How To Grow Twitter Followers Organically

Twitter, fourth most used social media site(after Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram) is one of the best people-centric marketing platforms. Maybe, Twitter is losing the attention of modern Generation. But, it still remains one of the best when it comes to marketing. There is a reason behind mentioning the word ‘Organically’ in this article “How to grow Twitter followers organically”.
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First of all, let’s make it clear by defining the word organically:

“Organically just means without investing any money”

So, Here comes the reason behind using Organic Growth versus Paid followers. I saw this image on social media which will surely make you think twice before getting paid followers.

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In Conclusion, Here’s “How to grow twitter followers organically”:

How To Grow Twitter Followers Organically:

To grow your twitter following organically, Here are some tips:

1) Build Twitter Lists:

I Personally, often get added to Twitter lists related to Blogging or Social media marketing or Digital Marketing kind of things.

The reason why I mentioned it is because it certainly grabs my attention. When someone adds you to a list related to your niche of expertise, you’re definitely going to look up the person.

So, to build twitter following organically, you can build lists and add people whose attention you want to grab. As you will add them they will look up to your profile. And if they will find something of value in your account, they will follow you.

2) Use Hashtags:

Using hashtags is probably the best strategy to reach people searching for topics related to your niche.

Using Hashtags for increasing followers on Twitter

What is a Hashtag?

Similarly as discussed in Instagram Marketing Tips, Twitter also has an ability to search keywords. which anyone can place according to the context of their posts. for eg. If you are a photographer, you need to share your photos with proper hashtags like #photography, #naturalview, #nikonclick, #dslr, #photoshoot, etc. So, what will happen with those hashtags?

As I said before, Twitter uses those hashtags as keywords and when someone searches for that keyword your photo or video will appear. Like, I am going to post this post of “How to grow Twitter followers organically” like #twittermarketingtips. So, when someone searches for Twitter marketing tips on twitter my post will appear to them.

So, How to grow twitter followers organically using Hashtags?

One can use hashtags for growing organically in two ways:

a) Using existing ones:

You can use the existing hashtags. So, when people will search for something of your niche with common hashtags your tweet will come up. And if they find your tweet(information/humor/sarcasm/image) valuable and intriguing they will follow you.

In the other way, you can use hashtags to find people of your community.

Finding people of your community can be easily done using hashtags. So, after finding people of your community you can add them to your Twitter lists and implement our 1st technique.

b) Create you own Hashtags:

Another way to go around in using hashtags is by creating your own.

Creating your own hashtags has its own upsides. You can create a giveaway contest or answer people’s question according to your level of expertise and get people follow your hashtags.

For eg, #60secclub created by Gary Vaynerchuk for Twitter. In #60secclub, he does the giveaway stuff. Or something like #askgaryvee in which use to take questions from Twitter and answer them on his YouTube show.

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3) Follow- Follow Back Rule:

Following others is also one of the significant ways to increase followers.

Twitter account stats

Twitter account stats

Twitter account stats

Here are some screenshots of the accounts which recently followed me. What do you see?

Obviously, the number of tweets is high which supports the statement Bill Gates said 20 years back that “Content is King”…But what else is the common theme here?

See the number of following…More the following, More the followers. And these people ain’t celebrities this are normal business people like you.

Hence, Following others is time-consuming but effective way to increase the followers organically on Twitter. Here’s one of my favorite Quote from Gary Vaynerchuk which completely covers this context:

“The Person who gives Value first has the Leverage”

 4) Engage with People:

Showing Humility and Gratitude is the best free marketing technique for anyone. We need to remember that on the other side of the computer screen is also a person. So, Engage with them whenever they tweet about you, Retweet your posts, or Likes your post, etc.

Find people in your field using Hashtags and answer their Question or ask them Questions, Either way, Engage! Show them you are there, They are your customers.

“Brands and Businesses which will engage with their customers in a better way will win!”

5) Add it to Thankyou message of Subscription:

This is for someone who collects emails for sharing latest news/products/articles, etc.

For some who does email marketing in blogging they can add links at the Thank you page of subscription.

For eg. whenever someone subscribes to your blog. Add follow me on twitter or facebook or Instagram or anywhere else. Hence, you will get some loyal followers who came to you out of value.

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Wrapping up as fast as I can, To Grow Twitter followers organically, you just need to follow these things:

  1. Give value.
  2. Create Lists.
  3. Follow-Follow back rule.
  4. Engage with potential customers.
  5. Add follow me button at the end of Subscription.

At the end, Thank you for scrolling throughout! SUBSCRIBE! And comment your views. Thank you!



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