There are many areas of knowledge of which both the training and working aspects of a plumbing apprenticeship will help you to learn. These include:-

Understanding full the procedures of constructing, maintaining and decommissioning water distribution and waste water disposal systems in all of; domestic, commercial and industrial domains.


Keeping up to date with all relevant building codes, legislation, regulations policies and procedures regarding the profession in the UK.

There are numerous skills that you will gain upon completing your apprenticeship, including:-

  • The ability to plan, work and deliver results whilst working as a team member.
  • The ability to apply simple mathematics to real life dimensional situations.
  • Through experience you will learn to use your honed instinct to make vital gut decisions.
  • The social and oral communications skills needed to listen and persuade and negotiate with your clients.
  • Written communication skills from writing advertisements, contracts and reports.
  • Several computer skills, including: using accounting software,┬áspreadsheet data collection and word-processing for written communication.
  • Through necessity you will gain a strong work ethic, primarily from the amount of work you will asked to do and also from being surrounded by so many hard working tradesmen.
  • And perhaps above all, the time management skills needed to meet yours and you boss’ deadlines.

Not only will these skills have enormous value throughout your plumbing career, should you for whatever reason choose to change profession, you will have many attractive attributes to attract potential employers with across a wide range of industries.

Whilst it is relatively straight forward to gain knowledge and learn skills when learning to become a plumber. Having the correct character attributes is obviously more of a lottery than a result of hard work. Many will take the follow characteristics for granted, but it is important to think about them in plumbing, as in many other professions.

Trustworthiness – When working in both domestic or industrial settings, you will be placed in several positions of trust. You will often be left alone to work surrounded by many valuables and obviously it goes without saying that you are trusted not to touch anything unnecessary, steal nor break anything.

Honesty – Because the clients you are dealing with will generally have vastly less knowledge of the plumbing procedures that you will be carrying out, you are often in a position in which dishonesty could be a profitable thing. For example you could pretend that it is necessary to spend longer doing a job than it truly needs to earn more money if you are being paid by the hour, or, you could charge much more for part used in your service when charging costs. If the idea and dark cloud over being dishonest is not alone enough to deter you from acting so, you should also remember the day that you finally get ‘found out’ will be the day that your career could be forever tarnished and seriously effect your prospects of getting work in the future.

Respect – Whilst on your apprenticeship, whether you will like it or not, you will be at the bottom of the chain, and respect is gained only by earning it from your superiors.

Cultural Awareness – The United Kingdom is today an extremely multicultural entity and hence as you are likely aware, it is important to be knowledgeable and sensitive towards cultures other than yours when representing both yourself and your boss. Remember, appearances are crucial in the world of business and insulting the wrong person could cost you your job.

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