For sports lovers, Fiji is another kind of paradise. Whether you want to participate or just watch, there’s no shortage of sports to see and play. Rugby is loved with an almost religious zeal, but there are many other sports Fijians love to play, such as golf and soccer. A nation of gifted athletes, sport is a way of life here and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to experience it.
Rugby is an intricate part of Fijian culture - you can’t drive past a village without seeing a set of goalposts. There are 80,000 registered players in Fiji, nearly 10% of the total population, a higher proportion of players than any other rugby-playing nation. For a small country, Fiji punches way above its weight internationally – it has made the Rugby World Cup semi-finals twice, and consistently produces some of the world’s best players.

Fans of golf are never disappointed coming to Fiji. With some of the world’s most pristine courses, offering views of oceans, rainforests or lagoons, there’s an abundance of options for those who enjoy a round or two. Fiji has produced one of golf’s most successful players, former world number one Vijay Singh and also hosts the Fiji Starwood Classic - international pro-am & teams tournament, find out more below.

If you’re into soccer, you’re in luck. A popular sport with a competitive league consisting of 23 clubs, it commands a fanatic following with fans often displaying their provincial banners outside their homes during competitions. The national side also regularly takes part in international competitions, including qualifying rounds for the FIFA World Cup.

Netball has also grown in popularity, from being mainly a women’s sport to now attracting men who play in mixed teams. With a dedicated and passionate fan base, you’ll see young people out on the courts every Saturday morning. Internationally, Fiji is ranked 7th and has competed at two Commonwealth Games.
Cricket, Basketball, Wrestling and athletics are also common in Fiji. A nation of gifted athletes, Fijians are passionate about sport. While rugby is by far the most popular game, sport in general is treated with almost religious fanaticism.