Mayors of Rotherham


The Mayor’s full and proper title is “The Worshipful the Mayor of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough”. The correct mode of address is Mr Mayor – or Madam Mayor.

The Mayoralty is the most exalted position in the gift of a local authority, and members elected are rightly proud of its traditions and jealous to preserve its privileges that have been acquired through the years.

The Mayor is recognised as being, in his or her own Borough, the official representative of the Crown, second only to the Lord Lieutenant of the County of South Yorkshire.

(The Names for 1974 & 1976 to 2008 were kindly supplied by the Office of the Secretary to the Mayor of Rotherham. The Name for 1975 was supplied by Mr. Mick Shaw, and is corroborated by an article on the Royal Visit in July 1975)

2010 Councillor Rose McNeely 2009 Councillor Shaukat Ali
2008 Councillor Ann Russell 2007 Councillor Allan Jackson
2006 Councillor Peter A Wooton 2005 Councillor Hilda Jack
2004 Councillor F. Wright 2003 Councillor R. S. Russell J.P.
2002 Councillor A. Senior 2001 Councillor R. G. Littleboy
2000 Councillor Iain G. L. St. John 1999 Councillor M. G. Judge
1998 Councillor R. Windle 1997 Councillor G. Smith
1996 Councillor J. P. Wardle 1995 Councillor W. Winder
1994 Councillor S. Walker 1993 Councillor C. A. Kelly J.P.
1992 Councillor J. Carr 1991 Councillor O. Hartley J.P.
1990 Councillor M. R. Kirk 1989 Councillor R. J. Hughes
1988 Councillor M. F. Eagleton J.P. 1987 Councillor K. E. Billington
1986 Councillor J. L. Skelton 1985 Councillor T. R. Sharman
1984 Councillor G. S. Etchells O.B.E 1983 Councillor J. Allott J.P.
1982 Councillor D. Thompson J.P. 1981 Councillor Joan Johnston J.P.
1980 Councillor S. G. Bennett 1979 Councillor E. Manns
1978 Councillor C. H. Brett 1977 Councillor R. Benton
1976 Councillor F. Cooper 1975 Councillor J. S. Crowther
1974 Councillor Sir John Layden J.P.

If you can fill in the spaces from 1959 to 1973, or indeed prior to 1871, please contact the Web Manager (webmanager”@” and the list will be updated.


1973 1972
1971 Councillor J. S. Crowther 1970
1969 Councillor C. W. Skelton 1968 Councillor T Heath JP
1967 1966  Alderman Percival C Wright
1965 1964
1963 1962 Councillor Emma McNicholas
1961 1960  Alderman T. A. Colley, B.E.M.
1959  Alderman Leslie J. Tarbit
(The following information is taken from the Rotherham and District Annual – 1959)
1958 Alderman S. Harris 1957 Councillor W. J. Owen J.P.
1956 Councillor F. A. Davis 1955 Councillor L. Kirk
1954 Councillor G. A. Brown 1953 Councillor F. Duke J.P.
1952 Councillor M. W. Young 1951 Alderman A. R. Shayler
1950 Alderman C. E. Geary 1949 Councillor D. J. S. Meadows
1947-49 Mr. C. Bosworth 1946 Alderman F. C. Woofinden
1945 Councillor Mrs. M. H. Moorhouse 1944 Councillor H. Lake
1943 Councillor Mrs. F. L. Green 1942 Councillor T. W. Outram
1941 Councillor A. E. Barlow 1940 Alderman G. C. Ball
1939 Councillor G. A. Barker 1938 Alderman A. Buxton
1937 Councillor Wm. Fowler 1936 Alderman F. A. Barlow
1935 Alderman F. Harper 1934 Alderman A. P. Aizlewood
1933 Alderman R. Kirk 1932 Councillor John Ketton
1931 Alderman G. E. Caine 1930 Councillor J. Dickinson
1929 Alderman E. Cruickshank 1928 Alderman S. Hall
1927 Councillor W. Brooke 1926 Councillor W. Brooke
1925 Councillor R. Dewar 1924 Alderman A. R. Aizlewood
1923 Alderman A. R. Aizlewood 1922 Councillor A. R. Habershon
1921 Alderman K. W. Fieldsend 1920 Alderman K. W. Fieldsend
1919 Councillor W. G. Bingham 1918 Alderman G. Gummer
1917 Alderman J. Heminsley 1916 Alderman J. Heminsley
1915 Alderman T. W. Grundy 1914 Alderman P. Bancroft Coward
1913 Alderman P. Bancroft Coward 1912 Alderman P. Bancroft Coward
1911 Mr. P. Bancroft Coward 1910 Mr. P. Bancroft Coward
1909 Alderman Dan Mullins 1908 Councillor Dan Mullins
1907 Councillor Geo. H. Lodge 1906 Mr. Chas. J. Stoddart
1905 Mr. Chas. J. Stoddart 1904 Mr. Chas. J. Stoddart
1903 Councillor George Clarke 1902 Councillor J. B. Jenkinson
1901 Councillor D. L. Winter 1900 Councillor G. Gummer
1899 Councillor G. Gummer 1898 Councillor F. Mason
1897 Alderman G. Neill 1896 Alderman G. Neill
1895 Councillor Edward Hickmott 1894 Alderman Thomas Woodhouse
1893 Alderman G. Wragg 1892 Alderman W. H. Gummer
1891 Councillor W. L. B Hirst 1890 Alderman Geo Neill
1889 Councillor Robert Jenkins 1888 Alderman John Mason
1887 Alderman Geo. Wragg 1886 Councillor C. J. Stoddart
1885 Councillor W. H. Gummer 1884 Alderman G. Neill
1883 Alderman E. Kelsey 1882 Alderman E. Kelsey
1881 Alderman G. Neill 1880 Alderman R. Marsh
1879 Alderman W. Harrison 1878 Alderman Hy . Wigfield
1877 Alderman J. C. Morgan 1876 Alderman B. E. C. Chambers
1875 Alderman B. E. C. Chambers 1874 Alderman Wm. Harrison
1873 Councillor Hy . Wigfield 1872 Alderman J. M. Habershon