Bee Swarm Landing

In 3 days, there will be wax, honey and eggs.

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Another Swarm

In 1 week, there is 5+ lbs of honey

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Bees in the Wall

After 1 week 25 lbs of honey.

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6-Month Old Hive

70 lbs of Honey and Wax.

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Did you know that killing bees in the wall will probably cause 20-100 lbs of honey to come down your wall?

Important Facts

Bee Structural Damage

While there are some sources that state that honey bees do not create damage to structures when crea



Linda S. – Rocklin, CA

Master Pest Patrol came out a year ago to get a beehive that was right outside. I had more bees this year, so I called them again. This time, the bees


Yolanda – Sacramento, CA

I noticed a few months ago, that there was a lot of bee activity near my eaves. I did not give it a lot of attention, but after 3 months, I came to re