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Impact Assessment

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Spring 2014
UGBA 98 / 198
2 Unit(s)

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About the Course:

This Impact Assessment DeCal seeks to educate students about the challenges of assessing social and environmental impact of a social venture. Special emphasis will be put on triple bottom ventures, which in addition to focus on people and planet – also make profit which gets reinvested into causes in the interest of people and planet. Many people are happy to assume that giving free medicine, mosquito nets, or textbooks to starving children in less developed countries are all good things. But we live in a world with limited resources and thus it is important that we use those resources in the most efficient manner. A growing trend in the developing world is that organizations no longer just channel donated money and products from developed countries, but they in addition adopt typical business operations to generate their own revenue. People tend to take what they have to work for or pay for more seriously, so charging just a symbolic amount has tremendous psychological efforts, which relates to impact and sustainability. The class will have a particular emphasis on how social entrepreneurship, building social ventures, can dramatically improve long-term impact.


·      Data Analysis

·      Sustainability

·      Crowdsourcing

·      Social Ventures

·      Machine Learning

·      Triple bottom line

·      Statistical Significance

·      Social Entrepreneurship

·      Corporate Social Responsibility

·      Organizational Performance Evaluation

·      Outsource Impact Assessment vs Building Internal Competence

Homework: Assigned weekly, 12 total. Either readings or impact assessment cases. Readings provided. Quizzes at beginning of class on all readings.

How to Enroll:

Prerequisites – Strong interest in at least óne of these fields:

          Data Analysis

          Machine Learning

          Statistical Significance

          Behavioral Psychology

          Internships and Volunteering

          Organizational Performance Evaluation


Application Process
To take this class, make sure to show up for class at Haas C335 February 13th 7:00 pm. First come, first serve! 
CECs will be given out after class!

Also send an email saying you're coming to with the following subject line:
[ImpactDecal] Impact Assessment DeCal
(feel free to answer any of the questions listed in syllabus as well)

CCN's will be sent by email to those who come to class February 6th.


Course Contact: NeptusDeCal AT


Faculty Sponsor: Paul Gertler

Time & Location:

Impact Assessment31Haas C335Th 7p-9p1/23started

Uploaded Files:

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