Ok – so the holidays are over and it’s back to school. How were your holidays? Packed with excitement or a looooongg slow drag through endless days?
Photos from Ghana 1Dubble HQ had fun in the Ghanaian sun! We headed off to Ghana for a whirlwind week of cocoa farms and travel. Our mission?  To be part of the 8th Kuapa Kids Camp. 
Photos from Ghana 2The Kuapa Kids Camps are ‘away weekends’ for young people from rural cocoa growing areas. Around 70 children come together for three days, many of them leaving their villages and mixing with children from other schools for the first time. They learn about Fairtrade and their role in the global chocolate supply chain, and issues such as nutrition, child labour and child rights, health, and girls’ education. The days are filled with different workshops (and delicious food!) at a special conference centre in Kumasi. Until now, we’d only ever experienced them from Divine's London office, and were probably more excited than the children to be experiencing our first one in Ghana!
Plenary mingleDubble HQ was there to introduce the children to Divine and Dubble chocolate and their important part in the ‘bean to bar’ story. We used a book that was written and illustrated by students in Surbiton High School called ‘where do the cocoa beans go?’. Suzy who teaches at Surbiton school and set up the Akenkan reading charity in Ghana joined the Kids Camp for a day too!
Where do cocoa beans goWe also came armed with a whole bag full of dressing up clothes for the Dubble ‘Dream Booth’. The Dream Booth is Dubble’s contribution to the Kids Camp. A chance to explore ‘if I could, I would’ dreams of the future and have them realised by the power of Photoshop!


Dream BoothThe children loved dressing up and doing their very own photoshoot. We were so surprised that the the astronaut costume and rock star guitars got overlooked in favour of suit jackets, dark glasses, white lab coats and clipboards. Being a doctor, nurse, lawyer or banker is the stuff that these kids’ dreams are made of apparently!

Dream BoothThankfully by the end of day one, as the workshops wound up, the music cranked up and the feather boas, sequin hats, belly dancer costumes and glitter wigs got some attention. The children broke in to fancy dress dancing and the music unleashed energy and play from everyone – sequinned red Stetson anyone? 

Sara and Kika @Dubble HQ

We want to hear all about your summer holiday adventures - BIG and small!


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