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2017 Selected Works (Student)

The following student works were selected to be featured at the 2017 SAAM Arcade.


7 DAYS is a VR game that lets players shape and create the world.


GUIDE aims to teach children and adolescents about compassion and empathy. During the game players realize that beings, who seem scary, might simply be misunderstood and scared themselves.

King of the Hat

King of the Hat is a super dynamic multiplayer experience that pits your hats against your friends.. hats.


Loominary provides a unique form of interaction using the loom of fate to weave the destinies of legends. Every choice adds to the fabric of the story!


Muddledash is a frantic party game that allows players to work with or against each other.

Smash Bro

Smash Bro uses an electromyogram (EMG) alternative controller to aid in training children to use their prosthetic limbs.

Squirrely Roo Rabbit

Squirrely Roo Rabbit sends players adventuring through a pop-up story book world to save the forest from the Chameleon King.

Tiler Teller

Tiler Teller mixes digital play with tangible toys. Using Arduino and Bluetooth, Tiler Teller connects to digital storybooks giving traditional educational toys a vivid digital twist.

2017 Selected Works (Professional)

The following professional works were selected to be featured at the 2017 SAAM Arcade.

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