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Garage Cabinets & Garage Storage Solutions

Garagegear is not “just another” garage cabinet

Watch the HOMETIME Video below to see why garagegear is the last garage storage solution you’ll ever need!

RedLine garagegear manufactures the finest garage cabinets in the industry. From our durable powder-coated finish to our wall-hung, off-the-floor design, garagegear storage cabinets are built to last. In fact, our garage storage cabinets are warranted for a lifetime. And with more than 500 garage cabinet choices and eleven powder coated color choices, you’re sure to find the cabinets to match your requirements. Garagegear works great, looks great, and will last you a lifetime! And garagegear works great in others areas of the home too!

Garagegear seen on Hometime TV

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More garage storage solutions

Sometimes things just won’t fit in garage cabinets or drawers. When you need additional storage options or garage storage ideas for large or out-of-season items, we have the solutions. We offer storage walls, overhead storage racks, and even a garage storage closet. Now you can get those hard-to-store or bulky items off your floor but keep everything within easy reach when you need them.

See what RedLine garagegear has done for others. Check out our Photo Gallery or visit our Garage Storage Solutions page to see how garagegear can help solve your garage storage problems, then find an Redline Garagegear Agent to get started on your own custom garage storage solution.

Things to know BEFORE you buy garage cabinets

Not all garage cabinets are created equal! Many “garage cabinets” are merely closet cabinets that are being used in a garage, and were never designed to withstand the environment found in most garages. RedLine garagegear, on the other hand, was designed specifically for use in a garage. Unlike painted, laminated or plastic cabinets, the powder-coated finish on garagegear resists chipping, warping, delaminating or cracking. And top our cabinets off with durable butcher block or nearly indestructible Impact Coating™ countertops, and you have garage cabinets that can handle anything your garage can “throw” at them!

We’re so confident in our garage storage system that we back them with a Lifetime Warranty. So, BEFORE you buy garage cabinets, make sure you’re getting cabinets designed for the garageRedLine garagegear.


The garage can be the best storage place in the house

The best garage storage optionsGarage cabinets are great for assisting homeowners with organizing their garage storage space. A quality storage solution, properly assembled, and correctly installed can enhance the usefulness one can get from the garage. A garage storage solution, however, will not completely fix the problem posed by trying to get your garage organized. It won’t take much more though to get the garage organized if you are prepared to purchase a garage organizer or are already using a great set of garage cabinets.

Most homeowners treat their garage as a holding facility for various items. Things that are no longer needed, old and broken toys, appliances, clothes, and tools, or things that just cannot be kept in the house all find their way to the garage. Usually the idea is that these items will eventually be sold during a yard, garage, or rummage sale, given away to charities, relatives, or friends, or simply discarded.

As our lives grow increasingly busy, however, finding the time to get things done is becoming harder. Thus, jobs like organizing the garage, having a sale, and taking items to the curb or dump are pushed farther and farther down the list of things to do. The result then, generally, is that the garage is disorganized, cluttered, and in a state of disrepair.

The garage is the best storage space in any home. Not to mention it can be a great place to park the car. Why let that space go to waste when there are unlimited options for organizing a garage? Many homeowners are leasing space at a storage rental facility because nothing more can be fit into the garage. It is about time you made some changes. Read more…

Tips to gain extra storage at home

When most people think of “storage,” they often think of places away from home that has hundreds of commercial units to store items that, for one reason or another, cannot be stored in their home. However, there is a great storage option right in your home that you probably overlook every month, even as you go off to pay for that storage unit. How well are you using the storage space offered by your garage? It seems that the garage storage space is often pushed to the fringes. It is left to be cluttered and unorganized while monthly, resources are spent to have a place to store more stuff. The garages in many homes have become useless due to clutter, disorganization, and bad garage flooring. Homeowners find themselves feeling helpless and frustrated looking for any quick and easy solution to the problem.

While quick and easy solutions will not fix the problem, it does not take a very difficult solution either. The first thing to do when beginning any organization project is to map out the solution. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What do I intend to store in the garage?
  • Will I need a storage system complete with garage cabinets, slat wall, bike racks, and other garage storage accessories?
  • If I need a garage storage system, will it have to be custom due to obstructions or odd shaped items/parts of the garage?

You should also be considering what things can be thrown out or donated to local charity. When donating please remember that quality is more important than quantity. If an item is broken or would be of absolutely no use to anyone it is probably best to throw such things away. Read more…

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