duty to work for and obtain the universal elimination of nuclear weapons.

» Read full statement

MPI Convenes Third Meeting of Article VI Forum
Ottawa, Canada
September 27-29, 2006

Representatives from twenty-five states met in the Canadian capital on September 28-29 for a Middle Powers Initiative sponsored consultation on Responding to the Challenges to the NPT. This was the third meeting of the MPI’s Article VI Forum, an initiative designed to create an informal setting where diplomats, experts and NGOs can discuss ways to strengthen the nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation regime through the NPT.

The Ottawa consultation centered on the premise that the next review conference in 2010 of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, the central instrument that is supposed to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons, not repeat the failure of the 2005 review.

Read interim report.

» Interim Report
» Briefing Paper
» Op/Ed by Hon. Douglas Roche
» Photo Gallery
» Text of Hon. Douglas Roche's opening statement
» Text of Speech by Foreign Minister Peter MacKay
» Text of speech by Dr. Hans Blix

MPI Sends High-Level Delegation to Canada
Ottawa, Canada
June 12-13, 2006

On June 12-13, 2006, the Middle Powers Initiative successfully sent its fifth high-level delegation to the government of Canada since 1998. The delegation was led by Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister of Canada and included MPI Chairman Hon. Douglas Roche, O.C., Bipartisan Security Group Chairman Ambassador Thomas Graham, and Global Security Institute President Jonathan Granoff.  This was the second time Prime Minister Campbell led an MPI delegation to Ottawa.







The full report can be found here.

» Briefing Paper Presented to the Government of Canada
» Formal Testimony to House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee

MPI Hosts Second Meeting of Article VI Forum

The Hague, The Netherlands
March 2-3, 2006

On March 2-3, 2006 a gathering of high-level representatives from 21 states, convened by the Middle Powers Initiative in an Article VI Forum, examined ways to reinforce and revitalize the international commitments to nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament as embodied in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

The second meeting of the Article VI Forum was addressed by two former prime ministers – Ruud Lubbers of the Netherlands and Kim Campbell of Canada - and former UN Under Secretary General for Disarmament Affairs, Ambassador Nobuyasu Abe, and Marian Hobbs, the former Disarmament Minister of New Zealand. Also participating at the Forum were distinguished nuclear physicists, Frank von Hippel and Jose Goldemberg, co-chairs of the newly-formed International Panel on Fissile Materials.

The conference, co-hosted by the Netherlands Institute of International Relations “Clingendael,” was entitled, Securing the Future: Strengthening the NPT.

The first meeting of the Article VI Forum took place at the United Nations in October 2005.

The third meeting of the Article VI Forum is scheduled for September 28-29, 2006 in Ottawa, Canada.

A photo gallery is forthcoming.

» Final Report
» Interim Report

» Briefing Paper
MPI Chairman's Opening Address
» Fmr. Prime Minister Campbell's Address
» Inaugural Article VI Report

28 States Participate: Inaugural "Article VI Forum"
United Nations, New York
October 3, 2005

The Middle Powers Initiative was honored to inaugurate the "Article VI Forum" at the United Nations on October 3, 2005.

The Forum is a new and creative initiative intended to stimulate and shape effective responses to the crisis of the non-proliferation / disarmament regime manifested by the breakdown of the 2005 NPT Review Conference. The Article VI Forum takes its name from the article of the NPT in which the nuclear states commit themselves to the elimination of their nuclear weapons.

The Forum is conducting high-level meetings with key diplomats and leaders to examine the political, legal, and technical elements required for a nuclear weapons-free world.

The Forum will continue its work of advancing the imperative to uphold the core bargain of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty relating to the proliferation of nuclear weapons and ensuring steady progress toward their global elimination.

» Click here to view the report

Overcoming Obstacles to a
Nuclear Weapons-Free World

By Hon. Douglas Roche, O.C.

Address to 60th Anniversary Observance
August 4, 2005
Hiroshima, Japan

» Read the article

Deadly Deadlock
By Hon. Douglas Roche, O.C.

A Political Analysis of the Seventh
Review Conference of the Non-Proliferation Treaty
New York, May 2-27, 2005

» Click here to view the report


Atlanta Consultation II: On the Future of the NPT
The Carter Center
January 26-28, 2005

The Middle Powers Initiative organized an Extraordinary Strategy Consultation on the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) 2005 Review Conference in cooperation with former U.S. President Jimmy Carter at The Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia, January 26-28, 2005. 

Entitled Atlanta Consultation II: On the Future of the NPT, the gathering involved high-level representatives of key governments and was modeled after the successful Atlanta Consultation I that MPI held at The Carter Center in 2000.

» Press Release
» Final Report
» Executive Summary and Recommendations
» Briefing Paper: "Building a Nuclear Weapons-Free Future"
» Remarks by President Carter

A Bridge to Nuclear Disarmament
By Hon. Douglas Roche, O.C.
November 1, 2004

Analysis of the recent vote on the UN resolution sponsored by the New Agenda Coalition.

» Read the article

Saving the NPT: The Role of Parliamentarians
By Hon. Douglas Roche, O.C.

October 19, 2004
United Nations, New York
Address to 2004 Parliamentary Hearing at the United Nations
Sponsored By Inter-Parliamentary Union

» Read the speech

New Agenda Coalition Draft Resolution for
UNGA First Committee

October 8, 2004
Title: Towards a nuclear-weapon free world: Accelerating the
implementation of nuclear disarmament commitments

» Read the draft resolution

Nonproliferation and Disarmament Go Hand in Hand

International Herald Tribune
September 22, 2004

Seven foreign ministers speak out Nuclear weapons, a legacy of the cold war, today give rise to dangerous new perspectives. Old and new threats converge, putting at risk the security of us all.

» Read the IHT Opinion / Editorial article

NPT in grave danger, MPI report concludes

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) is headed for disaster if current policies do not change, according to a recent report released by the Middle Powers Initiative.

"The present crisis is the worst in the 34-year history of the NPT," said the report's author, Senator Douglas Roche of Canada.

Entitled "Re-nuclearization or Disarmament: A Fateful Choice for Humanity," the report is a political analysis of the Third Preparatory Committee Meeting for the 2005 Review Conference of the NPT.

» Read the Text of the Treaty
» Learn about MPI's role at the NPT

New Zealand's Minister Marian Hobbs calls for global nuclear disarmament

On Monday, April 26, the Middle Powers Initiative (MPI), led by Senator Douglas Roche from Canada, held a Forum on "Ensuring Full Implementation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty." The public event, attended by 30 government and 40 NGO representatives, was chaired by Dr. Randy Rydell, Senior Political Affairs Officer in the Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Disarmament Affairs at the United Nations.

Keynote speaker Marian Hobbs, New Zealand's Minister for Disarmament, underscored the centrality of nuclear disarmament.

» More.

Click on the picture below to learn about MPI's experts.


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MPI Chairman receives Otto Hahn Peace Award

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Security Council Summit:
A Signal for a New Framework?

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PNND press release: Time for NATO to leave the nuclear dinosaur age

International Women's Day Statement from PNND Co-Presidents
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Chairman's Address to IPPNW Summit, New Delhi

MPI Hosts PNND International Conference and Council Meeting, July 2008

Expert Seminar on Restoring Canada's Nuclear Disarmament Leadership

Global Conscience Book Launches: Toronto, New York, Ottawa

MPI Expert Consultant Dhanapala Appointed President of Pugwash

In Memoriam:
Dr. Randall Forsberg

Senator Roméo Dallaire's keynote address to PNND Global Council meeting

UN High Representative Sergio Duarte's remarks to MPI-GSI reception

MPI Releases a Statement on the US/Iran Confrontation
- See also related op-ed in Newsday

MPI Chairman Douglas Roche, O.C. launches his new book, Global Conscience, at the UN bookstore October 9


Upcoming Events: workshops, panels, and consultations

MPI Chairman to receive Christian leadership award

Historic Gathering at Pugwash, Nova Scotia, July 7-9, 2007

Dhanapala, Johnson named MPI Expert Consultants

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Canadian Senator Roméo Dallaire welcomes the work of MPI in a motion in the Senate

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28 States Participate: Inaugural "Article VI Forum"

Overcoming the Obstacles to a Nuclear Weapons-Free World, by Hon. Douglas Roche, O.C.

Deadly Deadlock: A Political Analysis of the Seventh Review Conference of the NPT

Final Report of "Atlanta Consultation II: On the Future of the NPT"

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