Happy Birthday, Gab: Announcing Our Plans For An ICO 🐸🎂

One year ago on August 15th, 2016 we launched Gab to the world with a simple mission: to defend the freedom of speech for everyone and put people first.

Looking back at the last year it’s incredible what we have been able to accomplish together. From an exclusive invite-only beta test grew a flourishing community of 215,000+ contrarians, patriots, and folks from all walks of life from around the world.

We bypassed the typical “startup path” of bending the knee to special interests and venture capitalists to raise the capital needed to thrive and grow. From day one we’ve been powered by The People.

In October of 2016 we opened up donations and went on to raise over $150,000 from our community. In March of 2017 we launched GabPro, a premium version of Gab which now has over 2500 subscribers. Finally in July of 2017 we opened up our very first fundraising round to our community. To date we’ve raised over $520,000 in that campaign.

We’ve fought back against dozens of dishonest, disgusting mainstream media outlets who sought to character assassinate us and disparage our vision. We exposed their double standards and fought through the noise to make our message very clear: Gab stands for free speech and welcomes everyone to speak freely.

In May we left private beta testing and opened Gab to all. From a technology standpoint, what we’ve built with only two engineers in one year is phenomenal.

  • Quote replies allow Gabbers to respond with GIF’s, links, and images.
  • A new profile design to discover and explore.
  • Private Chat Rooms for up to 50 people.
  • GabTV- our live streaming video and audio product.
  • Live Topic categories with breaking news and conversation starter topics.
  • Create user lists of your favorite Gabbers.
  • Bookmark your favorite Gabs to save for later.
  • Gab’s Android app is in the Google Play Store.
  • A thriving, growing community and customer base.

These are only a few of the amazing features we’ve been able to build with the help and feedback of our community. This would not be possible without your help. We are humbled and honored to be on this journey with you. We are working hard to build an alternative technology platform that defends the freedoms we all cherish. The Alternative Technology Revolution is here to stay and this past year was only the very beginning.

Announcing The Gab ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

“Don’t trust the man or the marketing: trust the math.”

Our Inspiration

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah so if you ever need info about anyone at Harvard

Zuck: Just ask.

Zuck: I have over 4,000 emails, pictures, addresses, SNS

[Redacted Friend’s Name]: What? How’d you manage that one?

Zuck: People just submitted it.

Zuck: I don’t know why.

Zuck: They “trust me”

Zuck: Dumb fucks

As more of us continue to gain access to the internet, communication and information tools will become a vital and important part of our way of life. The problem right now is that these tools are owned, controlled, and operated by no more than a handful of individuals from a few establishment companies in Silicon Valley. If left unchecked, these centralized platforms will continue their dominance and control the means of all information, personal data, and communication on the internet. These corporations and the individuals leading them have proven time and time again that they can not and should not be trusted. Here are just a few of many examples:

Our Vision: A Censorship-Proof Platform

Gab wants to lead the creation of the next level of the Internet. If Web 2.0 was about centralized, social, and mobile networks: Web 3.0 will be a decentralized, blockchain-based, radically transparent, people-powered Internet infrastructure.

Gab stands for bringing folks together of all races, religions, and creeds who share in the common ideals of Western values, individual liberty, and the free exchange and flow of information. The rise of nationalism, populism, and patriotism around the world is in response to the failed policies of the globalist agenda. The working class of the modern world has been left behind in exchange for profits of the corporate oligopoly. The People have been left to squander in the false promises of multi-cultural clashes of values, core beliefs, and rule of law.

This is a time when patriots around the globe are rising to defend the liberty, freedom, and values that they cherish. We may not have the billions of dollars and thousands of employees to create the platform we want today, but together we can all start working on the long term for the future. The most important thing we at Gab can do is develop the tools and technology to give people the power to build a free and sovereign community committed to liberty and truth.

Individual responsibility, transparency, and the free flow of information will allow humanity to prosper and grow. History has had many moments like today. The global elite know that their control on the world is slipping from their grasp as the people continue to rise up in the name of truth, justice, and liberty.

It is not too late to fight back. The People have awoken from their slumber and are rising up to fight the political bias of Silicon Valley companies and the mainstream media elite. For the first time, we are witnessing a global harmonious fusion of labor and technology where the desire to spread the truth is emphasized greatly on a deeply philosophical and intellectual level. Tens of thousands of everyday patriots are taking a stand and giving their precious time in this great human experiment. Going up against all odds from establishment institutions, they are prevailing in making their voices heard.

We refuse to let the global elite force their agenda in our faces without a fight. We refuse to pander to morally superior billionaires who think they know best. We refuse to silence the silent majority in their rise against the globalist cabal of tyranny.

Gab will stand by and for the people. 
Gab will be powered and built by the people.

Gab’s longterm vision is eliminate all forms of special interests and centralized control, including ourselves.

We will not bow down to venture capitalists. 
We will not bow down to advertisers. 
We will not bow down to Silicon Valley or Wall Street billionaires.

We will answer solely to the people and to the math behind a decentralized censorship-free social networking platform. Gab will be the first true decentralized, community-powered, self-sustaining, profitable Internet communication tool.

The Gab Cryptocurrency

Gab’s cryptocurrency empowers our community to incentivize not only content creators but also developers to build on top of the Gab ecosystem, contribute to the project, and make Gab better for the world. Protecting free speech is one of the most important things that can ever be done on the Internet. As special interests and massive amounts of power consolidate into the hands of a few in Silicon Valley, Gab will answer only to its community of engineers, content creators, community investors, customers, and users who make it possible to exist.

This is the beginning of a new internet: where the people shape, drive, and power the outcomes of the future. What we need are a passionate group of people who see what is happening in the technology industry and want to do something about it.

Because many third-party payment processors have been no-platforming and demonetizing certain groups and individuals, Gab is likely to be subject to blacklisting from their services. Without money and the ability to process transactions: new alternative platforms like Gab cannot exist and continue to build.

How Will Gab’s Cryptocurrency Be Used?

Our vision is for content creators to have the ability to earn Gab’s cryptocurrency for creating content on Gab. They can do this in a number of different ways including through the receipt of tips from other users, subscription fees for providing exclusive content, selling merchandise, and creating high quality content that people enjoy.

Where Can I Learn More?

Gab will be releasing our White Paper with more information about our technical plans, details, and roadmap this fall.

How Can I Help?

Get in touch if you have any feedback or insight for how we can work together to build a censorship-proof social network that offers a reliable payment infrastructure to empower content creators. support@gab.ai

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