Why I join sites to research niches?

Well, I did quite a lot of research into the dating area since I know lots of money can be made in this area online and I know you may now think” Hi I need lots of money to beat other dating sites?” No there is like 1000 different dating areas you can rank up

Want to see the real power of Branded URL’S?

For one of my sites, I get the minimum of traffic of  144,780 sound good to you ?   Well here  how  I did it all the outside URL work you need to do is branded URL like this Bestsecompaniesin or https://bestseocompaniesin.co.uk   does URLs like this tells search engines you are wanting to be a

Do blogging comment help a site to rank?

Many people do claim that to be true but in reality it does not help in rankings Here reasons for why not Think about this we can all easy make comments anywhere normally on sites so if we could do that would that not be so easy to spam it like crazy? Google knows this


ہم SEO حق کیسے کرتے ہیں؟ سب سے پہلے، مجھے مطلوبہ الفاظ کی تحقیق کیا کرنے کی ضرورت ہے قدم، اور آپ کو کس طرح کرنا ہے ہم نے اس اختیار کروں پوچھ سکتے ہیں؟ سب سے بہتر طریقہ یہ ایک مطلوبہ لفظ کو لینے اور گوگل میں ڈال دیا آپ کو بہت کچھ کے

Basic of SEO rankings

How do we do SEO right? First, step me need to do keyword Research, and you may ask how to do we do this right? The best way is this pick a keyword and put into Google if you see a lot of high authority sites on the first page of Google you will not

How can we plan for SEO events?

Here what you need to do it right 1.lot’s of content you should aim for articles of at least 1000 words with pictures in them 2.Strong Facebook pages 3.start the event at least three months before it starts I would actually recommend six months, so the sandbox affect does not slow you down 4.Be able

How many links to the top of google?

Have you probably asked this question or being asked this before? Well the simple way for you to workout this is to checkout who is the top of the search engines for the keyword you picked to say the other site has 10,000 links this means you need 10,010 links of the same form to