Syrian Refugees Go Home! (An Opinion Piece)

OPINION – In the News : Refugees Go Home!!

Sides regarding the matter of how to treat Syrian refugees (and other immigrants or refugees) have to be clearly chosen. You either have to be FOR or AGAINST. There’s no middle ground.

Several U.S. States are Refusing to Accept Syrian Refugees | ABCNews

Knew sooner or later somebody somewhere would sound off about this.

The GAP (general American public) is not comprised of idiots and folks who willingly stick their heads in the sand and ignore the obvious.

FACT. There is a mass movement of people from a country that is not exactly friendly or let’s just say, doesn’t line up their philosophy of life with Western ideals.

THOUGHTS. Hmmmm? Possible terrorists might use the group of people fleeing war in their homeland as a cloak and slip into America or any other country, set up shop, and work on carrying out their plans for world domination.

That’s what enemies do!!! We all know that. We all thought of that.

SOLUTION? Yeah. That’s a question mark. But we do need solution.

Yelling “Refugees Go Home!” OR “Refugees Are Not Welcome Here!”



Call me an idealist or just an observer who does not have all of the “details” and is looking from a distance.

When HUMANS leave everything behind and MOVE – not knowing the place where they are going and don’t even know if they can get a drink of water and some bread, and they have children with them … ??? That’s an act of desperation or act of faith.

It is extremely unlikely, that one morning, thousands of families woke up and said:

  • Hey! Why don’t we PRETEND that we’re in a CRISIS? Let’s all MOVE to this country so we can HELP the same people that are FORCING US OUT OF OUR HOME to carry out their agenda!!! Sound like a plan?? Let’s do this!


An act of desperation?

Perhaps they’re thinking: “If we stay here, we die. If we move, we might just live.”


An act of faith?

Either they believe in a Higher Authority to protect and guide them on their journey to a new world; or they believe that the people in the unknown land that they are migrating to, drink “the milk of human kindness” and will have compassion and mercy and make room for them somehow. Perhaps they’re thinking: “Either those foreigners are as a bad as the persecutors we’re running away from or they’re not. We don’t know. But we’ll take our chances.”

Truthfully there are so many of them, if they had the resources, they could probably build their country. There must be raw land somewhere on planet earth that can be used to establish a village or a community. That’s how countries got started in the first place.


Do you not think that the refugees did not THINK that they might get the doors slammed in their faces? But they’re not going back home!! Not willingly.  Because they don’t have a home!


The refugees need help from those who can help them.  If they wanted to get beat up on, spit at, and treated inhumanely, they could have stayed where they were.

Foxes have holes.  Birds have nests.  Some birds even have houses.  🙂  Every human being should have a home, a place to lay their head, in peace, and rest.

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