The official Telltale Games twitter account as well as a pair of affiliated accounts, have tweeted out three seemingly disparate dates and locations.

Fan replies to these tweets along to some of our own confirmation Googling show that the locations and dates all have one weird thing in common: they all mark sightings of the mythical Jersey Devil.

The Jersey Devil appears as a character in the Fables universe. According to this list of Fables characters on Wikipedia, the Jersey Devil goes by Omar in Fables and was a soldier in Bookburner’s army of Forgotten Fables, which attacked the Golden Boughs Retirement Village.

Telltale released a handful of screens from the fourth episode of The Wolf Among Us this morning, which you can see here.


Our Take
A tease for something related to The Wolf Among Us seems pretty likely. Some of the more outlandish assumptions go as far as saying this could be a tease for an X-Files game, as there was an episode of that show featuring the Jersey Devil. Of course, the Jersey Devil assumption could be totally off, too. It could be teasing something completely different.