A Tour of my Manaan Stronghold

At last! I finally got my Manaan Stronghold to 100%! It was quite an exhausting task given the limiting hook placements (as I discussed in my review of the Stronghold) but I persisted nonetheless. The Stronghold has a Resort theme (yes, original I know) but it was easy to work with. I wanted the Stronghold to ooze opulence so I only used decorations that were luxurious, sophisticated or fit in with the Resort/Casino theme.

Let’s start the tour at the Resort grounds (Entrance area). This space offers guests plenty of places to relax and enjoy the ocean breeze in sophisticated surrounds (click on the images to enlarge).

There are two outdoor bars with an excellent selection of drinks, sunbathing beds to soak in the rays and plenty of other seating options to laze around and forget your cares.

The decor features plenty of gold trim and sports the finest materials the galaxy has to offer.

The resort has all the finery you’d expect from a secret Hutt-run retreat fit for the galaxy’s filthy rich so naturally, there’s plenty of security to ensure your safety and comfort.

The excessive Hallway is simple, yet elegantly decorated.

The Casino Room (Rooftop Garden Interior) is minimal but sophisticated. The gaudy Zakuulan Fountain really ties in the room while the lighting adds to the energetic, fun atmosphere of the space.

You can grab a drink, play the slots, enjoy the entertainment on the stage or even play some Dejarik. There’s plenty to do in the Casino!

The VIP Lounge (Rooftop Garden) has all the creature comforts worthy of a VIP! A Spa, two bars and plenty of seating to relax in pure elegance and sophistication.

The Underwater Observatory lobby serves as a gateway to two luxury underwater suites. So naturally, it is accented with the finest quality pieces available.

The glass floor offers a mesmerising glimpse of the ocean floor.

A standard suite comes with a host of comforts including a mini bar, luxurious couches, a relaxing water feature and a bed worthy of an Empress. As service droid is always available to service your needs.

Suites are decorated and furnished with the finest wares from throughout the galaxy.

Suites are also rentable long term and can be customised to suit any need. This suite was decorated with wares from the guest’s various travels throughout the galaxy.

Well, that concludes the tour! Hope you enjoyed it! Perhaps we will see you here again in the future enjoying a luxurious stay?

What do you think of my Stronghold? How have you decorated your Manaan Stronghold? Are you looking forward to the Umbara moving Train Stronghold?


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  • Apattysaurus

    I absolutely love it!