Unsurprisingly, London is one of the hottest spots for finding plumbing apprenticeships in the UK. The constant expansion of the city on all fronts and the extremely large population results in a huge demand for construction and maintenance workers. Currently you will find the most opportunity around the Docklands and East London areas. There is currently a government run regeneration project in place in this region which has started to construct and renovated thousands of homes and other buildings. The other main region for expansion in London is to North, where hugely popular commuter towns are seeing a mass influx of population as hundreds of thousands every year flock to the capital to try take advantage of the incredible salaries on offer in the financial sector.

There are a great number of facilities to help you acquire your training. London is the education center of the country, especially when it comes to training vocational subjects such as those in the plumbing and construction industry. The two most important and famous training centers being the Greenwich Plumbing and Construction Center and the South London Vocational College.

The 2 biggest employers are CTL and JMC contstruction services. These are as a good a place as any to start with your enquiries. These 2 employers have been two leading firms for over 30 years and are considered to offer the premier training and placements for plumbing apprenticeships in the country. There are also 100s of smaller firms that you will come across in your research that also provide a reputable placement scheme.

Why do your plumbing apprenticeship in London rather than any other city or town?

The company that you train with will be able to provide you with a stronger reference once your training and placements have finished. Everybody knows everybody in the construction industry around London and hence your employer’s word of reference after you’ve finished your placement will be of significance to a far greater pool of employers.


The standard of training in London is viewed by everyone around the country and around Europe as the best. It’s a city where all the leaders in the field are poached for their expertise and unbeatable experience. In other terms, it’s the Oxford or Cambridge of vocational training.

London is a place where all the amenities share close proximity, or at least swiftly reached by the impressive public transport network. This means that you will be able to comfortable work at one place and train at another on separate days of the week. In other parts of the country, it is not unusual for your place of work and your place of training to be separated by distances of up to 60 miles. This can cause and expensive and stressful lifestyle.

The best directories for finding work opportunities are certainly online these days. Websites such as jobsite.com, indeed.co.uk an thejobcentre.gov.uk provide the most expansive lists of opportunities. However it is more advisable to research and create a list of reputable construction firms and contact those instead. Contacting them by telephone will be a much more successful strategy than contacting by writing.